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I know a lot of photographers, some of which are Nikon users. And I know a whole lot of chocolate lovers. All of you who belong to all three groups, brace yourselves for something really special: a vintage Nikon SLR camera made entirely of chocolate! The guys from Amazing Chocolate Workshop handcrafted this chocolaty delight […]

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Folklore and tradition have inspired many photographers. The photos that come out of such inspiration may or may not leave an impression. But a Russian artistic couple Yakovlev and Aleeva have definitely created something wonderful that will leave an impression. Andrey Yakovlev and Lili Aleeva are Moscow-based artistic couple. Andrey is a photographer and Lili […]

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Even in the digital era, there are still those who shoot film and hand-develop all their photos. On the other hand, there are those who can’t even insert a film into an analog camera, but create stunning photos with a digital one. German photographer, Andreas von Grabowiecki, managed to combined analog with digital and create […]

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Let’s face it, everything looks good on a 3″ screen. So, the advantages of shooting tethered become immediately apparent in the studio. You’re able to quickly see the results as you shoot them on a much larger screen. This makes it much easier to spot distracting elements, issues with hair or makeup, and if the […]

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Everybody knows that all the most important business discussions are made on the golf course. Even if that gold course is sometimes just a back yard putting green. This is exactly the setting used for RGG EDU’s series of shorts with world renowned sports & commercial photographer Tim Tadder. In the videos, Tim talks about […]

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We are only a week away from the official release of Rogue One, and all Star Wars fans are curious to see what the new film will bring. A new featurette shows some behind the scenes moments, and reveals that Gareth Edwards created creatures much closer to the George Lucas’ original vision. After The Force […]

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When I see the phrase “for those of you following along at home” in a teardown article, I know it’s going to be a good one. This is especially so when it’s the first public teardown of such a new and expensive lens. Nikon announced the 105mm f/1.4E back in July to much fanfare. Many […]

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Sigma Corporation has made an announcement that will make all Lightroom users thrilled. Their new Sigma SD Quattro H is available for sale, and it comes with improvements that will finally let photographers edit RAW files in Lightroom. Sigma SD Quattro H was announced along with theSigma SD Quattro. The reason for this is to […]

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David Hobby, aka “The Strobist“, was the original Internet trailblazer when it came to using small hotshoe flashes. At least, if you wanted to use them for more than just giving your subject red eye. Inspiringphotographers to get their speedlights off the hotshoe, David created a freeLighting 101 course way back in 2006. I learned […]

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