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As a parent, one of the most enjoyable aspects of photography for me is sharing my love of photo-taking with my two kids. My wife and I enjoy taking pictures of our two boys, looking through old family photos with them, and involving them as much as we can when we are using our cameras.

However, when our oldest was about five years old he started wanting to get in on the action as well, and that’s when we hit a bit of a road block. We wanted to get him and his younger brother a... more

It’s something we’ve been hearing in the worlds of both photography and video for years. Ever since digital became a thing, so did “Oh, we’ll fix it in post”. But most of the things that we often choose to fix in post can more easily be fixed in-camera on the day. Sure, it might take […]

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When you’re shooting landscapes, the biggest challenge is getting images clean and sharp from front to back. You’d think it’s quite simple. Focus on infinity and away you go right? Well, not so much. That often puts things in the foreground out of focus. So, how you can you get everything sharp? In this video […]

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The horizon line is a big deal in landscape and other outdoor photography. You can’t do this kind of photography for long without encountering the Rule of Thirds and the Golden Ratio, both of which are usually applied to the horizon line.Even if there isn’t a true horizon line in your picture, there’s often a line running through the picture that determines whether it will appear level.

Still, it’s surprising how often people end up with crooked lines.... more

One of the things that many people seem to have noticed about the new Nikon Z6/7 and Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless cameras is that the lens mount is huge. They look at their Sony with its relatively small E-Mount and wonder what the big deal is? Is it all just marketing hype from […]

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About a year ago I reviewed the 2018 version of this software. It was an interesting comparison for me, as I started using it back when it was still owned by Jasc Software (before Corel bought it).

Now we have the 2019 version, dubbed Paint Shop Pro 2019 Ultimate. And as someone who usesLightroom and Photoshop, I was interested to see how it stacks up.

The Basics

Corel Paint Shop Pro 2019 is a Windows-only product that comes in two editions Standard and Ultimate... more

Ok, so it doesn’t really need to be said, but I’m going to say it anyway. You do this at your own risk. Smartphones come with varying degrees of water resistance, so if you fry your phone, it’s your own fault. With that said, the guys from COOPH show a quick tip in this video […]

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Your photographic challenge this week is to take and share a photo incorporating a rainbow or prism effect.

Rainbow over Kirkufell by Peter Hammer on 500px

Now, we don’t expect to send you all out chasing rainbows without any help! Whilst they can be elusive, this post will give you some tips on how to find and photograph them.

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Perhaps you remember the case of Daryl Aiden Yow, a Singaporean photographer who recently got busted for sharing stock photos as his own. After the dust has settled, he has found a way to win his fans back he has rebranded himself as a Photoshop specialist. Daryl Aiden Yow is, apparently, very popular in […]

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The Panasonic GH5 has been a favourite of many video shooters since its launch early last year. Offering 10Bit 4:2:2 video, 5-axis stabilisation, decent stills quality and a whole bunch of other features, it was an instant hit. Earlier this year, Blackmagic announced the Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. Offering 4K DCI 12Bit RAW video and […]

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