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The first time I did light painting was by mistake. It was New Year’s Eve, it was cold and dark, my brother was holding a sparkler, and I was playing with my camera.

I was immediately fascinated by the result. Until then, I had always thought of and used photography as a way to capture what I saw. But there was a photo of something ephemeral I hadn’t perceived with my eyes but could see only thanks to the camera.

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Im a great fan of prime lenses. They are faster and sharper than zooms (at least the zooms that I can afford). Plus, they force me into being more creative and they bring out my problem-solving side, because they limit me with their fixed focal length. When I travel, I always bring them and pack […]

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Travel photography used to be one of the big earners in photography. These days, with as many people have a phone or camera in their pocket, half decent stock images of far-flungcorners of the world are all over the place. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can stand out when it comes to […]

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Lightroom is anything but intuitive for new photographers. Its multitude of panels, sliders, menus, and buttons are enough to make your head spin. But fortunately, there’s hope for even the most beleaguered beginner.

Amid all the options and icons is a single panel in the Develop module that can handle most of the basic editing tasks you are likely to need on any given image. Appropriately titled “Basic,” this one panel contains a plethora of sliders each with its own... more

I’ve not quite decided yet whether the Chroma Chrono is genius or a gimmick. It’s an interesting idea, a programmable RGB camera flash capable of putting out, apparently, 16 million colours. But is it really all that useful or practical? Possibly not surprisingly, the Chroma Chrono is currently being funded through Kickstarter. I can see […]

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Sony claims that they are now number 1 in full frame interchangeable lens camera sales in the USA, beating out both Nikon and Canon.Sony also says that within just the mirrorless market, they’ve held that top spot in both dollars and units for over 6 years. It seems may be well on track to become […]

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A week ahead of the official launch, Nikon has published another teaser of its upcoming mirrorless camera. This time, the short video puts focus on the lens. And from what we can see, it looks like the rumored Nikon Z-Noct-Nikkor 58mm f/0.95 might not only be a rumor. Just like the previous teasers, this one […]

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Hey, mom, what is going on here? Oh my goodness, let me take a look. THAT is you at 2 weeks of age. Why am I hanging from a tree in this one picture? Thats weird. And, holy shit, mom, Im in a nest of fire in this other one. Stephen, dont be ridiculous. You […]

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Musicians, magazines, fans, and record labels alike turn to skilled photographers to tell a story of a momentous performance and return unique concert photos.

Concert photographers are often on assignment for a publication that has sent them out to capture meaningful pictures that could very well go down in music history. Otherwise, music photographers are individually hired by the performing artists. Whatever brings you to the photo pit, your goal is to capture something... more

More often than not, it can be difficult to recognize and acknowledge ones personal improvement as a photographer. You may feel like youre stagnating, but you should take a closer look at your work and youll see that youre wrong. In this fantastic video, Mark Denney discusses five reasons that will prove to you that […]

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