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Last week, South African photographer Graeme Williams was surprised to see one of his iconic images at Johannesburg art fair credited to someone elses name. American artist Hank Willis Thomas took Williams photo, altered it, and exhibited it as his own work. And it was being sold for $36,000: 30 times more than the highest […]

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The division of Nikon in Brazil has officially ended its activities in this country. After announcing the closing of all e-commerce operations last year, Nikon has now left the Brazilian market. The only option for the customers is now buying gear on the gray market. According to the announcement on Nikon Brazils website, all the […]

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There are different ways to modify studio lights and adapt them to your shooting needs. In this video, Manny Ortiz compares three popular modifiers: a beauty dish, a softbox,and an umbrella. He uses all three in the studio to show you what to expect from them and how to use them to achieve a nice, […]

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Popular iPad Pro photo editing app Affinity Photo has just seen a pretty significant update. The updates and new features are theresult of direct feedback from users. Serif, the company behind the app, says that there are now over a quarter of a million Affinity Photo for iPad users worldwide. They also say that this […]

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The 85mm lens is the to-go lens of many portrait photographers. In this video, Matt Granger compares seven 85mm lenses from different manufacturers and with a huge difference in price. They are all between f/1.2 and f/1.8, and the prices go between $99 and $4,500. These are the lenses Matt tested in the shootout, from […]

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Most of us photographers struggle with our creativity. As time goes on you’ll likely experience fewer moments of passionate inspiration and longer periods of hard work and creative dryness.

It was during a period of creative dryness in my photography business that I discovered a whole breed of photographers who had been able to express their creativity in surprising ways.

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Coloured filters have been popular amongst black & white film photographers for decades. Typically, these are blue, red, orange, yellow and green. They help to increase contrast in skies and reduce theappearance of blemishes on skin, but are they still useful today with black & white digital? That’s what photographerDavid Bergman explores in this video. […]

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Birds are beautiful animals to look at and are graceful in flight. However, it can be challenging to photograph birds due to their fast-moving nature.

Here are 5 methods to help you capture better bird photos.

1) Go Wild

Have you ever wondered where to find birds and which are the best places to photograph them? My first tip is to seek out locations where you can photograph birds in the wild.

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Manual exposure. It’s probably the scariest term out there for new camera owners. Stepping out of automatic or semi-automatic exposure modes for the first time can be a daunting task. When you’ve only ever shot in the automatic modes, understanding the manual and the exposure triangle can be difficult to wrap your head around. Well, […]

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If you’ve been working in Hollywood lately and noticed a piece of equipment disappearing here and there, it might currently be in Argentina. Sky News reports that a huge haul estimated to be worth around $3 million has been discovered in Argentine as part of a cooperative investigation by the FBI, US Police, US Embassy […]

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