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Each year, the editors of Time magazine choose the person of the year – the one who has most influenced the news and the world over the past year. But this year, their cover page reading “Donald Trump: President of the Divided States of America” caused a major stir on social networks. And all because […]

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There are many things that take to the air in flight. Humans need a device like a plane or glider, whereas other creatures take off on their own steam.

Flying things can be hard to photograph. Photographers have to make choices to freeze their motion or create a blur. Let’s see how these 20 photographers decided to photograph these flying objects.

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Many of us take photography for granted. Whether it’s a big fancy DSLRor the phone in our pocket, Photography ispart of our daily lives. For some, thatsimple pleasure of just hitting the shutter isn’t so easy. One such person is James Dunn. James, now 23, from Whiston, England, has a potentially-terminal skin condition which prevents […]

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The kind of photography I do begins as a moment of theft. Finding the scene, finding your angle, and stealing the moment for yourself. Some photographers are creators. They build a scene, a still life, or arrange their models and angle their lights and create an image from nothing. Im not one of those photographers. […]

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If someone told you an iconic magazine like Sports Illustrated put a smartphone photo on a cover, you probably wouldnt believe them. But, this has actually happened. Sports Illustrated hired a photographer Michael LeBrecht, who has already created some memorable photos for this magazine. But this time, they posed him with a challenge to take […]

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Creativity has no limits, and this photographer is one of many people who confirmed this with an example. Tyson Haslam used his creativity and some very cheap pieces to create a giant X-ray camera. After some thinking and time, he really made something unique and above all – functional. Tyson picked up photography about three […]

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We are surrounded by commercials, promotional images and all sorts of advertising material. Most of us take it for granted and doesnt think much about the message these materials send. But an L.A. based photographer, Raffael Dickreuter, paid attention to advertising campaigns of famous brands and noticed something very negative about them – they lack […]

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Quick heads-up on a great deal: Midwest Photo is giving away a free 7-DVD set of Lighting in Layers (more info on the DVDs, here) with every single Jumpstarter kit purchased, while supplies last.

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Photography gives you an awesome opportunity to present to the world your vision of it rather than its absolute reality. At their best, photos can evoke the feel of a moment without being an exact representation of it. Think of the last time you fell in love. Most likely, your memories arent clear, linear progressions, but rather a series of moments, blurred together by a high-dose cocktail of dopamine and romance. Life can be a blur and feel so good.For me, thats where tilt-shift portraits... more

Flickr have released their 2016 end of year review, and, it’s actually not that much different from last year. Mobile phones still dominate, and mirrorless still lag way behind. What’s interesting, though, is that while the leader board hasn’t really changed, the numbers have. Last year, 39% of all photos uploaded to Flickr were shot […]

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