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If youre a photographer, chances are that someone has bought you a lens mug so far. Or maybe you already have a few of those (I know I do). We all know more than one lens mug is just too much so why not repurpose it? In this video, Dave Knop a.k.a. Knoptop will […]

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The post Why You Should Have Photography Heroes appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Kevin Landwer-Johan.

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Learning how to properly handle the camera is the most important aspect of improving your photography. While composition, light and post-processing have a big visual impact, they are second in line when it comes to where your priorities should be in the beginning. Fellow photographer Ugo Cei has talked about a neat little trick he […]

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This is big news in Europe, however it has not made a big splash in the US and has flown under our radar. The very day after Photokina, Tetenal announced theyre in financial turmoil. Due to some bad business practices from their suppliers, Tetenal is in a state of insolvency. We learn the film resurgence […]

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The post Smartphone Food Photography For Social Media appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Darina Kopcok.

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Traveling is wonderful, but it can be stressful if youre flying with photography gear. You need to transport everything safely, plus avoid any potential misunderstandings at the airport because of the electronics youre carrying. So, if your photography or video work takes you abroad often, Joe Edelman offers plenty of tips to make your life […]

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Lens adapters to put Canon EF mount lenses onto M mount bodies are nothing new. Canon’s had one for a while now. But when it comes to speedbooster style adapters, one company’s pretty much had the market sewn up, and that’s Metabones. But Metabones only produces such adapters for Sony, Micro Four Thirds and Fuji […]

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Traveling the world, taking photos and getting paid for it sounds like a dream come true. Well, if this is your dream, pay attention. A UK-based family is looking for a photographer to travel the world with them and capture their family moments. Theyre paying 80,000 (over $101,000) per year, plus travel, food and accommodation […]

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A recent video posted by Danish photographer Andreas Hvid has caused quite a stir in Egypt. The video shows Hvid and his female friend allegedly climbing the Great Pyramid of Giza and ending up in a naked embrace at the top. After the video was shared online, it has been severely criticized, and Egyptian authorities […]

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The post 5 Tips to Guarantee Great Road Trip Photos appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Simon Ringsmuth.

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