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You already know there are hundreds of millions of sweat pores on your skin. But have you ever seen them in action? Timelapse Vision has created a timelapse video of sweat pores on the ridges of fingertips. They are the reason why you leave fingerprints on surfaces, and why your phone screen gets smudgy. The […]

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When I first stumbled across this, I thought it was a pretty neat idea. Of course, it’s not an entirely new idea. Agfa used to make a similar device. The Rondinax. Of course, you needed completely separate units for 35mm and 120 format film. The LAB-BOX works on a similar principle, but is a little […]

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Selfies may not have too many purposes, but at least some of them can make you laugh. Rain Yokohama made sure to create a series of selfies that will definitely make your day. He took several photos with his girlfriend, which would be totally usual – if he had a girlfriend. In this humorous gallery […]

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A lot of us labor to be original in our photography but realize, everything in photography and life is a remix: One of the biggest benefits I had studying history was this understanding the root and origin of a lot of ideas which I once thought were original. For example, I remember when I […]

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Can you even imagine a photo exhibition with bare walls all around you? Visual artist and designer Lukas Renlund has created an exhibition that makes you explore art in quite an unordinary way – by using your smartphone. He wanted to explore the possibility of the internet and physical space converging, so he created a […]

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Orange and Teal color grading has been pretty popular in Hollywood. Its used in many blockbuster movies, and even some YouTubers like Sam Colder like to use it in their videos. Parker Walbeck from Fulltime Filmmaker explains in this video what makes this look so popular and why it’s so widely used in movies and […]

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Why is it so difficult to capture the cozy ambiance of a cafe in a picture? Or the casual atmosphere of a warm bonfire with friends on a summer night? Learning how to capture mood and atmosphere of a scene is a skill that is elusive for many photographers. googletag.cmd.push(function() { mobile_slots.push( googletag.defineSlot( "/1005424/_dPSv5topic-rhs(300x250)", [300, 250], "pb-ad-124309" ).addService( googletag.pubads() ) ); } );

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Yesterday, I ran across an image by photographer, Chris Frosin. Chris is an automotive photographer for severalcar magazines in the UK.Many of the cars he shoots are vintage classics. They’vebeen around for decades and photographed a million different ways. So, in an effort to keep things fresh, Chris is always trying to push himself and […]

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Ive processed a lot of film. My first rolls were processed in the bathroom sink when I was a 13 year old kid. Later, I had the run of two darkrooms in my high school; they were crazy enough to give me a set of keys and I almost moved in. One of my first […]

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The most difficult question I often ask myself is, “Do I convert this image to black and white or leave it in color?” This question is particularly difficult with people, because black and white portraits look really good. googletag.cmd.push(function() { mobile_slots.push( googletag.defineSlot( "/1005424/_dPSv5topic-rhs(300x250)", [300, 250], "pb-ad-124309" ).addService( googletag.pubads() ) ); } );

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