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One of the great things about being a travel photographer is that you are almost always working outside. Sometimes this might be in a city and sometimes in the wilderness. Either way, one of the main attributes you will need is to be organized. This involves everything from research and planning, to your shot list and efficiency. It also includes being organized... more

When most people think of the word Zen, a meditating monk in a monastery comes to mind, a practice of enlightenment, a person being in the present or someone without attachments. When I think of Zen, I think of a lifestyle that has profoundly influenced my photography practice. I would like to dive into the […]

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I’ve been keeping a little bit of an eye on the current Amazon Prime Day deals, but not much has really stood out. At least, not when it comes to things of benefit to filmmakers and photographers. This deal, though, is very much in our domain. Amazon currently has 2TB Crucial SSD drives on pretty […]

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In this third installment of articles on ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2018, we look at some of the Cool Tools – either new features or ones that are particularly useful. Read my first two articles here:

With both Nikon and Canon soon joining the mirrorless game, the old question of the faith of DSLRs rises again: will this be the end of DSLR cameras? In this video, James Popsys gives his take on the topic. He believes that DSLRs will stay with us regardless of the mirrorless cameras, and lets see […]

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Can artificial intelligence tell how good your photos are? Well, in its Spark the Renaissance photography competition, Huawei is about to use AI to rate your images, with a little help from a real photographer. According to Huaweis press release, this competition will spark a renaissance in photography. CMO Huawei Western Europe, Andrew Garrihy, explains […]

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Earlier this year, we saw a patent for a fingerprint sensor from Canon. Nikon has just taken things a bit further. The company has filed a patent for biometric sensors that will read photographers emotions. They will be placed on the lens, as well as on the camera, to record your biometric information while you […]

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Nikon’s KeyMissionline of cameras arrived with a pretty huge fanfare. Their entire Photokina 2016 press conference was based around them. But they’ve been a bit of a flop, really. Now, Nikon websites around the world are showing various models of KeyMission as being “Discontinued”. It’s not surprising, really. While there have been a couple of […]

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There are many symbols on our cameras these days. Most of them are next to buttons that have a function. And we usually instinctively know what those functions are. Or, we can soon learn by pushing them and playing around. There’s one symbol that exists on almost all cameras today, though, that has no button, […]

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It might seem odd to bring out a Sony RX100 V refresh right now having just announced the RX100 VI. One would simply assume that the RX100 VI would be the RX100 V replacement, but apparently not. It looks like the newly announcedSony RX100 VAis its real replacement. Essentially the same as the RX100 V, […]

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