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Ever since the first triple camera phone was launched, it looks like the competition has started among smartphone manufacturers: whos gonna make a smartphone with more cameras? According to a recent report, LG is currently in the lead, at least in theory. The company is reportedly making a phone with 16 cameras. Not four, five, […]

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Photographer James Popsys recently fielded his audience for questions. One of them was asking what he believes is the worst habit a photographer can have. His answer, in a nutshell, is how photographers can, and often do, assign blame for their failures on everything but themselves. I have to say, I completely agree. It’s a […]

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Winter is a beautiful season to take photos. In order to capture the beauty that winter offers you’ll have to overcome cold temperatures for both you and your gear.

Here are seven tips that will help you protect your gear and take beautiful photos during the winter season.

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We have all seen stunning examples of underwater photos and videos. But other than buying an underwater housing and jumping into the water, there are some things you need to know before you start underwater shooting. In this video, Benny from Aputure shares seven things you must know before your first underwater project. Before everything […]

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To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the European Space Agency (ESA) has published the longest timelapse video ever recorded in space. Starting from Tunisia, the timelapse takes you to two whole trips around our home planet, and it took more than 21,000 photos to create it. The timelapse was created by Alexander Gerst, a German astronaut […]

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Earlier this month, photographer Nickolette Mottola visited a public park to take photos of her friends children. Despite being at a public property, an angry woman showed up and began screaming at everyone involved in the photoshoot. Her meltdown got everyone distressed, and apparently this wasnt the first time she did something like this. […]

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Amongst the various types of microphone that are available, a good shotgun microphone is probably my favourite. It’s certainly the type of microphone I use most often. Their design allows them to pick out very specific directional sounds while ignoring the rest of the world around them – at least, that’s the theory. You might […]

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I’ve bought a lot of used photography gear over the years. Mostly from the used sections of known retailers, but occasionally I’ll find something on eBay or in a Facebook group that looks like a great deal and piques my interest. And while most used gear deals online are genuine, there are a few unscrupulous […]

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When preparing for a family photo session, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Such as: making sure you know what time to meet, where you are going to do the shoot, and having all your gear handy. However, even the most seasoned family photographer can overlook some items from time to time though.

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At trade show Salon de la photo 2018 in Paris, French photography blog Mizuwari got to sit down with Nikon France Director of Marketing and Communication, Nicolas Gilletto talk about the new Nikon mirrorless cameras. Mizuwari transcribed the interview, where they talk about the f/1.4 limitation of the Nikon F mount, and how the new […]

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