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Some couples want a nice low key wedding. Others, however, want it to be somewhat extravagant. But sometimes that extravagance comes at a cost. In the case of one couple, pyrotechnics during the happy couple’s first dance caused the venue to go up in flames. It starts off as many first dances do. The happy […]

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Chances are, most of you arriving here are aware of the backstory to this article, but just in case, I’ll quickly catch you up. A few weeks ago I announced a community competition on myFacebook page;all you had to do to enter was to submit a ‘before’ photo (the raw) and an ‘after’ photo (the […]

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One of my favorite things about travel photography is the opportunities it provides to meet interesting people in the street and make portraits of them. Here are some of the things that I have learned that you can put into practice when you are traveling and make street portraits.

1. Ask people for permission

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Weve met a camera that lets you take photos in virtual reality, but theres now an app that took things a step further. Augmented Reality Photo Studio lets you go to real-life locations and shoot virtual portraits. Its certainly an interesting concept and it can be great for location scouting and trying out lighting setups. […]

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There are a few ways of controlling a drone, including head movements, hand gestures, even facial expressions. But have you ever thought of flying a drone while you pretend to be flying on the ground? There is now a suit that enables it, developed by cole Polytechnique Fdrale de Lausanne (EPFL) University in Switzerland. Now […]

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It was only two weeks ago that Adobe introduced the latest Lightroom update. However, there was one thing they didnt mention and that many of you may find important. Apparently, Lightroom can now support for Sony ARQ files without you having to convert them to DNG first. Marc Alhadeff of Sony Alpha Blog noticed the […]

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Even though I’m not primarily a Canon shooter, I’m always intrigued by the concept cameras and sensors that Canon bring to show off at shows around the world. During The Photography Show, Canon brought two with them. Actually, they brought a bunch, but they all basically stem from two different types of camera. We had […]

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In this article, I will focus on light painting objects in night scenes during a single long exposure (rather than multiple exposures combined in Photoshop) and some of the pitfalls I have experienced. I hope you will gain an understanding of how different light sources, intensity, and warmth can illuminate your foreground elements in a balanced way to provide a creative twist to your shot.

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Winners of 2018 Pulitzer Prize have recently been announced. A dramatic and chilling photo by Ryan M. Kelly won the first place for breaking news photography. As it soon turned out, it was taken on his last day at The Daily Progress. Kelly had left the job and started working as social media manager for […]

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The Pentax K1 was already an impressive camera. It’s cherished by everybody who owns one. It contains features unique amongst DSLRs, such as its Pixel Shift Resolution feature. It’s seen an update, now, though, with Ricoh recently announcing the Pentax K1 Mark II, offering a couple of pretty significant upgrades. We went along to the […]

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