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Sigma recently announced nine prime lenses coming to their Art lens lineup for Sony E-mount shooters. We got to test out the new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art Lens for Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras, an update to the previous Sigma 50mm f/1.4 released in 2014. Here’s what we thought.

What’s in the Box

Like all Sigma lenses, this one comes packed in its own zippered carrying case. It also comes with... more

Timelapse and hyperlapse aficionadoKirill Neiezhmakov has been creating some pretty amazing films over the last few years. He’s travelled all over the place from Hong Kong to the romantic streets of Rome and Prague. In his newest film, Kirill takes us on a whirlwind tour of the Principality of Monaco. Kirill actually shot the sequences […]

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Ever wondered what kind of portrait $10 in photographer’s fees will get you? Ever wondered what $25 in fees will get you? I am not really sure if this can even be a serious question but apparently, there is a variance even in the lower end of the pricemarket. Redditor M0shka needed a quick shot […]

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A few years back I heard of an interestingphotography device. The Pixel Stick. It is a light painting tool that can “paint” images in the air based on jpgs. When it was launched, there was nothing quite like it in the market, and it made $600,000 on Kickstarter, which was very impressive for the time. […]

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Post-processing can make or break an image. It doesn’t matter how much you change in your photo editor of choice, even a small adjustment can damage your image if it isn’t applied correctly.

A common mistake I see with post-processing is applying all adjustments globally (i.e. to the entire image). It’s something we rarely want, which is whywe tend to use Lightroom’s Highlights and Shadows sliders to adjust the exposure rather than the Exposure slider. And once... more

There are times when only a super long lens like aCanon 400mm f/2.8Lwill do, even when photographing people. And when this wedding couple wanted their custom motorcycles incorporated into the shot, photographer Keydrin Franklin knew exactly what he needed to do to make the above shot. DIYP reached out to Keydrin to get a little […]

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Nikon Small World competition was founded in 1974 to recognize excellence in photography through the microscope. The results of the 44th competition have just been announced, and they will take your breath away. This year, the contest had nearly 2,500 entries from scientists and artists in 89 countries. The judges have chosen the top 20 […]

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Imelda Bell is a multi award-winning photographer. She is also a rather remarkable woman. The first claim is factual; that she is remarkable is something this lady would certainly dispute. So heres an idea. I will tell you some of what I know about her and leave you to decide. The journey begins Like most […]

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Earlier this year, NetSE Group – the company behind Oprema Jena and Meyer Optik Gerlitz filed for bankruptcy. The insolvency proceeding has now been opened, and all the lenses pre-financed by crowdfunding will not be delivered. In other words, if you have preorder any of these lenses on Kickstarter it looks like you […]

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With long exposure photography, you create unusual, surreal worlds in your photos. UK-based photographer Tim Gamble specializes in long exposure light photography and makes breath-taking artwork. One of his photos really caught our eye, so we wanted to hear more about how it was taken. We chatted with Tim about the photo he titled Love […]

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