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If you haven’t yet printed some of your favorite photos, trust me you are missing out on a lot. The joy and pleasure that you get by looking at the prints cannot be matched by the digital copies. This article might excite those photographers who have gotten their photos printed at least once. But if you haven’t yet, this might be the beginning, give it a try!

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Leica is king of ultra-expensive limited edition cameras, and wealthy collectors love them for it. This year, they collaborated with renowned photographer Terry O’Neill to create the Terry O’Neill limited edition Leica MP. Shortly after the release, they sold all 35 of the cameras they produced despite costing $14,500 a piece. Kinda scary, no? The […]

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Ian Tessler is a cosplay and fashion photographer from the Netherlands. In his own words, he says ‘“I am a passionate photographer loving alternative art, cosplay and fantasy photography”. I got to speak to Ian a little about his work. DIYP: Tell us a little about how you got into photography, and who your influences […]

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If you run a photography business, then you know that photography skills alone arent enough for success. Good marketing is one of the important aspects of business, and automotive photographer Clint Davis has made a brilliant move promoting his work. He used Lego kits to create personalized promotional mailers for his clients. Clint invested a […]

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Over the last two weeks, you’ve done images of spring in general, and then flowers last week. So for this week’s photography challenge, let’s see if you can see the forest for all the trees!

Image by Adam Welch, dPS writer.

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Learning how to use artificial lighting in your photography can be overwhelming for any beginner. Apart from familiarizing yourself with new equipment, you also have to study how light behaves in different scenarios. To help you start with studiophotography, Mark Wallace of Adorama TV teaches you a few essential lighting terms you’ll need to grasp […]

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As a kid who grew up with a shelf filled with yellow spines, I can attest to the rhythm and general predictability of aNational Geographiccover. With few exceptions (most notably those holographic covers from the 1980s), cover photography from the 1970s, 80s and 90s followed a familiar pattern of a far away place, strange creature, […]

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Last month, NiSi announced that they’re entering the lens market with five new F3 prime camera lenses. Today, they’re releasing more information about the F3 series to shed more light on their new products. You’re probably wondering how a reputable lens filter company got into the lens business. Well, it all started when NiSi took […]

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The Godox A200 seems to have become the new standard by which many new flash releases are judged. It appeared in a new class of its own on release. Too powerful to be called a speedlight, but too small to really be considered a strobe. It was sort of the iPad of the flash world. […]

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With 1,200 moving parts, the Leica M is a precisely engineered machine that has become among the most sought-after cameras ever. If you’re curious just what the inner-workings of this mechanical masterpiece look like, then you need to see this video of Dan Tamarkin showing us the crucialcomponents ofthe legendary camera. Although he doesn’t take […]

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