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There are plenty of great wildlife photographers who take awe-inspiring and interesting shots. But when these animals do funny things and take silly poses: it adds a whole new level to wildlife photography. The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is centered on the photos of animals that are sure to improve your day. The finalists of […]

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No matter how long you have been doing something, be it lighting or photography or, well, anything, you're never too old to be dumbstruck by a cool new idea.

Take the linens drying on the line above, for example. In the right frame of mind they are essentially super-portable outdoor light sources.

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Regardless of whether you shoot photography or video, or what kind of gear you shoot with, the one thing we all have complete control over is our composition. There’s a lot written about composition, about the “rule of thirds”, golden ratios, and leading lines, but composition can be a difficult one to grasp. Kevin, the […]

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Ben Thouardis an award-winning ocean and surfing photographer living on Tahiti – an island in French Polynesia. His love of surfing and photography took him there at the age of 22, and he hasn’t looked back since.

In this film byRoam, titledSURFACE, Thouard gives us a unique view of waves and surfing. The film documents how he works, and how his shots are... more

There are no two ways around it, high quality continuous LED lights are expensive. When you need a good amount of light and a high CRI that passes all the necessary certifications and safety checks, that’s just the way it is. Sure, there are cheaper LEDs out there, but they’re often not very good. They […]

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Light is vital to photography. Without it, we wouldn’t have photographs. Our sensors would just be recording blackness. Personally, I’ve always been a fan of making my own light. Mostly with flash, and mostly on location. This has meant that I’ve had to dip into the world of high speed sync a lot. But what […]

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It’s that time of year again when all the fanboys flock to San Jose for the annual iPhone announcement. This year, they’ve announced three new iPhones. There’s the iPhone XR (an iPhone X with one camera), then iPhone XS (an iPhone X with more fake bokeh), and the iPhone XS Max (an iPhone X with […]

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There are the stories, Im sure youve heard them. Annie Leibowitz hanging out with the Rolling Stones. Bob Gruen photographing John Lennon on New York rooftops.

Let’s face it, second to being an actual rock star (weve all used a hairbrush as a microphone at some point, right?) being a music photographer and capturing all of the action, has a certain allure to it that for many of us, is hard to shake. But how do you actually do it? How do you photograph a rock concert or show?

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Its September which means another generation of Apple iPhones. This year, the iPhone XS (pronounced ten ess) adds a slightly larger sensor plus significantly more computing power via the A12 Bionic Chip to enhance the phones image signal processing. But despite the ability to perform 5 trillion operations a second, the iPhone still cant do […]

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An example of my teammate Clinton Lofthouse showed us how a single photo can cause a flood of hilarious trolling on Facebook. This happened recently in a houseplant hobbyist group after a guy posted a shirtless selfie with an orchid hed just bought. This quick snapshot caused some users to get dramatic over posting porn […]

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