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Ive had my Snapchat Spectacles for a few weeks now, and Im really impressed by the videos you can make with them. Using these techniques, my latest Spectacles video got over 200k views. Heres how you can get better snaps with your Specs: Tip #1: Keep your hands in the shot Showing your hands in […]

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Christmas is only 11 days away, and some of us might have not actually managed to make it out to buy presents yet. Perhaps you didn’t want to deal with the rush of people in the city centre. Were the prices not as low as you’d have liked online? Or maybe you’re just worried that […]

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Have you ever had a problem finding a drone that suits all your needs? If this is the case, then a group of MITs students has the invention which could solve your problem. Thanks to their interactive program, it may soon be possible for everyone to build their own drone, even without any technical background. […]

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Technically, I suppose, it’s two curved sensors. But, one of them can actually be bent and have the curve adjusted at will. At least, that’s how it seems if I’m reading this right. The reasons for these curved sensors seem to cite primarily technical and practical benefits of a curved sensor. One that can be […]

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In both filmmaking and photography, there seem to be two sides: those who believe these skills should be learned at school, and those who prefer online resources and self-teaching. Regarding this topic, Richard William Scott and Robert Carr from The Film Look created a video for all those questioning whether they should go to a […]

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With drones becoming more and more popular at weddings, it was only a matter of time before an accident happened. Although it’s not the photographer or video guy to blame for this one. Apparently it’s the groom’s fault. The Boston Herald reports that New Hampshire man, Barry Billcliff had just married his new bride when […]

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Have you ever wondered what a rocket launch can do to a camera? A young photographer John Kraus recently showed us what happens when you shoot rocket launch from 45 yards distance. John is a 16 year old photographer who shoots rocket launches for space news site He became a member in January 2016, […]

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Christmas is a holiday that brings people joy and happiness and puts them in festive mood. Most of us spend time at home with our families, sharing love and joyful moments. And its probably kids who enjoy this holiday the most, because there are presents waiting for them under the tree. Unfortunately, not all children […]

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Variable neutral density filters are typically more common for video than photography, but there’s that grey timelapse area in the middle where the two worlds tend to often collide. I usually go with regular NDs for long exposures and timelapse, but having recently picked up a variable ND for video, I have found myself using […]

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There’s no doubt that Iceland is one of the dream locations for any photographer or filmmaker. We see a lot of timelapse films here at DIYP, and this year the bar just keeps getting raised higher and higher. So, it’s difficult for one to really stick out, even one shot in Iceland.It’s not often, though, […]

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