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Nearly two months ago, we dove intothe Nikon Z7 and showed you what was happing inside all the way down to the sensor. Today, we did the same with the Z7s standard resolution counterpart, the Nikon Z6. At 25 megapixels and just under $2000 MSRP, the Z6 is encroaching on the Sony A7 IIIs turf. […]

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The post Photography Equipment Tips for an Africa Photo Safari appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Andrew Sproule.

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So now that you’ve picked out the camera, lenses and lighting gear you want, you need to figure out what you’re going to store and transport it all in. That’s why this buying guide is all about bags and cases. There really is no ideal bag that fits every situation you might find yourself in, […]

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Nikon D760 rumours first started popping up around the time of Photokina 2016. We’d heard a few of them ourselves, along with early rumours of the D850. We were all a little disappointed when they only announced their now defunct KeyMission cameras. Then we heard nothing moreuntil April when the D760 rumours started again. After […]

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There are plenty of ways to improve photography and tons of accessories and gear items that can help us do it. But what about something as simple as a notebook? With all the hi-tech gadgets, how can it be beneficial for photographers? In this video, Craig Roberts of e6 Vlogs gives you a list of […]

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Sony mirrorless cameras are used worldwide for a reason, but just like all brands, they have some quirks you may find annoying. Michael Andrew a.k.a. Michael The Maven shoots primarily with Sony, and he shares 14 of the biggest weaknesses of all Sony cameras. Some of them are just minor annoyances, but the others could […]

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Weve recently seen a video that shows what happens when a drone hits an airplane wing (and DJI called it agenda-driven). But what happens when a drone meets a helicopter? Well, at a surfing event in Hawaii, a helicopter was called to the rescue to knock the drone out of the sky. And it was […]

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The post 4 Tips for Building a Photography Portfolio and Business appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Lily Sawyer.

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Forever is the short film creation of German filmmaker Nicolas Arnold. He was commissioned in July 2018 to create a “Motion Response” for Australia’s upcoming Pause Fest 2019 tackling them theme “The Future is Intimate”. Four months later he’d completed the absolute eye candy you see above. Already a very impressive film, I was blown […]

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