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Is the perfect camera bag still eluding you? If so, Tenba has a great DIY option worth checking out. Dubbed the Tenba BYOB Camera Insert, it invites you to actually Bring Your Own Bag while still protecting your camera gear. Here’s more... more

Photographic light trails are a beautiful effect. You’ve no doubt encountered them before. Photographers perch over a vantage point and trace the trajectory of cars navigating an urban landscape using a slow shutter speed. The result renders a fluid trail tracing around the environment in a variety of shapes and colors.

Think of this project as a new take car light trails. We’ll still be recording passing light sources – but we’ll be capturing them from i... more

World Pinhole Day is coming up on April 29th. So, if you’ve been thinking about taking part, and want to do it digitally, but aren’t sure howthen this one’s for you. Brought to us by Matt Coakley at Blue Mantle Films, this video walks us through the process from start to finish. It’s a very […]

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Some photographers use Photoshop for converting photos to black and white, others use plugins. But what you might not know is that you can create beautiful black and white images with Lightroom. The benefit of keeping your workflow within Lightroom is that it saves you a lot of hard drive space (as the only way to send a full-quality photo file to a plugin or to Photoshop is to convert it... more

This past summer I was camping with my family and one of the lakes we visited had a perfect jumping rock. I knew this would be a great photo opportunity, so I brought my camera to snap a few photos of us jumping off of the rock and into the lake. What I ended up […]

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Well, this is quite interesting. Canon Rumors reports that Canon are sending out “very elaborate” invites to select Canon dealers for a mirrorless camera announcement next month. That in itself isn’t all that interesting. Manufacturers come out with new kit all the time. What makes it interesting, at least to me, is their description of […]

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Keeping my gear organised is often one of my biggest problems. I have 3 bags that regularly come out with me on shoots, and they’re beautifully organised. With little checklists and everything. But the rest of the gear around my house, that I might only use once every month or two, well, those items can […]

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This week I have something a little different for you for the challenge – shooting on a black or dark background.

Photo byDaniele Levis PelusionUnsplash

Weekly Photography Challenge – Black Background

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You see the crowd cheering, but you don’t hear a single word. You’re not punched in the chest by every firework explosion that goes off in Central Park. It’s the calmest chaos I’ve ever experienced in my life… When you’re a native New Yorker, there are certain things you just don’t do. New Yorkers have […]

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Overpowering the sun with flash is typically something we typically associate with photographing people. But it’s a principle that scales down extremely well for photographing things like flowers, bugs and other outdoor macro subjects. In fact, it’s even easier to do with such small subjects because you can get the flashes so close to them, […]

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