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Just over two weeks ago, during PhotoPlus Expo, Sigma announced a new super wide super fast prime lens was on the way. The 16mm f/1.4 DC DN Contemporary lens for Sony APS-C and Micro Four Thirds cameras. With users of both formats crying out for super fast wide glass, this was very welcome news. Well, […]

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Street photography is an interesting genre of photography. In some ways it sees quite simple – all you need is a camera lens and your own two feet to do it. Yet in other ways, it can be quite hard and complicated.

  • How can you keep moving subjects in sharp focus?
  • Do you even want to do that?
  • How do you approach people to photograph them?
  • What if you get in trouble?
  • Do you need a model or another kind of release?
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We just posted about a particularly well made iPhone X video yesterday, profiling French dessert makerElise Lepinteur. While it is a very nice and polished final product, the phone had a little assistance from sliders, gimbals and 3rd party lenses. In this video, though, fromMatteo Bertoli Visuals, we see the iPhone X footage completely unassisted, […]

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Creating stop-motion animations requires a lot of patience, and of course creativity and skill. Weve featured quite a lot of them, in short films and music videos. And now, Ive stumbled upon a great collection from Swedish artist Alexander Unger. Alex is a sculptor, but he creates stop motion animations in his free time. […]

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On Wednesday, Eastman Kodak Co. announced that they are cutting 425 jobs due to a large financial loss in the third quarter of 2017. Compared to the same period last year, the companys revenues were down 8 percent. So, they decided to lay off about 7 percent of their overall workforce, hoping this will help […]

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Photography scams are not uncommon. New ones seem to be appearing regularly, and old ones just never seem to die off. Usually, they’re in the form of an email or a text message. They offer to overpay you,then request that you pass along payment to some other vendor. You do so, their cheque bounces, and […]

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You can adjust the tonality of the photos using either Levels or Curves. But how to know which to use? And what are the differences anyway? Unmesh Dinda a.k.a.PiXimperfectshares a video about the differences between these two tools. He uses an interesting analogy, comparing them with different types of calculators. So if youre wondering what […]

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Street photography is a great way to get out taking pictures, even in your own city. There is always something interesting you can find doing this kind of photography. Here are some videos to help you out with your street photography and taking better photos.

Street Photography for Beginners

In this video, Josh Katz gives some very practical tips on doing street photography including camera settings, and how to find good subjects. Even if you’re not new to street photography there... more

Cinema lenses are usually much more expensive than the corresponding still lensed. So, you may have second thoughts about whether you should or shouldnt invest in them for your video project. After all, you can even take a cinematic video with your phone, right? Caleb Wojcik and Greg Farnum discuss the differences and give you […]

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Most photographers nowadays capture aerial photos and videos with a drone. But Los Angeles-based photographer Jin-Woo Prensena prefers being up there personally. This daredevil photographer dangles from a helicopter, suspended over 7,500 feet from the ground. No matter how scary it may look, its totally worth it, since his photos are spectacular. Now, Prensena doesnt […]

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