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One-year-olds are the best! They’re adorable, of course. They’re hilarious, and you never know what you’re going to get from them. Toddlers are full of wonder and inquisitiveness about everything. Truly, they’re a dream to photograph. One of my favorite moments to photograph is a one-year-old’s first birthday cake – often called a cake smash session.

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In this article, I will go over why I switched to using the Wine Country Camera filter holder system from others I’d previously used. As well I’ll cover some of the system’s key features so you can decide if it... more

I will probably get a bunch of hate for this post but whatever. Hopefully, my message will help some of you. I realise this website is filled with enthusiasts, professionals, camera geeks, etc but this post is pointed more at people that want to make it as a portrait or fashion photographer. Im a photographer […]

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Nikon is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, and they spoke up about their plans for the future. They didn’t start off very well, as they canceled an entire series of premium compact cameras. However, despite the bad start, the company has some big plans for the future. Also, they’ve made some radical decisions. According […]

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1.Always using the Manual Mode One common misconception and Street Photography mistake is the believe that professional photographers always use the manual mode and therefore it is also useful for Street Photography, right? Firstly, professional photographers dont use the manual mode every time. They use it when it benefits them, but they also choose an […]

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At the beginning of the year, me and fellow DIYP writer and photographerJohn Aldred, and our good friend and model Ambellina decided at the last minute, to go out to the Lake District in Cumbria and shoot. There was no planning really, it was a last-minute, let’s just get and see what happens kind of […]

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We’ve all heard it right? Calibrate your monitor otherwise, your colours will be different from what they should be, and your photographic work will become a potential mess without you even knowing how badly. I recently sold my ASUS 27″ 4K monitor and side-graded to a 27″ Dell U2713H 1440p one instead.The main reasons being […]

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It’s a new year and Imagely has released a great new Lightroom gallery plugin to make our lives easier. If you run your own photography website on WordPress, like countless other photographers, then you have probably come across Imagely and NextGEN Gallery.

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Whose image is it anyway? When does inspiration or imitation of a landscape photo cross the line or go too far? Recently a few things came up that makes me ask if or when does the idea of copying someone elses photo go too far, or is it just a form of flattery derived from […]

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Having models at camera demo events isn’t all that strange. It doesn’t happen at most of them, but it’s not unusual.Especially with cameras marketed towards fashion and portraits. Somebody at Fujifilm UK, however, decided that just bringing out a model wasn’t good enough for the Fujifilm GFX 50S, though. Oh no, she had to be […]

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