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There are times when your photos can get an unnatural-looking color cast. You can fix it in post and fine tune it so it looks more natural. In this video from Adobe Creative Cloud, youll learn howtoneutralize unwanted color cast in only a couple of clicks, in literally a few seconds. Start by opening the […]

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Sennheiser’s new Memory Mic is a wireless microphone designed for smartphones. We saw it teased at NAB earlier in the year, and it does look like a pretty cool piece of microphone tech. It connects via Bluetooth but keeps recording without dropping even if you go out of range of the phone. And if the […]

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This is one of those exercises that, while a little boring to do, can make those valuable lens investments worth so much more. Fortunately, it’s something that only takes about 10 or 15 minutes to do, and when it’s done, you’re all set. That exercise is finding the “sweet spot” of your lens. Essentially, figuring […]

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Ive always been a huge fan of the photographer Elliott Erwitt. His photography is sharp, often very funny and captures a sometimes silly, sometimes ridiculous part of our human experience.

His way of talking about photography is wonderful. He is a super pragmatic person who doesnt go in for all fuss of talking about photography as if its some kind of sacred experience.

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Light painting is one of those areas of photography that keeps surprising me.There’s always new tools and new techniques coming out that that make me wish I had the time or patience to learn how to do it myself. But for those that work at it, it looks well worth the effort, as these images […]

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Bogle family opened up their family sunflower farm to photographers on 20 July 2018. However, the mild boost to Bogle Seeds farm soon turned into zombie apocalypse, as the farm owner describes it. A few photos from the farm got viral on Instagram, which caused hordes of selfie-takers to invade the farm and cause lots […]

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When you photograph places popular with tourists, chances are youll have a lot of random people in your shots. And sometimes, it may happen that people you accidentally photograph share a very special moment while youre pressing the shutter. This happened to Col Stinson, who photographed an engagement of a couple he doesnt know. Now […]

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You wouldnt start cooking dinner and go to the supermarket each time you need an ingredient, that wouldnt be very efficient, right? For any activity you want to undergo in life its always best to have everything youre going to need before you start, dont you agree? With the Photoshop interface, it is the same.

You will be able to work more efficiently if you set up your workspace according to what you need right from the beginning.

The Photoshop Interface

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Even though many of us have transitioned away from using our phones to shoot video, they can still be valuable devices for audio. Over the last couple of years, I’ve regularly used various phones ass backup audio devices with a Rode smartLav+. But then Apple went and took the headphone jack away from iPhones. Of […]

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A new teaser released by Nikon for their new mirrorless camera suggests that they might be ditching the DSLR completely. It also offers a bit better look at the body & lens mount. It also suggests that the new mirrorless camera could be aimed squarely at professional users – which would make a lot of […]

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