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Object recognition and AI has come such a long way in such a short amount of time that effects that used to take hours can now be automated in just a few seconds. Adobe MAX 2018 is going on right now and they’re showing off one example of this in theirSneak Peeks. It’s called Moving […]

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The wedding timeline can be different for every couple. That’s why you need to learn to ask important questions, such as whether they’ve considered a ‘First Look’ or would rather keep it traditional.This simple decision can change the entire course of the day in terms of taking portraits.

Lets dive in and look at the pros and cons of having the couple see each other before the wedding ceremony.

What is a ‘First Look’?

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The angle of view is one of the elements that add to the story you want to tell in your filmmaking and photography work. In this video from StudioBinder, writer and director Arnon Shorr explains three main types of high-angle shots. He will teach you how to use them so you can take your video […]

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Insta360 has now released a new 180 3D VR workflow for the Insta360 Pro and Insta360 Pro 2 cameras. Insta360 says that these are the first-ever pro-level VR cameras to offer support for both 180 and 360 footage. The upgrade will come as a free software update for both the Insta360 Stitcher software as well […]

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As a landscape photographer, I travel a fair amount. As a human being, I travel quite a bit. Travel is a passion in my family. Whenever we get the opportunity, we love to visit new places or revisit old ones. Family vacations arent photo trips though. Sure, photos are taken – lots of them. However, […]

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Low-light Images often have noise issues, particularly in the dark areas.

So you’ve decided to take night time photographs. But the light is so low you’re worried about noise. You want the image sharp and the blacks to be black. And noise reduction reduces sharpness, so it’s going to be a problem. (Noise is always a problem with low-light images.)

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When Yashica announced a comeback, many fans of the brand rejoiced. With an interesting concept of digital film roll and design of the old Yashica Electro 35, Yashica digiFilm Y35 raised the incredible $1.28 million on Kickstarter and the future looked bright. But now as the company is shipping cameras to the backers, many of […]

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Three years ago, TinyMOS introduced TINY1, the worlds smallest astrophotography camera. Now theyre launching NANO1, which is three times smaller than its predecessor. With the new model, it looks like the smallest astrophotography camera has just got even smaller. Yet, despite the size the NANO1 is more powerful than its big brother in terms […]

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If I look back at how I learned to take pictures, the path isnt straight at all. But this isnt necessarily just because I took wrong turns (yes including selective colour, and cheap tripod). Its also down to my goals changing. Constantly. One of the things that has changed significantly over the years are my […]

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Grey cards always seem to disappear when you need them the most, don’t they? There you are on a shoot, the lighting’s changed, you need to white balance, and where’s that damn grey card gone? Well, here to save the day is GRAYCAP. It’s a lens cap with a built-ingrey card. The blurb on the […]

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