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Kevin Landwer-Johan

Photographing still life, more than most genres, gives you more control. You can control your subject, location, lighting, composition etc. when you make still life pictures.

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With a history dating back to 1851 and over 125 Pulitzer Prizes under its belt, the New York Times has amassed a mountain of photos. Between five and seven million of them. They’re all stored in the “morgue” under their Times Square office. Packed into countless drawers and cupboards, they’re now working with Google to […]

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Being kind of a computer geek, I found myself looking for a good way to simulate studio lights. I tried Blender, Cinema 4D, and other 3D programs until I found Set.a.Light 3D. Let me save you the long read. It’s awesome. OK, you can continue now. I first fell in love with Set.aLight 3D with […]

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Digital medium format cameras hit the market in 1992, with Leafs release of the DCB. At the time, this 4mp back launched what would be a tremendous resurgence of medium format photography, primarily within commercial and portrait markets. But why? These systems cost anywhere from 4-10 times what flagship DSLRs cost. Are they really that […]

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For those of us who live in North America, autumn is in full swing. The leaves are changing from their bright greencolors and are taking on incredible hues of yellow, orange, and red. Its a time of flux for Mother Nature.

For us photographers, its prime time to get out and take advantage of all those beautiful fiery colors that lead into the winter months.

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What’s in your bag?

Weddings are vibrant and full of emotions, making it all too easy to have a purely romantic view of the day. For the couple and guests, that is very true. However, if you are a supplier on the day, it can be a very different experience. All the more if you are the wedding photographer! The pressure is on, and you have a huge responsibility to capture the day.

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Strobist's 2019 X-Peditions workshops (Havana in January and Hanoi in the fall) have both filled.

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If you’re a people photographer, it’s hard to resist photographing kids as they play, run around and… well, be kids. It’s also a great chance for you to play as a photographer.

Here are seven tips to help you capture photographs of kids at play.

It was a grey hazy day at the beach so I focused on silhouette photos of my kids at play.

1. Use Your Phone Instead of Missing the Moment

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Im no stranger to the iPad. In fact, it once caused me not to get a job at an Apple store shortly after college. I was asked in an interview, What do you think of the new iPad, and I answered honestly (mistake number one in a job interview I would learn): Im not sure […]

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Cross-processing is a technique that comes from the darkroom days. You would purposely develop film in the wrong chemicals to achieve special color effects. When no film or chemicals are involved in digital processing, it is possible to mimic a cross-processing effect in Photoshop. Ill show you how in a few easy steps.

The technique is called cross-processing because it referred to the processing of negative film with a chemical developer designed for reversal film. Or vice... more