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Camera transitions are part and parcel of video editing. At some point, you’re just going to have to cut from one shot to another. But there are many different ways you can make this cut. It can be as simple as it sounds – a straight cut – but you can also make it more […]

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In January current year, DxoMark split from DxO Labs and according to recent rumors, another big change is about to come inside DxO Labs. As some sources state, the company is about to go into receivership, although the reasons are still unfamiliar. Someone noticed on Canon Rumors forum that DxO Labs is going into receivership. […]

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If youre in search of sound effects, heres something great coming from the BBC. Their library of more than 16,000 sound effects is now available, and you can download anything you like for free. The library contains 16,016 sounds and its easily searchable. You can search by term and arrange the results by description, category, […]

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  Like most couples, Matthew and Jazmine Gallegos from Albuquerque hired a wedding photographer to preserve the memories of their big day. However, the couple claims that they were left without their photos, as the photographer disappeared from the internet and blocked them on social media. They are now speaking up to warn others of […]

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We all love some good photography hacks, and what better than some for portraits. Photography is such a great and fun artistic journey and there is always something new to try, or rather, buy. However, taking great portraits can be done with these five hacks that won’t break the bank. Most of these hacks can be made using household items or you can find them at your local craft stores for a quarter of the price.

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As a photographer, you always have the urge to buy new equipment thinking it will bring you better results. This might be true, but only up to a certain point, because if you dont have the knowledge you cant make the most out of your equipment. I started with a Nikon D3200 and I use it to this day because, in my opinion, its not the equipment that is going to help me take better photos.

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Years ago I had a Flickr account – I didn’t use it much and it languished in oblivion until at some point Flickr deleted it. I didn’t really give it a second though – I kind of thought of Flickr as a place newbies post snapshots of flowers and sunsets. All the cool photographers used […]

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Freelensing is one of the strongest and most underutilized tricks in the macro photographers toolkit. It can add diversity to a portfolio, andwhen used carefullygenerates some truly stunning effects. In this article, I will cover the basics of freelensing, and discuss how it can be used to enhance your macro photographs.

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Freelensing is a technique that can be used with any camera that accepts interchangeable lenses. You detach the lens from the camera and... more

Most photographers who do any kind of event photography (including corporate or weddings) need to find ways to automate aspects of their photographic workflow. This is because events usually generate a lot of images. There are many ways to automate your workflow. This article will describe a technique for speeding up your workflow using Photoshop Droplets and Actions (rather than Lightroom).

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Here is something we did not see coming. SmugMug, a photo management company, just bought Flickr, one of the foundationpillars of online photo sharing. The purchase amount remains unknown, as well as the other terms of the deal. Alastair Jolly, Global Marketing Manager for SmugMug tells DIYP that “Through this acquisition, SmugMug will now extend […]

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