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Drones can cause quite a mess when flying near airports, and theres even a visualization demonstrating just how chaotic it gets up in the sky. Still, some drone pilots dont give up on performing stunts dangerously close to airplanes and airports. Just recently, a drone operator dive-bombed a passenger airplane and flew directly in its […]

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When creating an HDR or High Dynamic Range photo, you typically need three or more images taken at different exposures (bracketed) to create one stunning image. But given the high dynamic range of today’s digital cameras, do you still need to shoot bracketed images to achieve the HDR look? In this article, I’ll show you how you can achieve HDR effects from a single image using... more

There’s word coming out of serial leakers Nokishita that Sigma is getting ready to announce a new lens. And if what they say is true that will be a 14-24mm f/2.8DG HSM Art lens. After the introduction of the 24-70mm f/2.8 DG OS HSM Art lens last year, it would be nice to see that […]

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Colour grading is such a complicated and in-depth topic. Sure, you can cheat and buy some preset pack from somewhere, but you gain so much more when you learn to understand colour and its nuances. Then you can create your own grades and get them just the way you want. That’s the point of the […]

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With Space Oddity playing in the background, SpaceXs Falcon Heavy has made a successful launch on 6 February from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The live stream was reportedly followed by more than three million people, and this historic launch is the hottest news all over the world. In case youve missed the live stream, […]

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The photos of Super Blue Blood Moon have been all over the internet in the past couple of days. Destin Sandlin fromSmarter Every Daytook some shots too, and he captured a phenomenon that got him utterly confused. Destin and his friend Trevor Mahlmann shot the moon aligned with Saturn 5 rocket in Alabama, USA. As […]

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Theres nothing quite like waking up to the winters first snow covering the landscape. Its an amazing transformation that affects everything from light and sound to mood. Whether youre interested in nature photography, abstract photography, or portraits, winter is a fantastic time to do something different!

Snow offers a lot to the willing photographer. The unique light, the brilliance of the white, the refreshed feeling you get when a fresh blanket of snow covers the ground, the... more

Lightroom is filled with little tricks that can help you speed up your workflow and make the editing process more efficient and accurate. If you use Lightroom to edit your photos, then you probably already know what its capable of. But photographer Chris Eyre-Walker shares some of the lesser-known features you might not have heard […]

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A few months ago a girl came in to apply for a social media position at my last job. I was one of three photographers at the company and we had an opening for another photographer position. She mentioned to the HR recruiter that she also does photography. The HR guy comes and grabs me […]

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While DxOMark isn’t infallible, it does offer some great insight into overall trends as technology evolves. DxOMark have just posted a great reporton how far phone camera technology has come in the last six years since DxOMark started testing them. It’s not surprising that their numbers seem to marry up with real world experience, but […]

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