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Since the initial announcement of Irix’s new Edge filter series at PPE last year, the range has grown slowly but steadily. A new 15 stop neutral density filter, the Irix Edge ND32000 was announced just a couple of weeks ago, and today we got to see it in person during The Photography Show in Birmingham, […]

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According to a recent report, Samsung Electronics is planning to increase its production capacity of image sensors. The company has set out to become number one business in image sensor market. And in this race, they reportedly plan to beat Sony and take the throne. As ETnews reports, several Samsungs plants will be converted from […]

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After hitting the record revenue of $1.84 billion in Q3 of 2017, Adobe has done it again. They broke another record and reported $2.08 billion income in Q1 of 2018. Although many photographers are unhappy with the subscription-only model, it seems Adobe is still doing just fine. Even more than fine. Adobe has announced the […]

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Chuck Westfall, a photography industry legend and Canons main technical advisor, died yesterday after a long battle with kidney cancer. He began his career at Canon at 1982 and as Canon writes, he worked his way up to become the Technical Advisor for the company’s Consumer Imaging Group. Westfall was loved and respected among photographers, […]

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For myself and many other photographers, probably you included, one of the more difficult parts of the hobby is figuring out where to shoot things like nature photography.

If you have a big trip or a vacation planned, whether it be an exotic location or somewhere not so far away, then that question is answered for you. But for evening shoots after work, spontaneous sessions or weekend outings, a bit of planning is necessary. Enter the wonders of your local parks!

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I love photographs of foggy scenes. It can be a view of abusy street, a sprawling city skyline or a secluded mountain valley. Mist and fog are transformative and can give a well-known location a completely different feeling, filled with mystery and depth.

There are so many things you can do with your foggy images to give them the kind of mood and feel you want.

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Everywhere you look in the tech scene at the moment blockchain and ICO are the hot topics. Investors are throwing millions of dollars to anyone that posts a quick website and publishes a vague white paper related to the topic. Blockchain copyright protection may seem like a bulletproof solution for creative professionals to secure the […]

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Last week your challenge was antiques or old things. So let’s change it up and do the opposite this week.

I photographed my new Fuji X00F when I first got it.

Weekly Photography Challenge – New Things

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Sony recently released their newest full frame camera, available in April 2018 (at the time of this writing), the Sony a7 III. There’s been a lot of talk about it – let’s take a look at a few hands-on field... more

I am not going to bore you with the how and why I was able to get my hands on a $5,000 iMac Pro for a few weeks. Lets just say I’m glad that Ive already had my firstborn, otherwise I think Id be delivering him to someone else. Lets start with the packaging – […]

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