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We’ve all experienced how sensationalism can sometimes mire legitimate news stories, and we have plenty of examples out there. Just yesterday, there was a news segment on Today that showed just how easy it is for people to spy on you in your own house using “peeping drones.” Although the reporter offers some legitimate points, […]

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Youll often hear that its important to find your unique style if you want to be a successful photographer or filmmaker. But Matti Haapoja argues that being completely unique is impossible. In spite of it, he believes you can still develop your own style and be a successful creative. Sounds odd, doesnt it? Well, it […]

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Whether it’s spring where you live or fall, it’s always a good time for a picnic!And what better way to cap it off than by taking some photos as well for this week’s photography challenge.

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Sigma’s new 70mm f/2.8 DG Macro Art lens got a lot of people excited. At least, a lot of Canon, Sony and Sigma shooters. Finally, a macro lens with the build and optical quality of the other Art series lenses. And it was one of the lenses coming in a new native Sony E-Mount. Finally, […]

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Looking at the new Panasonic Lumix DC-TS7 reminds me a lot of my high school days before GoPro was even around. Waterproof point-and-shoot cameras were cool back in the mid-2000s, but is this newest point-and-shoot offering by Panasonic still worth buying today? With afew new features such as 4K video, optical image stabilization, built-in wifi […]

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It seems the fakes are out in force again at the moment. I’ve seen a number of posts across Facebook and other social media where people have ordered SanDisk and other SD cards only to receive counterfeit cards. These days, we need to be vigilant with memory cards. Memory cards are made to varying degrees […]

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Okay so you’ve got a new camera and want to learn some camera basics, these two video tutorials will give you a hand. Or perhaps you’ve been shooting for a while and want to get off Auto mode – this applies to you as well.

Camera Basics

In this first video, Peter McKinnon explains the three parts of the exposure triangle in an easy to understand format.


Understanding Exposure

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Filmmaker Daniel DeArco is big fan of DIY. If you follow his social media, you’ll see that he comes up with all kinds of self-built solutions to overcome the challenges he faces in his productions. Not all of these projects are to solve a technical problem, though. Sometimes it’s for visual effect. And in this […]

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If you want to get professional in any genre of photography, you need to invest in some good lenses. And if food photography is your genre of choice, Skyler Burt of We Eat Together has some tips for you. He shares four of his favorite lenses that will help you capture all that delicious food […]

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As we all know, lenses can be pretty expensive, and a good way to save some cash is buying them used. To help you make the best choice, Artur Fin shares five things to look out for when buying a used lens. These tips will help you to make sure that you spend less money, […]

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