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Well, we knew it wouldn’t be long before 4K started to trickle down to lower end cameras. It’s been around in phones for years already. And even though plenty of DSLRs and mirrorless cameras still only shoot 1080p, point & shoots need to play catch up to compete. And here comes Canon with the SX740 […]

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After almost a decade of photographing weddings with Nikon cameras, we decided to trade our d750 cameras for the Sony a7III. Here are a few thoughts on how the process went and why we feel it was the right decision. Weve been shooting with Nikon cameras for a long time. Our first Nikon camera was […]

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We are announcing our second X-Pedition photo workshop, in Havana, Cuba for January 11-18, 2019.

A joint project of and Washington, D.C.-based Focus On The Story, X-Peditions are a shooting-intensive week centered at the intersection of journalistic photography and off-the-beaten-path travel.

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In case you haven’t noticed, smartphone cameras keep getting better and better. Not only do they take better still photos, but they also record high-quality video. Many latest generation smartphones are equipped with image stabilization, focus tracking, and the ability to shoot in 4K.

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Everybody’s going cross-platform. The latest to break out of the Nikon & Canon mould is Elinchrom. It’s not just a new trigger, though. All existing Elinchrom HS Transmitters can be updated to the newly renamed “Transmitter Pro” using the new firmware. This update allows for TTL, HSS and Hi-Sync (HS) functionality the new ELB 500 […]

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If you thought Google Glass was obnoxious and obvious, you’ve seen nothing yet. Meet OKO(yes, it’s on Kickstarter). Ok, maybe I’m being a little unfair. Actually, I quite like the concept of this, probably because I’ve been using my ZenFone 5 for more VR stuff lately, but it’s kind of a weird way to shoot […]

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A young photojournalist Jibon Ahmed recently posted a seemingly innocent photo of a couple sharing a kiss in the rain. The photo was taken at Dhaka University, and this image depicting love quickly went viral. However, it got the photographer in a whole lot of trouble. He was reportedly assaulted by other photographers shortly after […]

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Landscape photography by moonlight can provide a different way of producing wonderful and mesmerizing photographs in both color and black and white. The mood conveyed in moonlight photography can be quite different than in other lighting circumstances. Photographing by moonlight has its own set of challenges. But with a few setting and technique adjustments to […]

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I’ve been shooting these moody portraits lately and I thought about adding some creative overlays to a few to make them a little different and more interesting.

Here is a basic tutorial on how to add an overlay using Photoshop.Take your images from simple portraits (top) to textured backgrounds (above) above and finally to incorporating some surreal or artistic elements in the finished portraits (below).

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Nobody likes copycats, and nobody would suggest you to copy other peoples photos. However, there are some situations when copying other photographers work can be a good thing. Pierre Lambert has thought of some cases when being a copycat isnt all that bad. As a matter of fact, it can be good for your skills […]

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