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In an attempt to get the shot, more often than not photographers expose themselves to certain risks. Loud Lab News photographer Victor Park recently avoided getting seriously injured after a crashing car missed him by only a couple of inches. On 27 February, Park was covering a police chase. The suspect was in a stolen […]

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I’ve used diffusion filters for years but rarely for their intended purpose. If you don’t know or haven’t heard of them, then diffusion filters are transparent glass or plastic sheets that go in front of the lens and they diffuse the light as it enters the camera. The resulting images taken with a diffusion filter […]

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Recently released Samsung Galaxy S9 is the first smartphone that lets you change its aperture. This phones camera has caused a lot of interest, and it has knocked the Google Pixel 2 off the throne at DxO. In this video,JerryRigEverything tears down the Galaxy S9, so you can take a closer look at how its […]

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Demands on technology companies these days are pretty intense. It used to be that a company released a product, customers either loved it or hated it, and then a new model came out in 5 or so years to replace it. Today, it’s very different. No sooner had the Sony A7III been announced, for example, […]

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One of the common issues that amateur or newbie photographers often have is deciding which photos to include in their portfolio or website. The great thing about photography is that it is subjective, and every person will have different ways of assessing if they like a photo or not, doing an image critique.

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Starting on 16 April 2018, the price of Adobe Creative Cloud subscription will increase for certain subscription plans. On your renewal date, you will need to pay more for the plan youre using. But theres the good news too: Creative Cloud Photography plan remains the same. If youre paying for a different subscription plan, youll […]

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“We will go on the offensive” says Fujio Mitarai, Canon CEO, confirming that Canon are finally taking mirrorless seriously. The focus toward was confirmed by a manager recently, but it really only spoke about the entry-level. Now it looks like Canon is tackling the entire mirrorless market head-on if the slides and speech summary from […]

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So, you want to take your drone to your travels and add a new perspective to your travel videos. It sounds like fun, but before you do it, you need to be prepared. Mark Wallace from Adorama TV has brought his DJI Mavic Pro to travels around the world and hes learned a lot about […]

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You want a backdrop that perfectly matches your vision and that is easy on your budget? Photographer Lui Cardenas shares a simple method for painting your own canvas backdrop. You will need an idea, a couple of Home Depot items and some free time, and you can paint your own canvas backdrop just as you […]

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There is something enchanting and mystical about the moon. But photographing the moon is a challenge which requires special gear, preparation, technique and right time. In this great animated tutorial from Apalapse, youll learn everything you need to start taking stunning photos of the moon. And it all fits in only two minutes. Gear If […]

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