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For its 2018 Swimsuit Issue, Sports Illustrated is taking a very different route than before. For the project titled “In Her Words,” the magazine didnt pose models in swimsuits this time. Instead, theyve launched fully nude, unedited, black and white images of models, with messages to society written on their bodies. The project features women […]

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Every day I see people posting in Facebook groups asking about softboxes and whether or not they should buy one with a grid. Personally, I always advise going for one that comes with a grid. Even if you don’t know why you might need it yet, if you get one without and then find out […]

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Photographers tend to get obsessedwith having the latest, greatest toys. But does it matter which camera or bits of equipment you use? If so, how much? Or is it more about how you use it, and the skills you possess?

Let’s take a look at three video comparisons of some of the top level photography equipment available and some entry-level options.

Rich photographer – poor photographer

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Not long ago, photographer Adam Grumbo received a Facebook message from a hot American girl. It turned out to be a scammer from Nigeria, who wasnt very good at pretending to be someone else. Instead of reporting or blocking him, Adam tried something unexpected. He hired the scammer to document the life in his village […]

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When Micron announced they were quitting the Lexar brand last year, it came as quite a shock. Many long-time Lexar fans were worried about where their future memory cards would be coming from. A short time later, the Lexar brand was acquired by Longsys, a Chinese manufacturer of flash storage. Very little seems to have […]

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Photographing sports or car races always bears a certain amount of risk (both for the sportsmen and the photographers). Yesterday, photographers at the Winter Olympic Games in PyeongChang had a close encounter with Swiss skier Lara Gut, who crashed into them. The incident happened during the womens giant slalom. As Reuters reports, only seventeen seconds […]

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Lensbaby has announced a new creative lens today: Burnside 35. Its a 35mm f/2.8 wide angle adaptation of the Petzval lens design. Burnside 35 adds swirling bokeh and vignette around your subject, with an effect slider that operates as a second internal iris. This slider lets you can change the shape and amount of swirl […]

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What if I told you that you can find some interesting indoor locations and take photos for free? In this article, I will show you five remarkable indoor portrait locations that you can seek out for your winter shoots.

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I had seen some Think Tank Red Whips online earlier this year, and even though they werent very expensive to begin with, like most DIYers I thought I could make those myself.for cheaper. So I did. Materials youre going to need for this are elastic band or cord (plan on using about a foot per […]

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The kaleidoscopic effect can look mesmerizing in photos and videos. I tried achieving something like that with a prism, but photographer and videographer Travis Owens has a more clever suggestion. He has made his own kaleidoscope filter for only $20 (and it can get even cheaper). Aside from being affordable, its easy to make, and […]

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