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Are you passionate about portrait photography? Do you love sharing images of your trips and landscape photos? Or maybe you spend your free time capturing the streets of your city?

Let me tell you something you might not know about yourself. Every now and then you are a landscape photographer, too. Everyone is. Lets be honest, you couldnt resist that beautiful mountain view you photographed a few weeks ago on a hike. Your social media feeds are full of your friends photos of canyons,... more

Sometimes, photography is powerful enough to change your life. This is what happened to both photojournalist Ted Jacksonand a homeless man he photographed in 1990. This photo created a strong bond between the photographer and his subject who turned out to be a former football quarterback, Jackie Wallace. Ted Jackson tells his story about […]

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Back in November 2017, Leica announced a super-pricey Noctilux-M 75mm f/1.25 ASPH lens. The $12,795 lens should start shipping soon, and photographer Matt Granger was lucky to try it out. Matt got the opportunity to test out the Noctilux-M 75mm f/1.25 ASPH, as well as another unreleased Leica lens: Summicron-SL 90mm f/2 ASPH. He went […]

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If you’re unfamiliar with what lens flare is then it’s the hazy washed out areas in an image that appear far brighter than they should do. You usually can’t see flare with your own eyes but when you take a shot, there it is and often it’s an undesired effect that can ruin several aspects […]

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Skydio has announced R1, a self-flying AI-powered drone that will follow you on your adventures. Skydio R1 is fully autonomous, equipped with 12 navigational cameras. It shoots 4K videos, and the company says it features the most advanced tracking and navigation system ever flown. Adam Bry, CEO and co-founder of Skydio, explains that the company […]

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You might find that sometimes you take pictures of grand, scenic landscapes only to have viewers not react to the picture the way you had hoped. You present them with a well composed, properly exposed photo of a dramatic scene, but the viewers quickly pass it by. Why is this happening with your landscape photos?

One reason might be that the viewer cannot get a sense of the scale of the scene. They cannot tell if they are looking at something really big, or just something that... more

Heres something you dont see every day a single isolated atom, captured in a photo. This is the photo that Science Photography Competition, organized by Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). Single Atom in an Ion Trap is a photo by David Nadlinger from the University of Oxford. We bring you the winning […]

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The Underwater Photographer of the Year contest has announced the winners of 2018 competition. The best of the best have been chosen in eleven categories, among over 5000 entries from all around the world. We bring you the winning images in all categories, and they are all absolutely fantastic. Underwater Photographer of the Year is […]

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Whatever your spin is on the SpaceX launch of the Falcon Heavy and the stunt of Starman and the Roadster, it put on our radar topics such as space and space missions, rockets, interplanetary travel or technological advances. In my case, oncefootageof the car and Starman started to arrive and people wondered if it could […]

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The previously announced speed boost of Lightroom Classic is here. Today, Adobe has released the latest update of Lightroom Classic, version 7.2. It mainly focuses on performance, but also makes it easier to organize your files. The latest update makes Lightroom Classic faster, which was one of the main concerns of its users. However, it […]

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