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A year ago, I called out Yongnuo for not being able to keep up with Godox. Their flashes seemed to have stalled in development and they had randomly switched from making inexpensive, but not completely terrible, speedlights to cheapcopycat lenses. Now, though, it looks like they’re trying to break into the camera market. Yongnuo has […]

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Here is an eye candy for any of you who are going to acostume party this Halloween. Photographer Bryan Troll built a full body Nikon camera custom. That alone was kind of impressing (and by kind of I mean extremely), but he did not stop there. The camera is fully functional with a strobe, “real” […]

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As you advance with your photography, you may want to edit your photographs with more precise control. In this article, I discuss how to use Lumenzia Luminosity Masking Panel to easily edit sections of your image using Luminosity Masks in Adobe Photoshop.

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The SD card market seems to be hotting up, and getting pretty competitive (and fast!). With Lexar seemingly back, ProGrade taking square aim at the high-end market, and SanDisk & Sony releasing new cards boasting big numbers like there’s no tomorrow, who really is the fastest these days? That’s what the folks at Camera Memory […]

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We are witnessing the rapid improvement of smartphone cameras (and more of them being added to each new phone that gets launched). But have we come to the point where smartphone cameras can take better photos than full-frame DSLRs? Tyler Stalman tested the iPhone XR against the Canon 5D Mark IV. And when it comes […]

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The Canon EOS R was cause for some internal controversy here at Kolari Vision. After all, were in the middle of The Great Mirrorless Camera War. Tensions are bound to rise,turning brother against brother, camera tech against cameratech, and photographer against photographer. Despite this, I will do my best to describe the form factor and […]

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A tripod is an essential piece of equipment for a landscape photographer. Sure, you won’t always need to use it. But you’ll find yourself in situations whereit can help you capture a high-quality image you wouldn’tbe able to getotherwise.

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When Conny told me about the brand new Retouching Toolkit 3.0, it almost felt too good to be true. Can you imagine having a more modular version of Photoshop? I wish it was like this out of the box. Since it isnt, Conny had to go and make it and thank goodness he did. Its […]

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I thought that I cant think of a better Halloween costume for a photographer than a huge camera. But Yohei Shimada took it to a higher level: his Halloween costume is a working Canon DSLR that takes actual photos. Shimada goes by name @cameraaman on Twitter, where he shared a couple of photo of his […]

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When you shoot with artificial lighting, you have all the control over it. But, theres a lot to have in mind if you want to get your shots just the way you want them. In this informative video, Joanie Simon of The Bite Shot discusses the three most important things that you should always keep […]

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