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Stock photography website Fotolia is coming to an end. After Fotolia wasacquired by Adobe, Adobe Stock was launched in June 2015, with its core asset collection coming from Fotolia. Adobe Stock is now natively integrated with Photoshop and the Creative Cloud, and there just doesn’t seem to be a need for Fotolia anymore. So, it’s […]

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Leica has just announced a new camera: Leica Q-P. It has improved ergonomics and a gorgeous design which makes the camera less noticeable in the street. But specs-wise, its basically a Leica Q in disguise. The main selling point of the Leica Q-P is, apparently, its stealthy appearance. Its designed to be discrete and unnoticeable, […]

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When editing a portrait, you will surely use different tools in Photoshop. But can you edit a portrait using only the Brush tool? Aaron Nace of PHLEARN took this challenge and used only the Brush tool for blemish removal, dodge and burn, even color correcting. This tutorial will show you just how much you can […]

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When it comes to using Lightroom Classic CC (formerly Lightroom CC. Yeah, it confuses me too) there are lots of fun things to do and some not-so-fun things to do. Oddly enough, those not-so-fun (okay, painfully monotonous) undertakings can be the most pragmatic and valuable.

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GorillaPod is a handy little tripod that can make your life easier on various occasions. And in this video, COOPH has an idea for making your own. You most likely already have all these items and tools at home. But even if you dont, it will cost you a couple of bucks to get them […]

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Originally an Aputure product line, Deity is now its own separate company focusing on quality microphones. They have quickly become favourites of those who’ve tried them. I have a Deity S-Mic 2myself (review coming soon!) and it very quickly proved its worth. Now, Deity is looking towards on-camera sound with the launch of two new […]

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So you’re growing restless with your place in life, and thinking of becoming a professional family photographer? You know it’s what you want to do, but there seem to be a lot of obstacles holding you back.If only you could take a quick peek into the future and see if it will really work out for you.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to see the future. But would hearing from a photographer a few years ahead of you help?

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Photography is all about light. But just as much as that, it’s also about a lack of it. Shadows are just as important to your scene as the well lit areas, and they can really help to sell your story and add a lot of drama. In this video, the guys of Aputure’s A Team […]

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We have seen a few sad examples of what happens to natural wonders when they become too popular. In this video, Vox explores just how much geotagging your images on social media increases the destruction of nature. What happens when nature goes viral? Vox gives an example of Horseshoe Bend, which used to be a […]

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Making a career out of photography requires so much more than your talent: interpersonal and business skills, constant learning, and time management skills, to name just a few. In this video from The Art of Photography, Ted Forbes discusses three things that I think are in common for everyone who wants to be commercially successful […]

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