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According to the results of a survey Sony published in 2012, as much as two thirds of non-professional DSLR users have never or rarely taken their camera out of auto mode. There may be plenty of reasons for this, such as buying a camera for fun or as a status symbol. But one of the […]

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What is the best lens for street photography? There are many articles and discussions on this topic, and every photographer has their own suggestion and a personal favorite. In the new Kai Wongs video (a.k.a. Digital rev Kai) , you can see all three of these lenses compared in the streets of Hong Kong. So, […]

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While the popularity and frequency of use on Instagram can bounce a little up and down, it’s certainly not dying yet. In the last few months, they’ve been adding more features to try to expand the platform’s capability. They’ve taken a leaf from Snapchat’s book with Stories, and they even hope the platform will become […]

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The battle between iPhone and DSLR photography is never-ending. The iPhone advocates claim that its not about the equipment, its about the skill. On the other hand, DSLR photographers get mad at iPhone users who call themselves photographers. Although I love my Nikon DSLRs and hate the quality of the photos I make with my […]

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I’ve been doing this long enough that I honestly can’t remember why or how I started. I mean, I remember my origin story… but as an adult I also know that is probably a distillation and summary of what exactly went on. There are no easy lessons now. Fifteen year lessons: Photography is communication. Why […]

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Getting married is a big deal. It’s the affirmation of love, and the beginning of a journey that one hopes will last a lifetime. The photography from that wedding is an important part of documenting that journey. With the proliferation of cameras today, it’s something that’s often taken for granted. For high school sweethearts Ferris […]

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One of the ongoing pain points of being a photographer is the time we spend editing. Dont get me wrong, I love turning a flat image into something breathtaking, but it does take a while to get through a batch of 1000+ photos from a wedding or concert. Combine that with the volume of events […]

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Grays of Westminster is known around the world as the place to go for high end collectable Nikon gear. They house some of the rarest examples of Nikon’s history anywhere. They also probably have more of it than anybody else. As one of the few independent camera stores left, it’s worth visiting if you’re ever […]

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X-ray has certainly brought a revolution and it’s a very useful invention. However, the X-ray and photographic film aren’t exactly best friends. If you travel by plane, you know that your luggage needs to go through an X-ray scanner. Unfortunately, the X-rays can do damage to every unprocessed film, including the one already in your […]

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Casio has some good news for all of you who take shooting in the dark literally. They have announced an nice addition to the Exilim Outdoor Recorder family. They have created Casio EX-FR110H, a camera designed to take photos and video in extremely dark conditions. The camera integrates a back-illuminated CMOS sensor with 1.9 MP. […]

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