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Sometimes, in a flood of images on social media, you see one that just stands out. This is the case with a surreal and dreamy photo Tami Bandel Itzhak has recently posted in one of Facebook groups I follow. Us at DIYP liked it, and we wanted to know more about it. So, we got […]

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If youre looking for a high-quality, sharp lens with fantastic bokeh, vintage lenses can be a great option. They can give you images of great quality, yet you can buy many of them at very affordable prices. In this video, Mathieu Stern compares three vintage lenses for shooting portraits: Konica 40mm f/1.8, Porst 50mm f/1.4, […]

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It is forbidden to fly drones near airports, and if you do it, you can cause a huge chaos. However, there are still people who don seem to care about it, and they keep flying their drones near airports and even near airplanes. Like this dude, who flew his drone dangerously close to an airplane […]

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Today lets talk about one of the final processes of creating an artful image. Lets talk about THE LOOK. This refers to the overall feeling your images projects to a viewer. This look is often created during post-production here in the digital age, or it can be created in camera. Either way, the final look and feel of your image are just as important as all the technical requirements that went into the initial exposure.

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Earlier this year, Sigma announced nine Art lenses with native Sony E mount. Jason Vong tested three of them and compared them to native Sony counterparts in terms of sharpness, AF performance for photo and video, and form factor. Jason visited Anime Expo and shot some videos and stills in this lens shootout, testing the […]

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Nikon has recently announced Coolpix P1000, a compact camera with insane 125x optical zoom. In case you were wondering what it looks like to zoom in that far on a compact camera, Mr Jayanta has filmed a couple of videos that demonstrate it. Youll be able to check out the stability and autofocus of the […]

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Back in January, during CES in Las Vegas, a strange object appeared on the Kodak stand. The Kodak KashMiner, the “Powerful Bitcoin Miner”. The idea was that people would be able to rent this machine for around $3,400, and then customers would be able to keep a portion of any Bitcoins it generated. Spotlite, who […]

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Stacking raw files isn’t anything new. We’ve been able to do it in Photoshop for years. But doing it in Photoshop requires some legwork. If you’ve got moving subjects in your shots, you need to mask things out, which can take a lot of time depending on the shot. Kandao’s new Raw+ software, however,figures it […]

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If you need a green screen for your projects, you can DIY it. But if the road takes you to Yekaterinburg, you can just get out on the street and there it is a large public green screen to help creators make special effect movies. Would you use a public green screen? Photo: @loskutovphoto […]

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Were all witnessing the times when its become more important to capture a perfect Instagram photo from your vacation than actually enjoying the travel. Off The Grid is a project that wants to change this trend. Theyll take you on a fun trip, and you can choose attractive locations all over the world. But theres […]

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