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Alabama photographer Faith Grace was recently hired for a maternity photo shoot. But when her client discovered she is gay, she decided to fire her. As if it werent enough, Grace received pretty unpleasant text messages from the client, reading that she doesnt want her child to be influenced by people like her. 21-year-old photographer […]

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While some are still getting over the shock of Lightroom’s CC makeover, others are happily plodding along with the renamed Lightroom Classic. Some users have put off making the switch to new CC due to their familiarity with Classic, although some feel it simply lacks important features available with its older sibling. Some of those […]

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I don’t really shoot all that many landscapes, but I do shoot in landscape locations a lot. I photograph people in them. Being based in the UK, my biggest issue with location work, as much as I love it, is the weather. Specifically, the bad version. At least with human subjects, there are often alternative […]

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Wu Yongning, a famous Chinese rooftopper, was confirmed dead after failing at one of his recognizable stunts. The former movie stuntman attempted to hang off a 62-story building for a sponsored video. He was unable to climb back onto the roof, so has eventually lost his grip and fell down. 26-year-old Wu amassed millions of […]

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There can be a lot of beauty in everyday objects if you have enough imagination. Artist Adam Hillman sees the artistic potential in all sorts of everyday objects. He carefully arranges them into colorful and geometric patterns and takes their photos. This way, they become irresistible artworks, and you may find it hard to stop […]

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There are plenty of composition rules in filmmaking and photography. Of course, there are many reasons to follow them but there are often the reasons to break them, too. Nerris Nassiri from Aputure talks about five composition rules you should follow but also teaches you when and how you should break them. 1. Eye-level […]

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Ansel Adams is a photographer who is spoken about a lot. To many, especially landscape photographers, he’s a huge inspiration. Every snippet of information we see about his photographs or the man himself offers valuable insight. We learn more about who he was, how he worked, and his thought process. In this one hour and […]

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Make no mistake, this is, in fact, a review of the X4 Circular Polarizer from Breakthrough Photography. That being said, the entire subject requires a little bit of photographic geekiness in... more

Despite the recent difficulties, Kodak has launched a new product.Kodak Mini Shot is a new 10MP instant camera from this company, and its a crossover between a point-and-shoot, instant and toy camera. It allows you to print the images instantly, but also to post them to your Instagram feed as you take them. The Kodak […]

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Photographing huge gigs like those of acts like Bon Jovi is the dream of just about every would-be concert photographer. To go on tour with them, get exclusive behind the scenes access, and have millions of people see your work? Well, that’s just fantasy. For most of us, at least. But for photographer David Bergman, […]

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