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The Kodak Ektachrome E100 film is finally being shipped to distributors worldwide, and some of us cant wait to get our hands on a few rolls of it. Photographer Peter Guttman was lucky to be one of the few beta testers of the film, and he kindly shared with DIYP some of the images he […]

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Should you switch from APS-C to full-frame? Or perhaps shoot large format? Does it matter? What will it change? Ah, so many questions. In this video, Jay P. Morgan and Kenneth Meryl have decided to test four sensor sizes side by side and give you the answers. They shot with a large format, a full-frame, […]

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Dynamic range is a topic that always comes up every time a new camera is released. But what is dynamic range? How do our cameras see it? And why does it matter? In this video, John Hess at Filmmaker IQtakes a deep dive into the top of dynamic range. Essentially, the dynamic range of a […]

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Mitchell K is not only a brilliant photographer, but also creates the most engaging videos of his travels. This one is no exception, and whilst a little longer than the videos we normally share, it’s an engaging, informative and inspiring lesson from Mitchell on how to get better photos at festivals and celebrations.

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Our world is a magical place filled with beauty. Following the Great Silk Road, photographer Alex Pflaum ended up in Bulunkul, the coldest town of Central Asia and one of the most remote places in the world. He had a Leica Sofort camera with him and used it in two best possible ways: to tell […]

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New cameras get a lot of hassle over their autofocus systems. Either it doesn’t have Eye AF, or it isn’t dual pixel or it’s not phase detection. But what do all of these things mean? And I don’t just mean what are the technical differences, but how and why does this matter in the real […]

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The guys over at The Film Look have posted a lot of great videos in their time, filled with some really good advice and tips. And this one is no different. Here, they offer up 24 tips, tricks and hacks for you to use or think about in your next film project. And unlike many […]

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If you are a retoucher and have not already upgraded to Photoshop 2019, just don’t! at least until thefollowing bug is fixed. It seems like the latest Photoshop update to Photoshop CC 2019 broke some layer blending modes or at least the Color blending mode. Color layer blending mode should replace the hue and saturation […]

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The AF features of Fujifilm X-T3 are pretty impressive, judging from the tests so far. But it doesnt only work well with native lenses: the X-T3 nails focus even with a 600mm lens paired with a Fringer adapter. In this video from Fringer, check out how well the Fujifilm XT-3 performs even with a non-native, […]

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Photographing a group of people on large format wet plate needs a lot of power. Even with a relatively wide f/5.6 aperture, with an ISO of around 0.5 that still needs a lot of light. How much light? Well, around 7500 watt-seconds to be precise. That’s how much power photographerMarkus Hofsttter used for this group […]

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