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Last year we told you about I’m Back, yet another solution to shoot digital images with your old film cameras. They were funding the project through Kickstarter and fell somewhat shortof their goal, pulling in 35K of their 85K target. Now, though, they’ve rethought the project and I’m Back is back with lower expectations. Once […]

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Over the years I’ve learned some hard lessons when it comes to landscape photography and the obligatory use of a tripod. Love them or loath them, tripods are an essential piece of kit for landscape photography. With these 5 simple tips I hope to help you love your tripod and improve your photography experience.

1 – How to shoot vertical with your tripod

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V- Flats, screens, flags, boards, whatever you want to call them. They can be really inexpensive but have a huge value in portrait photography in the studio. I bought these polystyrene sheets from a local DIY shop costing around 40 for the pair. I used shelving brackets on the base to help give some level […]

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This tutorial was graciously supplied by Datacolor Using multiple cameras is common practice for some photographers. For example, wedding and event photographers often use more than one camera at a time. In some cases, there will be more than one photographer using multiple cameras. To complicate things, these photographers might be using cameras or lenses […]

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Do you put a hood on your lens to avoid lens flare? Are you always moving and reframing so that the light source is behind you? Then you have missed out on some great creative opportunities. But not to worry, in this tutorial you can learn how to add a lens flare effect in Photoshop.

What is lens flare?

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Now, more than ever, racism is a touchy subject. National Geographic’s April issue is being devoted entirely to the subject of race. Naturally, this is going to upset a lot of people. No matter what one’s thoughts on the subject, somebody’s going to be upset by those thoughts and opinions. But National Geographic is holding […]

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Many landscape photographers prefer using wide angle lenses. However, its sometimes tricky to get a captivating photo when shooting wide. Photographer Toma Bonciu shares five tips that will help you get the best out of your wide angle landscape photos. He uses images from five photographers as examples, so lets see what we can learn […]

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One of the things that’s put a lot of people off making the switch to mirrorless is a lack of lenses. The lack of lenses isn’t much of a surprise. How can new system like Sony’s E Mount or Micro Four Thirds really compete with the decades oldNikon and Canon systems where every lens has […]

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WhenMehrdad Oskouei, a well known Iranian filmmaker, was planning to produce his last filmStarless Dreamshe asked one of his former students, Sadegh Souri, a photographer and a cinematographer to join his crew as a camera operator. Starless Dreamsis a compelling social documentary about the lives of teenage girls in a juvenile correctional facility on the […]

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In this article, you will learn 10 camera tricks and hacks that could help you take far more interesting dog photography or photos of any pet, for that matter.

If you love taking pictures of your pooch but dont feel that you are getting any spectacular results that are worth framing, then perhaps some of the following tips will help inspire you to take your pet and dog photography to the next level.

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