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You guys remember that super blue moon eclipse a couple of months ago, right? Well, while many of us were sitting at home watching it on our computer screens, photographer William Briscoe was out in the Alaskan snow shooting 360 timelapse. And this 8K 360 video captures thebeautiful the Aurora Borealis in the middle of […]

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Perspective is a wonderful thing. It’s what lets us judge distance. How far away something is, to pick out what’s in the foreground from what’s in the background. It’s why we have two eyes. Cameras, though, only have one. In a still photograph, this isn’t much of a problem. Things just need to be roughly […]

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Well, this is an interesting little update for the Fujifilm GFX 50S. A new firmware adds a 35mm “full frame” crop mode to its capabilities. It also adds focus bracketing up to 999 frames for those macro users forced into shallow depth of field. And lastly, it adds some more compatibility for the H Mount […]

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I love rainy days. I always feel more productive when I can hear droplets hitting the ground or pinging off my umbrella. But apparently I’m in the minority, so on this rainy day I thought I’d compile a list of things that I like to do when the clouds open up.

Feeling inspired but stuck indoors at home? Here are a few photography activities that are great for those rainy days or weekends at home, and sunny days too!

1 – Rainy Scenery

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Many newbie photographers believe that the better camera they buy, the better photos theyll take. However, spending a bunch of money on your first camera could be a huge mistake if youre new to photography. So, before you go and spend plenty of cash on your first camera, watch this video by James Popsys and […]

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Virtual reality can take you to places you otherwise couldnt see, and theres still plenty of room for improving and experimenting with VR technology. In a recent blog post, Google has announced that theyre experimenting with light field photography to create more realistic VR experience. To make this possible, the company is using a solution […]

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Portrait Mode has been simultaneously one of the biggest jokes and coolest advancements in smartphone camera technology. Google’s version of it can be found in the portrait mode of the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones. And they have just released their latest version of it as Open Source, available to any developer who […]

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Being in front of the camera is daunting, to say the least, not to mention staring at a big black lens in front of you. I understand how my subjects feel because I totally hate being photographed. In this article, I’ll give you five portrait posing tips to help flatter your subjects.

1. Relaxed posture

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The very thought of working for free makes most photographers blow their top. Many of us would agree that working for free is a no-no, but there still are some exceptions. What happens when close friends and family ask you to take their photos for free? It can be a tricky situation. In this video, […]

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Syrp has just announced the new Magic Carpet Pro slider. Designed to handle some seriously heavy duty filmmaking the Magic Carpet Pro offers some very cool and interesting features. For a start, the flywheel is located in the carriage itself, removing the need for belts and pulleys for manual control. But this also allows for […]

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