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You’re not likely to ever excel at anything unless you push past what you normally do and exit your comfort zone. That’s unless you’re the type of person who’s not comfortable unless they are constantly taking risks.

Becoming more creative with photography requires you to seek out new subjects. It means trying different techniques. It demands you tackle the difficult and uncomfortable at times.

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Many discussions in online photography groups and discussions revolve around “What’s the best camera brand?” or “What is the best lens for x?” or “Thinking about upgrading, should I pick between camera x or camera y?” and so on.

It seems that a lot of people think that there is a Holy Grail of camera gear that will solve all their problems if only they can achieve it. However they fail to understand that it isn’t the gear that... more

Next in our ongoingPhotographer Spotlightseries is Sarah Lee. Sarah is a Hawaii/San Diego based commercial photographer, best known for working in and around the ocean and her instantly recognizable style.Sarahs work has been featured by National Geographic, Instagram, CNN, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Pelican, H&M and many other international brands. Full disclosure: I am a big […]

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Well, when I say “swim”, it kind of bobs around under the surface before coming back up to take off. Drones that can take off from and land in water aren’t a new idea. We’ve seen it before with the originalLily Drone, although that one never saw reality. The SPRY drone, on the other hand, […]

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One of the best things about night photography, in general, is how forgiving it is. That is to say, you generally dont need special weather conditions to create a really nice picture. The night and urban lights give you all you need to work with. Once it is dark the light isnt changing so you arent chasing the light. Almost any night will do.


But if you are trying to photograph the night sky it is a completely different story. The reality is that night sky... more

There is little quite as delightful as going through family albums, reliving memories and watching how things have changed over the years. Having digital copies is great but nothing really beats the excitement of having them in print, holding all those memories in your hands and going through them at your leisure.

Its a sentiment Ive especially grown to appreciate since the birth of my daughter. The rare times my hard drive starts giving me trouble and I begin to fear the loss of my... more

When the Lyon-based mile Cohl art school wanted to advertise in the U.S., they published a group photo of their students on the American version of the website. But it all got terribly wrong when they were busted for photoshopping the students skin to make it appear darker. Apparently, it was an attempt to add […]

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Many of us thought that the big news coming from Blackmagic during IBC this year would be that the new Pocket Cinema Camera 4K would be shipping ontime this month. And while that does appear to be the case, with Pocket 4K cameras shipping from next week, that’s not the biggest news. Blackmagic has today […]

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In the last couple of week’s you’ve done blue and red as the photography challenge, so it’s only fitting to complete the triangle of primary colors with yellow this week.

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Among hundreds of photos I scroll through every day, it doesnt happen often that one image captures all my attention and sends shivers down my spine. But a powerful photo of Wellington-based photographer Sarah Simmons managed to do it. She captured the twins connection, the celebration of life a heart-wrenching grief in a single photo. […]

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