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Its not a secret that Instagram stories were inspired by Snapchat. At the moment, Instagram is testing another Snapchatty feature: the app is now notifying some users when someone takes a screenshot of their story. Instagram hasnt rolled out the feature for all users yet, as it’s still in the test phase. As The Verge […]

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Anybody who shoots video or timelapse knows that the key to getting great shots often involves camera movement. This is why sliders and dollies are so popular. Almost every timelapse shooter or filmmaker I know owns one. Of course, they’re not cheap. So lots of people have come up with ingenious ways to build their […]

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There are different schools of thought when it comes to black and white photography. Some believe it was a technical limitation of the past that you need to get over and move on. While others see it as a creative choice, that needs to be explored in great depths.

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I find the rebirth of film to be absolutely fascinating to watch. No longer are they merely the tools we need to do our jobs. They’re something more than that now. They’re a passion. People are using them because they want to, and not because they have to. And that’s why I find it so […]

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Weve seen photographers training AI to take memorable photos. Prosthetic Photographer is a project which goes the other way around: it uses AI to train photographers, with an interesting twist. Other than AI, this gizmo uses electric shocks to make a person take good photos. The Prosthetic Photographer is a project by Peter Buczkowski, and […]

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Not long ago, one of Peter Lik’s moon photos caused quite a stir.The community called him out for photoshopping the image, and Jared Polin has received the confirmation from Lik’s team. Yes, Moonlit Dreams is officially a composite. As the debate over the photo was heating up, Jared contacted Liks studio for confirmation. After a […]

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Photography is the art of capturing light. In many instances, harnessing the light and properly exposing a scene means controlling it first. This is necessary for many landscape scenes where contrast is high. You have likely seen high contrast many times: a sunset with dark foreground elements, a church with deep shadows, or a moonrise over a snow-filled background. Each of these situations (and manyothers like it) will present a challenge for you to overcome.

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When I mention that one of my favorite subjects to photograph is foggy surfaces, I get a few weird looks. To the uninitiated, the subject is an unusual one and most likely a boring one too. Photographers in-the-know furrow their brow, recalling the dreaded lens fog plaguing important shoot days and holidays photos.

Nevertheless, diffused glass is a beautiful and extremely diverse tool, great for adding an atmospheric layer to any image.

What is a foggy surface?

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Good news! This is actually a relatively easy JHP lighting setup to play with and it produces some pretty great looking results too. It’s easy to set up as you only need a couple of softboxes and this can be put together and shot in a very small space indeed; no studio required. Plus it […]

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Michael Herb is a commercial and editorial photographer from the States who in his own words says “Ive had an intense, deep-seated passion for art for as long as I can remember. I can find inspiration in everything and my imagination is endless. I challenge myself on every occasion. Im always learning, always improving, and […]

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