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Its September which means another generation of Apple iPhones. This year, the iPhone XS (pronounced ten ess) adds a slightly larger sensor plus significantly more computing power via the A12 Bionic Chip to enhance the phones image signal processing. But despite the ability to perform 5 trillion operations a second, the iPhone still cant do […]

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An example of my teammate Clinton Lofthouse showed us how a single photo can cause a flood of hilarious trolling on Facebook. This happened recently in a houseplant hobbyist group after a guy posted a shirtless selfie with an orchid hed just bought. This quick snapshot caused some users to get dramatic over posting porn […]

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How do you take extraordinary photographs of ordinary subjects? Many photographers think that this is impossible. They think that the best photography requires far-flung locations or sweeping landscapes. Yet creating beautiful photographs of everydaythings is not only possible, its easy!

In this tutorial, you will find five ways to make incredible photographs of ordinary subjects.

1. Change your angle

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There’s not much information to go along with this timelapse from the LA Times. If there’s more information on the LA Times website, I can’t see it, because apparently, they haven’t figured out how to add a disclaimer and an “I Accept” button for EU residents yet. But I couldn’t stop watching this video once […]

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August and September have been pretty exciting as far as gear announcements go. Nikon Z7 and Z6 are out, along with the lenses and adapter. Canons full-frame-mirrorless system has also been launched, and Fujifilm X-T3 is out, too. Many photographers are thinking whether to switch systems or gear brands, and its a kind of a […]

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Well, I had a feeling this one might be coming. With anticipated price drop on the GFX 50S and rumours of slightly more budget-friendly GFX 50R, a new 100MP body was almost certainly on the cards. Now, according to Fuji Rumors, the Fuji GFX 100S will be announced on September 25th during the press briefing […]

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I mainly do photography for fun, and I like experimenting with random stuff to get unusual effects in my photos. For my birthday last year, a got a brilliant shiny cosmetic purse from a friend. It instantly became my favorite for travels, but I also immediately saw the potential for using it in my photos. […]

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Ever since the release of the Zhiyun Crane 2 with its 3.2kg load capacity, other companies seem to be pushing the boat out just a little further each time. The original MOZA Air came out to match it, followed by the DJI Ronin-S, which can handle a rather impressive 3.6kg. Now, Gudsen has announced the […]

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Do you find creepy crawlies fascinating? Or maybe a bit scary? Insects can be many things, and they are many! From a photographers perspective, they offer countless opportunities to learn about photography, your gear, and the critters themselves. In this article, I hope to share some of my love of these critters and some insect photography tips to inspire you to enjoy this buzzing, chirping, stridulating treasure trove.

Morning mantis.

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Vintage lenses have their quirks, but they also have a certain charm. Many of them are well-built and tack sharp, yet very affordable. Photographer Mathieu Sternis a great fan of vintage glass, so he decided to do a little test. He compared a vintage manual 50mm f/1.2 lens he paid $80 with a modern AF […]

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