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You have probably seen out of focus cityscape bokeh photos with pleasing lights, like the photo below. The term bokeh comes from the Japanese word boke, which can be translated as blur. You should be familiar with bokeh effect that is typically seen in portrait photography where a shallow depth of field is used to purposefully throw the background out of focus (i.e. bokeh) and draw attention solely to the subject.

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I often find myself knee-deep into editing a photo when an idea hits me to try something totally different. Maybe it’s exploring different cropping options, creating a black-and-white version, or getting crazy with the adjustment brush. One useful feature of a Lightroom editing workshop is that it gives you the flexibility to explore as many different paths as you want for a picture. While always giving you the freedom to jump back to different editing points or start over entirely.... more

Hey, I’m back with another self-development article (the room empties haha)…wait! This you need to hear. Last time I discussed the secret ingredients to achieving your dreams. Well to consistently do this you need to make sure you are taking care of both your body and your mind. Everyone has heard the old saying healthy […]

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On 31 May, Gorillaz published a video for their song Humility. But photographer Jairo Melara discovered something in it. After watching the video, he realized that it contains a look and feel that is very similar to his photo shoot from two years earlier. A bit too similar. Melara shoot for a Los Angeles-based company […]

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While a university student, author Shubnum Khan signed a model release in exchange for professional portraits as a part of a project by photographer XX billed as The 100 Faces Shoot. Unbeknownst to her at the time, the photographer started licensing the images as stock photography, and Khans visage started to appear in advertisements around […]

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I did portraits and weddings as commissioned work for years. To this day, people photography is still my favorite thing to do. So, whether you’re into travel, street, or full-on portrait photography you can practice your people skills with this week’s photography challenge.

Natural light portrait,taken in Turkey.

If you need some tips and help getting started, try these dPS articles:

The other day, I posted on here about The Standard 4×5 large format 3D printed camera. I was a little sceptical about The Standard at first until I saw that the project files would be released into the open source world upon completion of the campaign and deliveries to backers. Now, another new 3D printed […]

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In this 7-minute video, photographerCraig Becktahas 5 tips that will help improve your portrait photos drastically.


#1 Use Off-Camera Flash

“The larger the light source and the closer it is to your subject, the softer the light,” says Beckta. He also prefers to use round softboxes, as it creates a round catchlight similar to that which you can expect from the sun.

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There are times when your photos can get an unnatural-looking color cast. You can fix it in post and fine tune it so it looks more natural. In this video from Adobe Creative Cloud, youll learn howtoneutralize unwanted color cast in only a couple of clicks, in literally a few seconds. Start by opening the […]

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Sennheiser’s new Memory Mic is a wireless microphone designed for smartphones. We saw it teased at NAB earlier in the year, and it does look like a pretty cool piece of microphone tech. It connects via Bluetooth but keeps recording without dropping even if you go out of range of the phone. And if the […]

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