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From people who download someone else’s photo for thedesktop background, to those who steal photos from others and represent them as their own – photo theft is a pretty common occurrence. Many people don’t take the credits, but don’t give them to the author either (just remember the Tyra Banks case). In this episode of […]

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The Internet is flooded with reactions about the Oscar Best Picture gaffe, and the explanation is finally here. People have been speculating what went wrong that evening, and Ive heard a bunch of theories since this historic mistake happened. But it turns out the whole mess was because of one tweeted photo of Best Actress […]

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It’s become pretty clear by now that Elinchrom really like testing the limits of their gear. They’ve put them on drones, battled oceans, and lit up ice tunnels. So, for the launch of the new Elinchrom ELB 1200 pack, they had to go pretty crazy. And crazy is exactly where they went, strapping the new […]

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Portable light sources are essential to your photography toolkit when you’re ready to progress beyond natural lighting and take your images to the next level. While off-camera flash photography can be intimidating, LED lights can be quality solutions that are much easier to operate. One of the leading LED lights for photographers is the popular, yet pricey, ... more

You may argue if iPhone 7 Plus’ Portrait mode is any good. Some people love it and some hate it, but apparently – it was good enough for Billboard Magazine. Photographer Miller Mobley shot the February 17 issue of Billboard magazine, featuring a rising pop starCamila Cabello on the cover. And despite the fact that […]

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Normally, I don’t pay that much attention to rumours.But this is a rumour-not-rumour-sort-of-a-maybe-leak kinda thing. It may simply just be a typo. But, the good folks at The Photography Show have released their official preview mini-guide to this year’s show. Browsing through the guide, you might notice something a little interesting under Sony’s listing on […]

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Photographers join photo-sharing sites for a variety of reasons. Sometimes its as simple as a need for recognition and the occasional pat-on-the-back. In fact I suspect thats the reason most people join these sites in the first place; a little bit of recognition is worth big dollars in the feel-good bank. Sometimes they join those […]

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As we reported a few weeks ago, Godox has launched new Witstro AD200 Modular Strobe. Its also called 200x or eVolv 200, so if you see it under these names – have in mind its the same thing. If youre thinking of investing in one, were sharing a review from photographer Robert Hall. As I […]

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From my experience, a mom and her daughter are the best team there is. And mom-daugher duo from Canada proves me right. Photographer Camillia Courts and her seven-year-old daughter Layla are a cosplay dream team! Layla dresses up as Disney princesses (and some other movie and cartoon characters), and her mom Camillia takes magnificent photos […]

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Are you one of those parents whose kids were born being comfortable in front of the camera? Are your kids complete naturals with no stage fright or anger management issues when you yell, “Look at me…for the last time…please look at me and don’t close your eyes”? If so, then just skip this article and move on to the next one that probably teaches some amazing tips and tricks on... more