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Photobombing can end up with some hilarious photos and videos. However, if it ruins your once-in-a-lifetime shot, I dont think youd feel like laughing. This is precisely what happened to a camera guy from The Weather Channel while he was shooting Georgia Domes implosion yesterday. And its sad and hilarious at the same time. As […]

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Turning your work into a brand is not an easy task, and it may seem overwhelming if youre just starting it out. In this episode of Chase Jarvis RAW, Chase Jarvis meets Ben Von Wong. Theyll share some tips and thoughts that could help all photographers wanting to build a brand and grow their business. […]

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Transitioning from one shot to the next in a video or film has a huge psychological effect on the viewer. It can be seamless showing an instantaneous switch from one viewpoint to another. Or, it can show the passage of time. They can be relaxing or jarring. It all depends on the feeling you want […]

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Earlier this month, DIYP featured some of the most beautiful lava shots Ive ever seen. But there was a price to pay for these photos: photographer Erez Marom melted his drone. Seeing the images, Id say it was definitely worth it. And now, Erez has published the drone footage of the lava flows which caused […]

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I took this image while on a trip out west to the Grand Teton Mountains and Yellowstone National Park with my family and about 50 other people. We were driving towards our next lodge, past the mountains and the Snake River where we would be rafting the next morning when I became rather fascinated with the scene that lay before me.

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Freckles are beautiful, but not all of us are lucky to have them. So, we can sometimes cheat a little bit. If you want to add freckles to your models face, you can use make-up, of course. But if youd rather add them after the shoot, Aaron Nace from Phlearn will show you how. In […]

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Its not rare that photographers get inspired by other types of art. Melbourne-based photographer Bill Gekas draws inspiration from the old master painters like Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Vermeer and Velazquez. And while he masterfully recreates the light, atmosphere and tones of the classical paintings – he adds some family fun to it. The main protagonist of […]

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As much as I love going out and using gear and creating stuff with it, I can’t help but get excited about the geeky technical side of photography and video, too. This particular video from Curious Droid talks about ultra high speed cameras. And while the Panasonic GH5 with its 180fps 4K footage is quite […]

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It feels like only yesterday that the world was being convinced that 4K is the future. Now, at a rapid pace, we’re already being pushed toward 8K. I’m not complaining. The higher resolution the cameras & capture devices get, the more options we get in post– even if the final content is being created for […]

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At its heart, good photography is about showing people views of the world they would not otherwise see. That might be; places your viewers have not visited, impossible ways of seeing to the human eye such as long exposures and night photography, but most often this novelty comes in the form of a different perspective. Even familiar scenes and objects can make compelling photographic subjects if we are willing to explore them from new angles.

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