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After a drone collides with a US Army Black Hawk helicopter just last month, we’re already hearing about another incident involving a helicopter and a drone. This time, though, the helicopter was forced to make a crash landing. The incident is currently being investigated and if proven to be true would mark the first drone-related […]

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Whether you are traveling abroad or within your own country, there are several mistakes that Ive seen travel photographers make that hinder the process of making memorable photos.

Mistake #1: Not being aware of cultural sensitivities and laws

When you travel to another country its easy to forget that the people there may see certain things differently than you. For example, in China, you will see signs up in temples asking you not to take photos. So it should be fairly obvious... more

This is a pretty cool development from LibRaw(the company behind FastRawViewer) which lets you squeeze an extra stop of dynamic range out of your Canon 5D Mark IV raw files. Essentially, it exploits a quirk of dual pixel raw files. As they explain, a dual pixel raw file is essentially two exposures in one, a […]

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Photography can be traced back all the way to the camera obscura; which was an aid for artists who could then draw their subjects from the projection created by the light passing through the pinhole. Following that tradition, in this tutorial, Im going to show you how to create a drawing by outlining the subject from your digital photo to create a fun, cartoon-like image.

Getting started

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Have you ever heard of a reverse graduated neutral density filter? If not, this is a specialty filter designed to balance the lighting conditions between foreground and background at sunrise or sunset – when the sun (and therefore brightest part of the image) is at the horizon. Youre not going to use this filter on […]

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I really don’t know what to make of this one. It’s either a stroke of genius or absolutely ludicrous. I’m talking about Lenscapt, which is a new type of lenscapfor DSLRs, mirrorless and other cameras. It’s being funded through Kickstarterand at first, I thought it seemed pretty daft. The Lenscaptprecludes the use of lens hoods […]

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A few days ago, Getty and Google announced the upcoming changes as a result of a licensing deal. The announced changes have arrived, and now you cant see the View Image button on Google any longer. Instead, if you want to see the photo, youll have to go directly to the website where its hosted. […]

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Last week I sent you off to photograph feet – this week let’s try the other appendages– hands!

Hands can be young or old, tough or tender, but are always very expressive. What do the hands you’re photographing have to say? Add some storytelling into your hand photos for extra marks!

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Washi Film V is probably the most special film announced in 2017 and I’ve had the privilege to be present when Lomig, the founder of Washi Film, introduced it at the Salon de la Photo in Paris last year. Since then I have always wanted to try it and see what it’s like to shoot […]

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In a break from the past, World Press Photo (WPP)released the short list of finalistsin advance of naming the winners to their annual contest arguably the most prestigious in all of photojournalism.1The photos are remarkable for their composition, exposure and intimacy. But judging by the subject matter one might surmise that were living in […]

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