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A phrase you often hear when it comes to children is “they grow up so quickly”. Not quickly enough, though, for Texas-based lifestyle and family photographer Ashley Evans. Oh no, she’s been force-growing babies in Photoshop by giving them teeth. And, yes, that’s just as terrifying and hilarious as it sounds! When I first saw […]

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The Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board in Wyoming, USA is asking visitors to stop geotagging their images. Weve seen a few times that natural wanders get destroyed or damaged after they become too popular. And with the latest campaign against geotagging, the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board wants to preserve nature and save […]

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Canon EOS R and Nikon Z are getting the first third-party lenses. Chinese company Kipon is releasing ELEGANT, a line-up of five prime lenses for both Nikons and Canons full-frame mirrorless cameras. According to Kipon, the company has gained rich experience after 6 years of non-stop learning for how to make high quality lenses. At […]

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Karen Alsop and her team behindheART Project have put smiles on sick childrens faces so many times. Two years in a row, they organized The Christmas Wish Project, which brought joy and festive mood to sick children across Australia. But this year, the project has grown much bigger and it has gone global! The project […]

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Before we get started it’s essential to understand that astrophotography takes time and practise in order to achieve good results, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t nail it on the first go. When it comes to photographing the night sky there isn’t an exact setting which is going to achieve the same results across […]

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Instagram has long become an all-in-one app for many users, and its not only about sharing images anymore. So, a few months after launching video calls, Instagram has now introduced short, walkie-talkie style voice messages. Instead of starting a video call one-on-one or in a group, you can now hold down a microphone icon and […]

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If the real world worked like the online-photography world of stolen photos posted to websites and ads: <insert crying> Why is everyone so mad? I never said it was MY car. And I didnt know it was wrong. I mean, I saw a car that I really wished my car looked like, and it was […]

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Canon got a lot of flak when the EOS R camera with no in-body image stabilisation. Well, it got flak for a lot of things, like the single card slot and ridiculously cropped 4K video mode, but the lack of IBIS was a big one, too. Canon has said previously said that, essentially, they didn’t […]

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Have you ever wondered how some film cameras just know what speed ISO (or ASA) film you’re loading into it? Well, have you ever noticed those black and silver squares on the side of the roll? That’s called DX Encoding and that’s how the camera knows what film you’re using. This video from photographer Azriel […]

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