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Can you happily throw away your worst images and concentrate on your winners? Are you confident culling your photos to find the best?

I know many photographers struggle to cull their photos after coming back home from an enjoyable photo session. It can be effortless to create hundreds of images from a photo session you are immersed in. But feeling buried by a mountain of new photos to post-process can be discouraging.

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If your ideas are more than a photo, why not combine two or three of them in a single image? When you want to create something surreal, ghostly or that is just beyond what you can capture in a single shot, then the multiple exposure effect is the thing for you!

This effect comes from analog photography and some digital cameras offer this feature as well. However, we can mimic the multiple exposure effect... more

Capturing images that grabattention is a goal of any photographer. Its exactly this skill that separates a good photographer from an average one. An image can grab the viewers attention in many ways. A typical one the last years has been through the use of strong and vivid colors. However, such images (with many exceptions, […]

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David Byrd is the genius behind Reality Reimagined, a photography business that focusses on cosplay, fantasy, and storytelling. DIYP: Tell us a little of how you got into photography, and who your influences are. DB: In 2005 I traveled to Italy with a group of photographers and that was the first time that my eyes […]

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Ive had a job that Ive done for the last few years in Sydney. Whilst it’s challenging and full-on, it’s a lot of fun and pushes me and my team to be better. We have to shoot, edit and deliver 6 videos in a single day. What we needed The client is a retail industry […]

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Well, that’s a shame. It looks like the Oprema Jena lenses may not come to fruition. The company behind them, Net SE Group has filed for bankruptcy. They’ve also appliedfor de-listing from the German stock exchange. After a wildly successful 287% funded Indiegogo campaign on the Biotar58mm f/2.0 lens and over $500,000 raised for the […]

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This week, for your dPS photography challenge, you will need to get out your tripod and remote trigger because you’ll be doing some long exposure photography.

Shooting star trails is the ultimate long exposure photography.

There are many ways to incorporate a long exposure into your images. Here are a few ideas:

Almost 2,000 years ago, in the year 79, the Roman city of Pompeii was annihilated by Mount Vesuvius. Buried under ash, with many of its residents trapped and unable to escape it’s said to have killed around 2,000 people. It’s been a great source of interest ever since. Especially to archaeologists. After centuries of excavation, […]

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When youve been into photography for a long time, and especially if you have the so-called gear acquisition syndrome, keeping your gear organized can pose quite a challenge. In this 90-second video, Ted Forbes will give you six DIY ideas for storing your precious gear. They all include household items, and some of them you […]

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I was just talking yesterday about how interesting it is to see the progression of digital cameras. Well, here we have another. This time a 300 used setup consisting of the original Canon 5D with 50mm f/1.8 lens vs the 5,000 combination of Canon 5D Mark IV & 50mm f/1.2. Photographer Pablo Strong takes the […]

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