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Astronauts are undoubtedly skilled at operating some of the most advanced machines ever created by man. Heck, they can even shoot with Nikon d5s. But using an action camera in space? Well, that’s another story. Here’s a live stream clip from Wednesday showing a NASA astronaut asking Houston a vital question about his GoPro. “I […]

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This is something that I really wish more manufacturers would do. Pentax has released Software Development Kits (SDKs) for their range of DSLRs allowing programmers write apps to communicate with them for the desktop, iOS and Android devices. This would allow anybody to be able to make software to talk with Pentax DSLRs, and without […]

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When shooting a video, a general rule is to set the shutter speed to be the double of the frame rate. However, there are scenarios in which breaking this rule is welcome. In this video, Jordy Vandeput of Cinecom shows you five creative effects you can pull off just by changing the shutter speed while […]

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A woman from Cobb County has recently filed a lawsuit against a photographer who covered her daughters high school dance. The 15-year-old girl had a wardrobe malfunction which left her exposed. The photographer captured it, and the mother was horrified to discover that the photo ended up on his website for sale. So, she decided […]

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Have you ever been on a vacation only to return home disappointed with your images? Many people take pictures while on holiday but find they are unsatisfied with their results. You can improve your chances of capturing better vacation photos by learning the basics and applying a few simple techniques.

1. Choose the right equipment

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Tim Wallace is a high-end car photographer, while he is not restricted to cars, you’veprobably seen his workwith Porsche, Lotus, Ford,Aston Martin, and others on one media or another. I’ll admit, I stalk him on social media, because he produces stellar images, but also because he is a witty guy, and his insights are fun […]

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You’ve probably never heard of Kodak Alaris, but they’re the reason why you still get to enjoy using Kodak films to this day. Just this year, they’ve announced the reintroduction of Ektachrome and T-MAX P3200. Apart from keeping film stocks alive, they also continue to manufacture and sell disposable cameras. In fact, according to photographyblog, […]

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True to its “Beauty in AI” slogan, the new Huawei Honor 10 doesn’t just boast a sleek look, but also a powerful AI-enabled camera. It has a lot of the same features that an iPhone X has, but for a far cheaper price. Let’s take a closer look and see if it’s as beautiful inside […]

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Auroras look so magical, and it’s no surprise that it’s on a lot of photographers’ bucket list. Not all of us will ever get the chance to photograph these magnificent lights, but if you happen to be lucky enough, will you know how to shoot them? Thankfully, expert auroraphotographer Mads Peter Iversen just posted the […]

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One of the joys of travel is capturing all the new and exciting destination sites from your own perspective. Sometimes you make conscious decisions of what to leave behind and other times you realize you forgot to bring something, only after you got there. Whatever the case, a few travel photography hacks can help you save the day!

1. Pack Light

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