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Smartphone cameras have come a long way. In the new Galaxy Note 9, Samsung has brought photography and AI together to alert you when you take a bad photo. The phone will warn you in various situations that theres something you might fix in order to get a better image, so lets see how AI […]

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Being in a photography business is much more than just taking good photos. But if youre planning to go pro, dont let this intimidate you. In this short, but very informative video, Vanessa Joy shares five pillars of success to help you start and grow your photography business. The main piece of advice Vanessa shares […]

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It’s pretty crazy just how quickly mirrorless technology has evolved, especially from Sony. They went from being a somewhat small player in the world of photography to pretty much the dominating force in the mirrorless world, and driving sales away from DSLRs. But just how far has Sony come in those short few years since […]

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I’ve never had the chance to have a good look around an active film lab. I’ve been developing my own film at home for years now, and film labs have mostly died out since then. But there are still a few out there, and they seem to be making enough to stay in business, too. […]

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Over the years, HDR Photography has become synonymous with over-saturated, over-processed, and unrealistic images. Some hear the term HDR and never give it a second thought because of their perception of what it is. Add to that, all the camera dynamic range improvements and many say that HDR has... more

I don’t know about you, but for me, when it comes to photographing people, dancers make the absolute best subjects. They just have such control over every part of their body that allows them to produce the most amazing shapes. I don’t get to photograph them anywhere nearly as often as I’d like. Somebody who […]

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Food and drinks in ads always look so appetizing. It may take hours, a professional studio, and expensive gear to create these inviting food ads. But if your budget is tight you can film them too, with a smartphone and plenty of creativity. This video by a Chinese studio is full of examples to […]

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Coming up with new and different camera & editing techniques for your videos is challenging. There are millions of them out there, that Hollywood has been using for decades. But now they’re accessible at home, with just a little crafty camera work and some editing. But it’s easy to overuse the same handful of techniques. […]

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You likely know Adobe Lightroom as a powerful piece of photo-editing software. It’s known as the industry standard for photography post-production, especially when paired with Photoshop. You may also know that its photo management features are pretty impressive. If you so choose, you can use this one piece of software to upload, rename, keyword, review, edit, export and organize your photos.

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No matter if youre up for some holiday selfies under the sea, or an underwater photo session, AquaTech will help you take your underwater shots with an iPhone. The company has released the AxisGo system, a waterproof housing that will turn your iPhone into an underwater rig with a lens, a grip and a few […]

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