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After Googles new time management controls, Instagram is also launching a feature that will tell you how much time youre spending using the app. It started with information about the new Usage Insights feature buried in Instagrams code. But Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has recently confirmed it, stating that the app will, indeed, soon tell […]

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Are you taking too many photos where the background is distracting from your main subject? It’s a common mistake for beginner photographers to pay attention only to their main subject and not what’s in the background. You also need to carefully look at what’s behind your subject when you are composing your photos, and a better background is part of better overall images.

Here are 8 tips to help new photographers achieve photos with a better background.

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Camera monitors seem to be popping up a lot for me lately. Perhaps it’s just that I’ve been thinking about getting a couple lately. Or it could be the increase in photographers adding video to their repertoire that’s causing them to simply be more popular. Regardless, there are a few names that keep popping up. […]

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In the past few months, Apple has released a slew of ads boasting the iPhone X’s Portrait Lighting, but this latest commercial is definitely among the best we’ve seen. Titled ‘Studio in your pocket,’ it shows a young woman taking a selfie at a busy train station, and all sorts of studio lights and umbrellas […]

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A lot of photographers felt excited when the Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 FE was first announced in February. And although Tamron recently said that they might not be able to deliver on time, early reviews of the lens still appear to be positive. The latest is of David Oastler who wanted to see if Sony’s face […]

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Regardless of whether you call them lav, lavalier or lapel mics, they are wonderful things. Often used for interviews, spoken pieces to camera, and for when you can’t get a shotgun boomed overhead. What makes them great is that they can be so easily hidden from the camera’s view. You can hide them in clothes, […]

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A common question among those starting out in macro photography is, What lens should I choose? Given the number of options, this is difficult to answer and depends on a number of factors (physical requirements, budget, subject, style, etc.). There is no one ideal macro lens. However, this article will provide a guide to choosing the ideal macro lens for your needs, focusing on three main considerations: focal length, image quality, and price.

A Note About Image Quality

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  If you’ve ever dreamed of having a digital camera that can also shoot film, then you might want to take a look at the PONFcamera. It’s a modular “multi-back film and digital camera system” which, according to the developers, will allow you to seamlessly use the best of both the analog and digital worlds. […]

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It’s been two weeks now since Hawaii’s Mt. Kilauea erupted and it still shows no signs of slowing down. Since its initial eruption, we’ve seen a lot of videos and photos of its destruction. However, this photo takenby astronaut Drew Feustel from ISS is arguably among the most breathtaking. Feustel posted the photo on Twitter […]

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Well, this is quite the interesting turn of events. Nikon seems to have been struggling the last few yearssince Sony’s mirrorless domination began. Their latest annual financial report, however, paints a different story. Although overall income was down 4.3%, it shows a whopping 776% increase in profits over the previous 12 month period. Nikon’s imaging […]

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