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It’s time to dig out your widest lens. If you don’t have a super wide-angle maybe you can rent or borrow one from a friend or go out shooting with a group and share one. Or buy one for your mobile phone even! Think outside the box about how you can shoot super-wide.

Canon 5D Classic, ISO 100, 15mm fisheye lens, f/22, 1/8th second.

Need some tips or ideas – here are some for you:

Yes, that’s right, it’s finally coming. Photoshop is to become an iPad app. Apple’s dream of turning the iPad Pro into a desktop replacement is potentially about to become a little more true thanks to a report from Bloomberg today. All I can say is, it’s about time! Bloomberg reports that Adobeis working on […]

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Are you making these 7 mistakes with your camera? Let’s find out.

7 Ways You’re Using Your Camera Wrong

Here’s a recap and links to some dPS articles to help you avoid making these mistakes with your camera.

  1. Holding your camera the wrong wayCheat Sheet: How to Hold a Camera
  2. Not cleaning your lens –... more

Im sure many photographers had unpleasant situations when photographing certain objects and places, even if theyre on public land. But Homeland Security took this to a whole new level. They recently published a tweet in which they warn the public that photography may be one of the signs of terrorism. Know the signs! Did you […]

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We’ve seen some pretty cool lunar events already this year, with two supermoons, a blue moon and one total eclipse back in January. Now we’re set for another total lunar eclipse in two weeks. With an expected duration of 1 hour 42 minutes and 57 seconds, NASA says it will be the longest lunar eclipse […]

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If youre using Apples Photo Print Products service, there is little time left to place your orders. Apple is soon to discontinue its photo printing service, and the final orders must be placed by the end of September. Those who used Photo Print Products could print not just photos, but photo albums, books,and calendars as […]

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There have been quite a lot of memes over the years about client budget vs expectation, but these examples from Paris based comedian Alex Ramires are absolute genius. His low budget The Little Mermaidis hilarious. It’s pretty much a shot for shot remake of a song from the movie, with some pretty perfect camera work […]

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At the FIFA 2018 World Cup semifinal, the match between England and Croatia ended up with Croatia winning. While celebrating the winning goal, Croatian soccer players crashed into the AFP photojournalist Yuri Cortez. But the photographer kept his cool, kept on shooting, and ended up with some great shots. After scoring the second (and winning) […]

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A short drive from my home north of Fairbanks, Alaska lies a small wetland. Its a bog-like mosaic of ponds and water-filled inlets lined with cattails and thickly growing willows. Though much of the year, here in the sub-arctic, the ponds are frozen with a thick layer of ice, during our brief summers the wetland comes alive with birds.

From mid-May until late June, I try to stop by for an hour or so each morning, camera in hand. In reality, an hour is not enough for photographing birds... more

When he’s not chasing rockets, photographer Jesse Watson is keeping an eye out for visually impressive weather anomalies. And they don’t get much more impressive than a haboob. A haboob is a type of particularly intense dust storm. They appear quite regularly in dryland areas throughout the world, but this was the largest Jesse had […]

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