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Imelda Bell is a multi award-winning photographer. She is also a rather remarkable woman. The first claim is factual; that she is remarkable is something this lady would certainly dispute. So heres an idea. I will tell you some of what I know about her and leave you to decide. The journey begins Like most […]

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Earlier this year, NetSE Group – the company behind Oprema Jena and Meyer Optik Gerlitz filed for bankruptcy. The insolvency proceeding has now been opened, and all the lenses pre-financed by crowdfunding will not be delivered. In other words, if you have preorder any of these lenses on Kickstarter it looks like you […]

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With long exposure photography, you create unusual, surreal worlds in your photos. UK-based photographer Tim Gamble specializes in long exposure light photography and makes breath-taking artwork. One of his photos really caught our eye, so we wanted to hear more about how it was taken. We chatted with Tim about the photo he titled Love […]

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A question seen frequently on photography groups is “What software do I get to process my images in?”. There is the usual flurry of recommendations for the familiar choices and a few random ones thrown in. One option that doesn’t get mentioned as often as it should is ACDSee. In particular the Photo Studio Ultimate 2019 bundle is worthy of consideration for... more

A lot of folks expected more from Sony during Photokina 2018’s announcements. The “baby A9” rumoured to come in the form of the A7000 was nowhere to be mentioned. Instead, we’ll just get better cat photos thanks to Sony’s new Animal Eye AF. But Kenji Tanaka, global head of Sony’s interchangeable lens camera business, hasconfirmed […]

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Most of us look at the world through both eyes. But whenever we take a photo, we close one.

I want to encourage you to reverse this practice.

Pansa Landwer-Johan

Why Look at the World Through One Eye?

With a few exceptions,cameras don’t have two lenses. They record an image through a single lens, which is why the results are always two-dimensional.

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An off-camera flash lets you create your own light, giving you new and powerful options for bringing your vision to life.

But one of the biggest challenges of striking out as an off-camera flash specialist isn’t getting the necessary equipment, or even learning how to properly expose a picture.

It’s learning how to control the light. You need to harness it, not to let it roam free.

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One of the questions I often hear from people who are new to photography, particularly when using flash is “How high should my light be?”. It’s a difficult one to answer, especially if you’re shooting on locationbecausethere are so many variables. The Koldunov Brothers break their usual silence in this 9-minute video to explore the […]

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The Purge is a horror series that takes place in dystopian America of the future, where all crime is made legal once a year. And in this future, it looks like DJI Osmo gimbals will be turned into eye scanners. Someone caught an interesting frame of the series, where a DJI Osmo is being used […]

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Just like photographers, retouchers offer a wide range of services and charge different prices. In this fun video, Irene Rudnyk decided to test out what happens when you hire photo retouchers of different rates: going from $0.25 per image. I guess you can already imagine how this will end. And yes, its hilarious. Irene visited […]

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