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Moscow-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Veronica Ershova are known for some brilliant optical illusions. They have recently published their latest project titled Humiforms, which turns models into familiar objects using only makeup and simple props. Thanks to Veronicas marvelous makeup and Alexanders photography skills, the illusions were made entirely in-camera, and the final […]

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Ray Scott of Visual Art Photography Tutorials shows us a creative way of shooting macro photos with oil, water, and food coloring. It’s a simple process that yields a variety of artistic results that look totally psychedelic. You don’t need much for this project except for a few household items you already have. Apart from […]

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In the past few weeks, Instagram has been announcing a bunch of new features for its users. Today, they’ve unveiled yet another tool on Instagram Stories to provide Instagrammers an even more interactive experience. The emoji slider is a variation of the polling sticker for Stories that uses a sliding scale featuring an animated emoji. […]

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Fast-paced movement across the court or rink, cheering crowds, the thrill of the win (or agony of defeat). These are the myriad of elements waiting to be captured by your camera when you photograph a sports event.

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There’s been so much hype around the Tamron28-75mm. f/2.8 Di RXD lens since the beginning of the year, but now Tamron is saying that they can’t keep up with the demand. The new lens was supposed to start shipping on May 24th, but it will inevitably be delayed for many customers since the number of […]

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Even in the age of high-resolution cameras, it’s still quite difficult to fathom that anyone could create a terapixel image. But that’s precisely what the folks at GIGAmacro did at a SIGGraphConference in Vancouver, B.C. with an 80 plus-foot long mosaic as its subject. The resulting image is so big that if you were to […]

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It seems that the Canon will finally add 4K video to the G7X line in a Mark III refresh, if a post on Canon Rumors is to bebelieved. It’s been a long demandedfeature and the sole reason why many still choose to go with the Sony RX100 models over the G7X line for things like […]

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In this article, you’ll get five tips to help you find great locations for travel photography.

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The use of cell phones has truly changed the face of photography. All realms have been affected. Travel photography like all other genres has changed. Nowadays the world is so easily accessible through the internet, so many famous sites have been shot over and over again. Google the Eiffel Tower and millions of images will pop up.

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When shooting in low light, you need to either shoot at long exposures on a tripod or crank up the ISO if you want to shoot handheld. A group of researchers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and Intel are bringing the best of both worlds. Theyve trained AI to process low-light images so theyre […]

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As well as the recent announcement of a new 60mm f/2 macro lens, Yongnuo have a new listing on their website for a YN43 camera module. But it’s a strange looking little unit. There’s no specifications listed on the Yongnuo website yet, but it appears to contain a Micro Four Thirds sensor. The name “YN43” […]

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