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I can’t say for sure whether or not this tutorial includes any spoilers as I’ve not actually seen Avengers: Infinity War myself yet. But I would imagine there maybe are, even if it’s just spoiling an effect or two. It seems Thanos has some kind of pretty powerful “Super Punch” in the film (again, haven’t […]

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Youve heard of the fabled Project 365, right? A photo a day for a year. Weve even posted theme ideas here on dPS for those interested in a long-term project. But what about if you know that you arent going to make it all year, especially when the weather turns ugly and you love shooting outdoors? Enter, the Summer Project92.

What is it?

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One of the questions that a lot of photographers ask, is how much I should charge for my images? It is very hard to do, and hence a lot of artists struggle with it. There is so much more involved, and many dont quite understand. So, how do you go about pricing your photography?

Flinders Street Station, this image took me about 3 years to get and I spent hours processing it. Hence it would have a high price on it.

Learn from the masters

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If you want to get soft flattering light, you would need to diffuse it. This video by Todd Blankenship, covers three ways to diffuse your point light source. Of course, the first thing that Todd does is showing you how not to diffuse your light. As you may have guessed, simply throwing some baking paper […]

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If you have been considering getting a new camera or have been considering upgrading a camera, you have probably heard all about crop sensor camerasbut what does it mean? How does crop factor affect lens selections? When you are considering systems, often it is not just the camera... more

I was surprised when Seagate reached out and asked me if Id like to review some of their Ironwolf hard drives. I mean, how much is there really to write about hard drives? Ive generally been pretty agnostic about which drives I use for my editing and backup. But once I started reading about the […]

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Starting a photography blog was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I never wouldve guessed when I pulled the trigger on my first blog post how much good would come from it.

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Instagram is becoming more and more relevant to photography and video clients, to the point where a respectable Instagram following is part of how clients choose potential creators for paid jobs. Brand sponsorship, affiliate marketing, complimentary products for review and influencer access are also a few of the side benefits to growing a large Instagram […]

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If you haven’t yet printed some of your favorite photos, trust me you are missing out on a lot. The joy and pleasure that you get by looking at the prints cannot be matched by the digital copies. This article might excite those photographers who have gotten their photos printed at least once. But if you haven’t yet, this might be the beginning, give it a try!

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Leica is king of ultra-expensive limited edition cameras, and wealthy collectors love them for it. This year, they collaborated with renowned photographer Terry O’Neill to create the Terry O’Neill limited edition Leica MP. Shortly after the release, they sold all 35 of the cameras they produced despite costing $14,500 a piece. Kinda scary, no? The […]

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