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If you own a Canon camera, chances are it comes with a built-in WIFI connection. This wireless connection can be a real game changer when it comes to photographing and sharing your photographs instantly. This versatility can really up your game during sessions and create more buzz when you share your photos after a session with the use of the Canon Camera Connect application.

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You probably know a few professional photographers, and you’ve undoubtedly found them to be an invaluable fount of information.However, there are a few questions that beginners commonly ask that they secretly despise. Let’s take a look at five of those questions, and what you can ask instead.

#1 – Which camera should I get?

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Astrophotography has become increasingly popular in recent years, with good reason. Theres something about the night sky, stars, and The Milky Way that are fascinating to us. They remind us of how small we are and how huge the universe we live in really is. Photographing them can make for some pretty spectacular images.

Digital Noise in Astrophotography

As camera technology has advanced, photographing... more

American photojournalist David Douglas Duncan, best known for his combat photography, passed away on 7 June in Grasse, France. During his career, he covered various conflicts, including the Pacific War, Korean War, and the Vietnam conflict. He shot for prominent media such as the New York Times, LIFE magazine and many other publications. Duncan was […]

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Justin Rosenberg is a photographer who loves fog! But that’s not all he shoots, in his own words he says ‘In my images, I aim to convey a sense of that hope in the struggle. Much of my work focuses on a single subject relating to a seemingly harsh/sparse environment. Im often drawn to the […]

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My family and I recently returned from a week-long early spring backcountry camping trip. This trip involved canoeing in snow squalls and an extended portage where the lake was still frozen solid. Physically, it was a challenge, but it was also an amazing family bonding experience with my wife and our 9 and 12-year-old kids […]

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A woman from Montgomery County recently reported that a stranger was taking photos of her child at Starbucks in East Norriton Township. She spoke to a Starbucks employee who didnt ask the man to leave, so she reported the man to the police and sparked an investigation. When the woman noticed that the man was […]

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Light is the most important thing in photography – you’ll hear that from many pros and teachers. There are many creative ways to use light, different colors of light, and direction of light.

This week we’re going to focus on one particular direction of light – backlighting – for this week’s photography challenge.

With the sun behind the subject here, it gives her a nice outline or rim lighting effect. A reflector was... more

Even though harsh midday sun is far from an ideal lighting situation, sometimes youll have no other choice. In this video, Jay P. Morgan shows you four ways to make the best of that direct sunlight and turn it into your advantage. He demonstrates three setups that only use the sunlight, and the fourth one […]

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I remember having a rather extensive range of Hot Wheels cars when I was a kid. It would’ve been great to be able to strap a camera to them and get their view of the world. Unfortunately, at the time, video cameras were kinda big.The smallest weren’t that far off a mid-sized family vehicle. Ok, […]

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