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PhotographerMezame Shashin-kafromSingapore loves shooting action figures and also loves shooting themed pre-weddings. So how could he say no to this opportunity of shooting a pre-wedding session based on Star Wars. The couple saw one of Mezame’s previous themed shoots and approached him with the idea. Being a collector of action figures, Mezame came up with [...]

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After my public response to Taylor Swifts open letter to Apple, I didnt quite expect the phenomenal reaction it received. I knew it was provocative, I knew it was going to be risky and could possibly harm my chances of getting access to other concerts in future. but it needed to be said out [...]

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With latest US events about LGBT marriage, I suspected there would be an impact on the photography business (after all, someone shoots all those weddings, strigat or LGBT) and Florida basedBrentwood Photography were one of the firsts to take a hit as a photography business who supports gay marriage. They bounced pretty well though if [...]

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The magic of an instant

What is photography anyway? It is a fraction of a second of eternity that you try to capture, with better or worse technique, with deeper or shallower depth of field. But, in short, that’s all about photography, and it is this magic what makes photography an art. The essence of why many of us like photography, goes beyond what we can capture with our DSLR and show to others. It is the experience of the moment, and how one learns through the years to be aware of... more

The other day I was in the city and I was watching the clouds because they were moving so fast. It was a sign that bad weather was on the way, but I also knew the clouds would be a good opportunity to try some time lapse photography.

There are many ways of taking a series of images to use for time lapse photography. My camera was setup on a tripod and set to take a photo every five seconds over 10 minutes. In total 120 images were taken, however that number is up to you. The... more

Entering Syria these days as a foreigner poses a serious risk and is hardly a recommended travel destination. With over 300,000 estimated casualties since the Syrian Civil War began in 2011, along with millions of others displaced, fleeing the country or left without sufficient food and drinking water, the war is the first and only [...]

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Self-employement can be great, but one of the worst parts about being in business for yourself is…well, being in business for yourself. So much more responsibility rests directly on you, and you almost literally hold the key to your success or failure. You are salesman, accountant, receptionist, customer service representative, coffee fetcher…and, somewhere way down [...]

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There is absolutely nothing that says you have to stop playing with paper and scissors when you become an adult. I mean, heck, you can now legally buy your own scissors, so why not! Adriana Napolitano is pretty much the Edward Scissorhands of set design. “I started to create sets for stop motion videos,” she [...]

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Earlier I shared some images by photographers who braved the elements to take some bad weather images.

Where there is adversity, often there is opportunity. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, don’t run for cover so fast. Look for photography subjects everywhere. Wet pavement, puddles, reflections, wind blowing the trees, evil looking storm clouds over the horizon – all can make for... more

If you’re looking for a fun photography project this weekend, great times can always be had with lights, camera, and a little water splashing around your studio. Photographer Mark Richardson gives us a fairly simple tutorial for creating water splash images, particularly those involving a wine glass. Using AlienBees monolights with fast flash duration (not [...]

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