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WhenMehrdad Oskouei, a well known Iranian filmmaker, was planning to produce his last filmStarless Dreamshe asked one of his former students, Sadegh Souri, a photographer and a cinematographer to join his crew as a camera operator. Starless Dreamsis a compelling social documentary about the lives of teenage girls in a juvenile correctional facility on the […]

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In this article, you will learn 10 camera tricks and hacks that could help you take far more interesting dog photography or photos of any pet, for that matter.

If you love taking pictures of your pooch but dont feel that you are getting any spectacular results that are worth framing, then perhaps some of the following tips will help inspire you to take your pet and dog photography to the next level.

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The new Sony A7III has finally been announced, and the first impressions are mainly positive. Photographer Manny Ortiz compares the Sony A7III with the A7RIII, which was announced a couple of months earlier. If you are wondering why you should choose the A7III over the A7RIII or the other way around, Manny gives you a […]

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I’m still digesting the sad news announcing that Agfa Vista 200 has been discontinued. All Poundland and Dealz aficionados were kind of prepared for that day to come but we all had a secret hope that they would bring it back to their shelves… Unfortunately, it won’t be happening and most of us feel like […]

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There are probably not many of us who havent heard of Vivian Maier, a street photographer whose work was discovered accidentally after it was sold at an auction. But she is not the only photographer whose marvelous work was discovered only after her death. In 2017, Asya Ivashintsova-Melkumyan found a dusty box of 30,000 negatives […]

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Everybody handles their portrait sessions differently. Some just jump right into it while others take a little time to warm up. Typically, I’m of the latter variety, especially as most of my subjects aren’t models who are used to being in front of the camera. They’re regular people, they need to get comfortable, and I […]

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When you think of Leica, one of the words to pop to mind is probably expensive (even if its not even a real camera). At the 32nd WestLicht camera auction in Vienna, a Leica camera set a new world record for the most expensive camera ever sold at an auction. A rare Leica 0-series from […]

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Along with the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel range of smartphones are the generally considered the top picks when it comes to their cameras. All three companies are pushing the boundaries of what phone cameras can do to edge out the competition. It doesn’t seem that there’s a single clear winner, though, when […]

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I am a huge fan of the Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies. They were very popular in the 2000s and their songs were creative, fun and edgy. They also came up with a children’s album called Snacktime and it was a blockbuster hit. Now you must be wondering what a music band has to do with photography but just bear (pun intended!) with me and keep reading on.

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You have a night off and want to spend some time at home being creative? Gab Loste has an interesting idea for shooting night neon-themed portraits, but without leaving home. All you need is some free time and the stuff you most likely already have at home. It goes without saying that you will need […]

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