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In its simplest form, a photograph is a representation of a very limited part of space at a very limited point in time. This article is about choosing which tiny bit of reality to represent and how that choice can make a photograph into much more than just a record of time.

The most obvious elements of any photograph are the subject, the foreground, and the background. The light and the time it takes to create the photo are equally essential. In this article, Ill be focusing on... more

Rolling shutter has been the bane of DSLR and mirrorless video shooters since the beginning. In fact, for users of just about any camera with a CMOS sensor. This is all down to how CMOS sensors traditionally work, scanning the scene line by line. Each line is captured at a slightly different point in time, […]

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Fireworks can be spectacular to watch, and they make a beautiful photographic subject. But have you ever seen it from above? What about in reverse? Filmmaker Zui Tao took his drone up to the sky and filmed fireworks from a perspective we dont get to see when we watch from the ground. For extra trippy […]

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Fujifilm has recently released their FY2018/Q3 financial report, showing that the sales have increased over this period. Interestingly, its not their digital mirrorless cameras that boosted the earnings. Its the Instax line of instant film cameras. The report Fujifilm published contains a breakdown of the earnings. It reads that the revenue went up 15.6% when […]

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Tip 1 The first tip is to enjoy the editing part. As much as many photographers these days say, shoot more, edit less, wouldnt you rather spend your time photographing than editing and yada, yada, yada you have to learn some proper editing techniques. Editing is absolutely essential to digital photography as the work in […]

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Let me point out from the start, it doesnt matter what camera you use. From a fancy DSLR to your phone you can use these lighting tools to improve your photographs.

Photography and light go hand in hand. Simply put; if there is no light, there is no photograph.

Light is so important to great photography Im going to ask you to put your camera down for a moment and observe. Really look at the light. The color of it, the way its falling on people and things. What... more

A while back Adobe announced that they will release a Lightroom update which focuses on speed. That announcement was met with deep disbelief (see the comments here), and even when Adobe released it’s latest Lightroom CC 7.2, responses were lukewarm. But a real-life test done byNasim Mansurov ofphotography lifeshows that Adobe is finally starting to […]

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Nemanja Sekulic is a photographer, Digital artist, and Educator who creates dynamic conceptual imagery. In his own words, Nemanja says, “I’ve always been interested in magic and science fiction, the reality is only for those with no imagination. With my work, I try to reflect the idea of everything being possible, the ideal concept of […]

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If you are a photographer, you probably heard that the camera doesnt take a good picture, the person behind the camera does. Its true because with right knowledge and practice you can take great photos with an entry level camera or even a mobile camera. But if you dont have an idea about lighting, composition or the features of your camera, the worlds most advanced camera cant take good photos for you.

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and none of them have anything to do with making photographs. 1. People person Yeah, you gotta be a people person. No, I didnt say you have to be an extrovert, you have to be a people person. You have to read people and understand what isnt being said while they are talking. You […]

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