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Unless you develop film at home, the bathroom isnt really a place youd connect with photography. But creative guys from Gyva Grafika brought photography into a bathroom in a really unique way. They used photos and tiles to bring outside inside. They turned the tiles into an apartment block by adding photos of facades […]

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From time to time, life rewards you with some crazy luck. Justin Whiting from Spalding, U.K. was extremely lucky to buy a 19-century photo on eBay, which turned out to be a rare portrait of Jesse James, an infamous American outlaw. Whiting bought the photo for only seven pounds (around $10), and as it turns […]

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Street photography is a weird genre of photography. So many want to try it, but they’re afraid. Afraid of rejection and potentially hostile reactions. There are two schools of thought when photographing people in the street. The first is to just shoot, and worry about consequences later. Legally, that’s fine in many parts of the […]

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Let’s face it, getting in front of a camera feels uncomfortable to most people! As photographers, it’s our job to help guide the people in front of our cameras in ways that will allow them to feel more comfortable and also allow you to capture genuine emotion and interactions. In my experience, one really effective way to do this is through what I like to call “gentle posing”.

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Whether you’re a photographer or filmmaker, chances are you’ve got plenty of cables. Not everything is wireless yet. There are long USB tethering cables, microphone cables, power cables and all sorts. Many of them might need replacing fairly regularly if you just shovel them into your bag and don’t take care of them. At best, […]

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Google, it seems, is acquiring Lytro. Yes, the company that made that crazy light field cameraand then got out of photography to move into VR and cinema is being snapped up. In a deal which TechCrunch report to be worth either $40mil or $25mil, depending on who you ask, Google will pick up the company […]

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One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in street photography is inhibition. Taking candid photos of strangers is not for everyone. Your demeanor should be cool, calm, and confident, even if thats not how you feel inside.

Looking sheepish or, worse, creepy, is the last thing you want. The way you dress might have an effect. Rightly or wrongly, people will assess you based on their first impression. Think about ways you can blend in.

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My name is Terryis. You could call me a photographer. Allow me, if you will, to regale you with a tale from my past. I once worked at a liquor store. In fact, its where I discovered my penchant for photography, for you see, both of my managers very enthused about the matter at the […]

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Copyright and intellectual property law are the foundations of the photography industry and all other creative business. However, it is shocking how misunderstood (and strangely controversial) copyright and intellectual property law are among photographers and other creative professionals. What is even worse is the amount of misinformation there is online when it comes to copyright […]

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In 2016 I made a video comparing the Profoto B1 and Godox AD600. Since then both models have had an updated release and Broncolor has also released the Siros 800 and 400. I decided to put all three models head to head to help people decide which is the best option. I compare these 3 […]

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