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It’s great when you can combine two of your favourite things. Things like photography and Star Wars. It’s even better when you can actually pull off the ideas you see in your head. Not all of us have that ability, but photographer Felix Hernandez sure does. An expert in working with miniatures to create highly […]

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In this article, Ill show you how to photograph your family vacation starting with simple gear, creative photography tips, and the most important part – managing personalities and emotions.

I tend to think of the act of photographing, generally speaking, as an adventure. My favorite thing is to go where Ive never been. – Diane Arbus

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This is going to be a winning combination for many photographers. Cameras and Lego (not Legos). This “Hasselblad503CX Film Camera“, it may not surprise you to learn, is not actually a camera at all (yet). It’s a lego construction created by Lego user,helenfigures (we’ll just call her Helen from here). Helen is attempting to convince […]

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The position of light in relation with your subject can significantly affect the atmosphere of your shots. Depending on where you place the lighting, you can completely change the mood of the scene. In this video, Mark Wallace of Adorama teaches you the basics and gives you a quick preview of how the placement of […]

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When you think of a 500mm lens, shooting portraits probably isnt the first thing that comes to mind. Still, Keydrin Franklin used it for this unordinary purpose. He tested out how Sigma 500mm f/4 performs in portrait photography, and in this video, you can see some examples and hear his impressions. Keydrin shot with a […]

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For many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it is finally here –sunshine– the time of year most synonymous with new beginnings, transition and growth all thanks to the powerful rays of the sun. After months of dark dreary weather and perhaps a mood that matches staying indoors, we are finally ready to shed those winter blues and head outside with our gear. So in the spirit of getting you out of the house and into the outdoors, here are a few tips to help you do summer... more

Just over a year ago, we reported on a lawsuit filed by Nikon against Zeiss and ASML. They accused the two companies of using Nikon’s patented lithography tech without permission or licenses. Now, a court has ruled that Zeiss and ASML did not infringe upon Nikon’s patent, and has ordered Nikon to pay 475,000 in […]

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DIYP’s Cinematographer Kick-off Giveaway If you are passionate about cinematography, you’ll wanna hear this. We teamed up with some great companies to bring you a sweepstake that will kick off your cinematography career. Or, if you are already knee-deep, it will give youa serious boost. We teamed up with Rhino Camera Gear, RODE, Spiffy Gear, […]

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Im sure there arent many of you who havent stumbled upon the Distracted Boyfriend meme somewhere on the Internet. It caught fire last year and ended up having thousands of hilarious variations. And although we connect it with the present time, it seems like Charlie Chaplin invented it way back in 1922. Film writer Peter […]

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She cant remember things like she used to. It started gradually-shed forget a name or a birthday or where she parked her car. And then, she found herself forgetting every day things, those things one must remember in order to live life. She would forget to go to the grocery store; shed forget a conversation […]

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