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Its not surprising when camera companies hire photographers to pitch their products. But photographers have also been enlisted to sell other types of products; the result of Madison Avenue trying to romanticize the occupation, even though the reality often fails to meet the expectation. Nowadays photographers are more likely to spend the majority of their […]

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An ultrawide angle lens is often the best friend of a landscape photographer. But sometimes it can be advantageous to take a slightly different approach. In this video, photographer Nigel Danson shows the benefits of shooting landscapes with a 70-200mm f/2.8 in the beautiful landscape of Scotland’s Glencoe. While I do often shoot landscapes myself […]

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The announcement of Lightroom CC has been stealing all the thunder when it comes to Lightroom over the last few weeks. At the same time, however, Adobe made some changes and additions to the Lightroom you and I have been using (now called Lightroom Classic). There aren’t many changes, but they are very significant, so let’s take a look.

Changes to Lightroom Classic

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Many photographers use Instagram nowadays to showcase their work. But if you need some inspiration and boost to your photographic skills, Instagram can be a good place to get it. Joe Allam shares a couple of tips for making the most of Instagram to get inspired and improve your photography. 1. Use it for location […]

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Fuji are finally starting to see some flash love recently. Earlier this year Godox updated their X1T triggers to add Fuji support (amongst others), and just yesterday, Adorama put the Fuji (and Sony) versions of the new XPro up for pre-order (no news on when they’ll ship, though). Now, Broncolor are getting in on the […]

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The new Sony RX0 action camera was announced earlier this year. 4K HDMI output, 1080p at up to 1,000fps, wireless timecode sync for multiple cameras, and a 1 sensor made it a serious competition to GoPro. Kai Wong got his hands on one of these, and in his latest video, he compares it to the […]

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Perhaps you remember that police in the Netherlands was training eagles to take down drones out of the sky. Fortunately, they have finally decided to shut the program down. This controversial program caused a lot of concern among animal activists, who were wondering how harmful it was to the animals. After nearly two years, the […]

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If I read about one more workshop or program or seminar about How to Succeed in Business, my eyes are going to start bleeding. People, its simple. Really simple. Ive got it for you in 7 tough love steps. 1. Care No, not just carecare A LOT. Care so much that you become obsessed with […]

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Weve already seen some splendid work of L.A. photographer Mitchel Wu. Whether its Kermit the Frog or the Toy Story crew, Mitchels photos are always humorous and they put the toys in all kinds of silly situations. For this article, the photographer has prepared a special treat for all the Star Wars fans out there. […]

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So this is an interesting idea I haven’t seen before. Called the Memistore, it’s an SD card “wallet”, ofsorts. But it’s not like any others I’ve seen. This is a small unit that sits either in your camera’s hotshoe or screws into the tripod socket. The Memistore is being funded through Kickstarter. and has only […]

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