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Sony has become rather popular for its video features over the last few years. But with the latest round of mirrorless cameras from Fuji, Nikon and Canon, we’re starting to see them lag a little behind. The new cameras from all three of those brands shoot 10Bit video (through HDMI, even if not all internally), […]

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Using a Graduated Neutral Density filter is fairly easy and doesnt require any advanced techniques in post-production but the easiest option isnt always the best choice; due to the filters transition being horizontal, anything above the distinction will be darkened and anything below will be left alone. This is a good solution when theres a […]

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If youre in the market for a new lens, it may be hard to decide whether to go for a third-party option, or stick with the same brand as your camera. The Sigma Art series has received a lot of praise, and photographer Julia Trotti put it to a test. She used the Sigma 85mm […]

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RED’s entry into the world of smartphones was supposed to be exciting. As one of the leaders in cinema cameras, everybody expected the RED Hydrogen One to be a magical video powerhouse of a phone. Now that they’ve started shipping, though, some customers aren’t quite so impressed with what they’ve received for their money. These […]

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There is an incredible array of color in our world, so it’s no wonder that it plays such a significant role in photography. However, have you ever considered narrowing your pallet down to just two colors? A duotone image is just that – an image made up of two individual tones. A duotone scheme can highlight subtle detail or boast a vivacious color combination that can make an image pop! Here’s how to make use of Photoshop’s Duotone tool to create a beautiful duotone... more

Normally I create photographs. This time, however, the final product is a video where you can follow the change of crystals/salts from the collodion wet plate process. I have started this project because at my workshops I am often asked what happens when developing, fixing or sensitizing the plates. Of course, I have often tried […]

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There are many different types of portraiture. Maternity is probably one type that is truly one-of-a-kind. Each maternity session is different, however, these tips will help you have the same approach to your sessions so they run smoothly from beginning to end.

Keep Posing Simple

When women get a maternity session photographed, they are usually between 7-9 months pregnant. As a photographer, you should know that a growing belly is tiring. Therefore, keep... more

  Well, this is interesting, if it turns out to be true. Canon Rumors says they’ve received a report that an upcoming Canon APS-C interchangeable lens camera is going to contain a Sony sensor. Specifically the Sony IMX571, a 26MP APS sized sensor destined for DSLRs – although it could go in a mirrorless, too. […]

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There are a lot of Lightroom tips & tricks videos out there, but they all seem to gloss over the same handful of things. A lot of the really useful stuff is missedbecause they’re so used to the software that they go on autopilot and do things without even thinking. So, when asked, they don’t […]

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The historic West Bottoms district of Kansas City is fighting back against photographers. They’ve been battling what seems to only be describable as a “swam” of photographers taking over the area for photo shoots. It’s a beautiful place, photographically speaking, so the draw for photographers is obvious. But these local business owners have had […]

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