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One of the biggest challenges for people regularly posting to social media is editing videos. Either you shoot while you’re out and then edit when you’re back at home, or you have to carry around a laptop with you the whole time. Project Rush, squarely aimed at YouTubers, Vloggers, and other social video posters, plans […]

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Award-winning photographer Michelle Frankfurter recently went through quite a nightmare. She says that American Airlines lost her gear after making her check in her bag. Her cameras, lenses and other equipment that was in the bag had the value of $13,000 and she says it took her years to buy it. But once the plane […]

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You may remember a recent report saying that Instagram will allow users to post hour-long vertical videos. Well, Instagram has just announced IGTV, a standalone app created solely for this purpose. Its aimed particularly at users who watch videos on their phones, so all videos are in the vertical format and the company believes that […]

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Yongnuo has been coming pretty thick and fast with lenses over the last couple of years. Sure, they’re generally copies of somebody else’s lens, but they’re cheap and, for the most part, seem to perform fairly well considering the price. Announced last month, the Yongnuo 50mm f/1.4, though, looks to be of their own design. […]

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This will thankfully be a quick little technique on how to fix an issue that can be incredibly infuriating. This discolouration issue I’m referring to arrises when you’re using the dodge and burn retouching technique and the frustrating part is that it only presents itself once you’ve finished doing all the retouching. First off though, […]

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Sometimes, you see something or get an idea and you just don’t rest until you get it. That’s what happenedto Destin Sandlin at Smarter Every Day when he saw an old video of a vortex colliding perfectly with another. This may not sound that cool, but he saw something very unusual. Something he spent a […]

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Photographing flowers is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding types of photography around. Yet it can be surprisingly difficult, even for more seasoned photographers. Getting strong flower images often requires new settings, new lighting, and new gear, not to mention a new approach to your subjects.

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Weve covered many interesting patents from Canon so far. The one spotted recently reveals that Canons 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS kit lens will get a new design and feature a small LCD display like the one on the EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS II USM. The patent JP2018005130A shows a sketch of the new lens and refers […]

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Photos of flying or levitating food can look epic, but they seem intimidating to create. However, it doesnt have to be difficult. In this video, Skyler Burt of We Eat Together will show you an easy way of creating flying food photos. To pull this off, Skyler uses two light stands on two sides of […]

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Non-Lightroom users have been a little jealous since the Loupedeck hit the scene. They want consoles for their respective applications, too! And the folks at Loupedeck listened. Now they present us with the new Loupedeck+. It’s a welcome update to the previous model with a more refined construction, new mechanical keys, custom dial control mode […]

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