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Water droplet photography is a dream for almost every creative photographer. When a water drop collides with another drop, it creates beautiful crowns and other shapes that look fabulous. Capturing those moments is a very satisfying experience for a photographer.

Taken by Andrea Laybauer using MIOPS Splash Water Drop Kit

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Most of us have done something risky on a shoot before. And if we haven’t, we probably will at some point. Perhaps we perched our camera or an expensive flash somewhere precariously for a shot. Maybe it even paid off, and perhaps it didn’t. For one photographer, the risk certainly didn’t pay off, as he […]

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If you’re building a camera that requires some serious resolution, then you’re in luck. Canon is now selling their120MP APS-H sensor to third-party camera builders, including you. If you’re wondering how powerful this sensor is, let’s just say it has 60 times the resolution of full HD. It’s pretty impressive for a small chip a […]

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It’s pretty much a given at this point that both Nikon and Canon will come crawling and fumbling into the world of mirrorlesscameras. It’s simply become inevitable if they want to survive in a market that seems to be rapidly becoming Sony-centric. Many have switched over the past few years, and many more will do […]

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We’ve all seen spectacular views of NYC a bunch of times. However, none of them could ever match the quality of this UHD video recently posted by Phil Holland on Youtube. Using three Red 8K cameras, he ended up creating beautiful panoramas in 12K resolution. Unfortunately, Youtube can only play videos up to 8K at […]

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Here is one of the weirdest products we’ve seen. It’s called the Platypod, and it’s the world flattest tripod. ThePlatypodis a small flat metal plate that hs a few features that makes it a pretty cool device if you don’t require the height of a tripod. Actually for some low-profile uses, it even better than […]

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I can’t say for sure whether or not this tutorial includes any spoilers as I’ve not actually seen Avengers: Infinity War myself yet. But I would imagine there maybe are, even if it’s just spoiling an effect or two. It seems Thanos has some kind of pretty powerful “Super Punch” in the film (again, haven’t […]

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Youve heard of the fabled Project 365, right? A photo a day for a year. Weve even posted theme ideas here on dPS for those interested in a long-term project. But what about if you know that you arent going to make it all year, especially when the weather turns ugly and you love shooting outdoors? Enter, the Summer Project92.

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One of the questions that a lot of photographers ask, is how much I should charge for my images? It is very hard to do, and hence a lot of artists struggle with it. There is so much more involved, and many dont quite understand. So, how do you go about pricing your photography?

Flinders Street Station, this image took me about 3 years to get and I spent hours processing it. Hence it would have a high price on it.

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If you want to get soft flattering light, you would need to diffuse it. This video by Todd Blankenship, covers three ways to diffuse your point light source. Of course, the first thing that Todd does is showing you how not to diffuse your light. As you may have guessed, simply throwing some baking paper […]

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