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Some people have all the fun…somethingI’ve never really ever been accused of. But, that’s not the case for photographer and Yale MFA graduateVictoria Hely-Hutchinson. In what is probably one of the most epic About pages I have ever seen, Victoria wastes no time withthe usual BS about awards and accolades and exhibits. Who really cares [...]

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Finding the perfect camera bag is achallenge in today’s world where every bag style is possible. From messenger bags to belt packs to purses, there are many different camera bags out there to tickle your fancy. While the trend recentlymaybe minimalist and compact, I’d like you to consider for a moment the exact opposite – a large, yet highly versatile, camera backpack known as the... more

Technology is great. But it can also make us its slave.

For instance, TTL flash is pretty good at solving lighting problems on the run. (See, McNally? I'm open-minded...) But those problems existed long before we had TTL flashor TTL exposure metering, for that matter.

And yet, we solved them on a regular basis. Even without feedback on the backs of our cameras. Or... more

It has been my experience that most people are cordial when they see you trying to capture a photo. They may pause until you are done or ask if you are taking a shot at the moment or apologize if they feel they accidentally walked into frame. Then again, I live in a place where [...]

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Today, in this digital age, your job isnt done once youve taken the photos, youre really only halfway there. You need to edit your photos. Luckily, using Adobe Lightroom, combined with some really high-quality presets, you can instantly start getting amazing results, rather than spin your wheels being frustrated trying to edit your photos.

But first what is a Lightroom preset?

A Lightroom preset is simply a collection of photo edit settings inside of Lightroom that are bundled... more

If you thought that you need some fancy software to shoot the Milky Way, think again. PhotographerMichael Shainblum (previously) shares a Lightroom only tutorial on how to edit a stunning night sky Milky Way Photo. This photo was taken at Joshua Park usingaSony A7S with aNikon 14-24 lens with a 20 seconds exposure atISO 12,800, [...]

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There are always reasons to go watch some Simpsons or stare at Facebook. That little voice in your head will give you all of them just when it’s time to work on your photography. We disagree. 1. I don’t have the time Some people say that they don’t have time to learn new techniques, but [...]

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Up until not too long ago having a complete system made with SSDs was not really a practical option for the most photographers. I mean the highest capacity SSD was 2TB and it was a hefty sum of $800, give or take a byte. But now, Samsung is in the process of manufacturing a huge256-gigabit [...]

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Two Canadian photographers, Peter Andrew and Derek Blais, have come up with a pretty awesome project.For their Point Blank Project, the two have been photographing a wide variety of handguns and turning them into really cool pieces of art after being inspired by the work of Robert Longo. All the shots are taken in similar [...]

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