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Do you find it difficult to make photographs which stand out and truly resonate with the people who view them? Let me share with you three key ways you can practice that will change your photographic experience and will assist you in making more dynamic photos.

Two Kayan friends share a joke in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Asia.

1. Know your subject don’t just know about them

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Wireless charging seems to be the big thing with portable devices right now. There are various phones and tablets out there that support it, and as the technology evolves, companies are looking to see what other items can utilise it. Canon seems to think that cameras are one such possible device. At least if this […]

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Optical illusions are awesome. Sometimes it takes a proper angle, light, or some help from Photoshop to make them and create a fascinating effect. But other times, a single photo is enough to play with your mind. When you look at these two images, you see two different photos taken at a different angle, right? […]

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Like all industries, photography has its jargon, and most photographers dont even think about the words they use on a daily basis. Photographers Tony and Chelsea Northrup discuss some of the most common photography-related terms and suggest that they are stupid. They suggest replacement terms which would sound more logical. When you think about it, […]

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No matter how good the equipment we use to record audio, there’s always some room for improvement. Of course, we have to record it properly, eliminate background noise, echo, ground hum and pre-amp hiss, but there’s more to it than that. High-end voiceovers just have a feel about them that isn’t just a plain old […]

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Peter Lik is one of the bestselling and the most successful landscape photographers in the world. But one of his recent photos has sparked a serious discussion about how much it was photoshopped. In their recent video and article, the guys from FStoppers wonder if photo titled Moonlit Dreams can possibly be real. From their […]

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Photoshop’s Blend If sliders are wonderfully useful and powerful tools. They allow us to seamlessly blend two images together with ease, or knock out elements of our images completely. But, they’re not without their quirks. One of those quirks is kind of a double-edged sword. The perk, and problem is that it takes adjustments you […]

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The dual camera system is still relatively new and its mainly integrated into high-end phones. However, Samsung will soon enable dual camera features even in cheaper smartphones. The company has introduced ISOCELL Dual image sensors and proprietary software for achieving bokeh effect and low light shooting. Ben K. Hur, vice president of System LSI marketing […]

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The choice of camera lens always represents a crucial moment for every photographer. But it is not always easy to find the lens that fits our actual needs, as too often we get seduced by features that we dont really need, and are therefore just useful in raising the price.

Have you chosen a stabilized lens and you always use the camera on a tripod? You exclusively take landscape photos in the daylight but have chosen to rely on a f/2.8 lens. Sound familiar?

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There are so many options for exposure tools available to us these days. Gone are the days of having to guestimate with the Sunny 16 and similar rules. Now we can know with almost absolute certainty that we’ll get the shot we want before we’ve even hit the shutter or started recording video. This video […]

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