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What better way to test out your new Sony A7’s low light abilities than with the stunning scene Northern lights photographer, Harald Albrigtsen, was lucky enough to come across. While taking his new camera out for a test driveonKvalya, in Northern Norway, Albrigtsen happened across the unusual sight–and the best part, the whales came back [...]

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This tutorial will show you how to use Photoshop’s layer styles, a simple texture, and a couple of brush tips to create a quick, vibrant bloody text effect.

Tutorial Assets
1- Shlop Regular font.
2- 4 HD Flesh Textures by ThatSavior.
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In recognition of Instagrams 5th birthday, TIME has compiled a list of the 5 most-liked photos on the photo-sharing app, as well as a list of the 5 most popular photos for each of the five years. With over 40 billion photos shared by its 400 million users, now averaging 80 million new photos and [...]

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A little while back,Victoria’s Secret lunched a new line of underwear calledMesh-back Cheeky Panty. Now this usually wont land them an article in a photography related blog, but the photo VS posted on their social media channels[NSFW link] was an epic Photoshop fail. The photo is showing a model wearing the underwear from behind but [...]

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Want to cover your walls in art, but the cost of actually doing so slowing the process down? The fine folks from Parabo Press (part of the trusted Photojojo family) have you covered. They’ve dubbed themselvesas “print service for design-minded photo takers”, which makes a lot more sense when you see what they’re all about. [...]

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Fall is a fantastic time of year for you to photograph the landscape and really push your creativity. The colors, textures, and soft light provide an amazing palette to create compelling photographs. Its really easy though to just point your camera at the color and hope the image comes together without thinking about the composition. Here are just a few tips to take with you into the field to make the most of the colorful season in your fall landscape photography:

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As photographers, we know that there are literally hundreds of small things that need to be done in each scene, that add up to the final magnificent shot. Sometimes when we get behind the camera, and the light becomes amazing, it’s very easy to forget one or two things, and the result is that the shot is not as good as it could have been. There are lots of details to remember, but there often some obvious things that have been forgotten. These are the common mistakes I see in many... more

In a press release put out by Sony on October 6th, the company announced it would splitting off it’s sensor division and developing it into it’s own company division,Sony Semiconductor Solutions . The company touched on the potential for a division back in February, and it appears as though they moving ahead with plans at [...]

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Chances are that in the time it took you to read this sentence, a photographer (or ten) was asked if his photos can be used for free. This happens all the time and has gotten to the point where it doesnt faze most people, but when a company valued at over $30 billion asks a [...]

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As a 25 year old, Tokyo born Tsuneko Sasamoto, made the decision to become a professional photographer. World War II was just getting underway and, in Japan, it was mostly unheard of for a woman to choose a career over a husband. That didn’t stop the young Sasamoto–she had been shooting since her early twenty’s, [...]

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