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It is not rare that a fictional character gets a dedicated fan photo shoot. Deadpool, Batman andAssassin’s Creed are some of the hardcore characters we’ve featured before, and brave was on the softer side. With Wonder Woman being such a hit, it’s no wonder that this character is getting some action. We’ve already featured a […]

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Does the gear you use matter? Well, as with most questions, yes and no. As someone who makes their living from using a camera should I be worried when I see how easy is it for normal people to take amazing photos? We live in a golden age for people who love using cameras. I […]

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Next in our ongoing Photographer Spotlight series it’s Willie Dalton. Willie is an Anchorage, Alaska based travel and outdoor lifestyle photographer, film maker and a contributing creative professional at Akela Collective.Willie is also a stock photography contributor at Stocksy United. Q&A With Willie Dalton Outdoor Adventure Photographer 1. What is your specialty? What do […]

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It’s not that difficult to add computer control to a microscope. Now I realize this is not a huge need for the general photographer, however, some of us use photography in our profession, not weddings or models but in my case, I’m a geologist. We tend to take lots of pictures in the course of […]

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It cant be denied. Theres something special about reflections that makes them a unique aspect of photography. Maybe its because a reflection just like a photograph is a gateway to another world, parallel but restricted. Also just like photography, reflections are a simplification of our world; they turn a 3D reality into a 2D representation.

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Weve all been there: you sit on a picture forever, bored of retouching, and then when you do get around to it strange things start to show up in it. Like odd rings of graduated color. These rings of color are called banding. They are nothing more than tonal breaks but before I explain where […]

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You have probably seen photos on the internet where the same person appears in multiple spots in a single photo. At first sight, you might not have believed it, and later you must have gone berserk looking for ways that effect can be achieved. Well, who does not want that superhero feeling where you can appear in 2-3 different places doing 2-3 different things as well in a single photo.

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Samsung are looking to massively upgrade the storage capacity of next generation mobile devices. The company have now announced a new 512GB storage chip. Theysay that this it the first 512GB embedded flash storage solution for use in mobile devices. It offers “unparalleled storage capacity and outstanding performance for upcoming flagship smartphones and tablets”. It’s […]

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Despite 54% of all photos uploaded to Flickr being shot with iPhones, those at the top of the pile seem to be shot by DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Flickr has determined its users’ top 25 photos of 2017, based on various metrics. Number of views, shares, and favourites created a shortlist which was then checked […]

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When “Portrait Mode” was first introduced with the iPhone 7+ it was met with mixed reaction. Some people loved it, thought it was a fantastic feat of software engineering. Others hated it, either they felt threatened by it (yes, really) or just didn’t think it looked believable enough. Neither side is particularly wrong, though. It […]

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