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Renowned plus-size model Tess Holliday was unpleasantly surprised to find out that a beauty app used one of her photos in an ad without her permission. To make things worse, the ad used her image to demonstrate how it makes the body significantly slimmer in a single click. An app that has nearly 50k downloads […]

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Organizing all sorts of batteries and chargers is always a big problem among photographers. We’ve seen quite a few crafty people tackle this problem by creating their own charging stations. However, none of them could ever be asremarkable as the Nostromo-inspired version that Eric Strebel built. In this video he shows you exactly how he […]

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We’ve seen a lot of cheap smartphones pop up lately, and it appears this trend isn’t going away just yet. Just last month, Xiaomi released a $250 phone to go against the iPhone X. Then there’s also the recently unveiled Huawei Honor 10 which goes for $475. But no matter how affordable these phones may […]

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Zeiss has announced their newest set of cinema lenses for advertising and movie production. Although these lenses are smaller than their counterparts, the German company promises that they will offer top of the line results for filmmakers. The Supreme Prime line comprises of 13 lenses altogetherwith focal lengths between 15mm to 200mm Ten of the […]

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It probably wasn’t much of a surprise that Panasonic was planning to release new GH5, GH5S and G9 firmware updates. Mostly because Panasonic are always releasing new firmware updates for such cameras. But what was a surprise was Panasonic finding that the announcement planned for May 30th had been leaked in Japan a couple of […]

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Who doesn’t love a good sunset? It’s colorful and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, right?

Think you can take a great sunset photo? It’s not as easy as just pointing your camera at the sun. In this week’s photography challenge it’s time to get out and shoot some sunsets and share your images with us.

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Last week, a leaked video created by Google X’s head Nick Foster created quite a stir on the web. The Selfish Ledger video paints a scary future where technology increasingly makes decisions for humans. It explores the idea of “Lamarckian user data” which uses collected information to improve the lives of the future generations. Of […]

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Whether photographing people or objects, how you approach your lighting is far more important than what camera and lighting gear you use.

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Night streetphotography presents a lot of technical challenges that some photographers avoid it altogether. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t push yourself and try it at all. Remember that anything is possible with the right mindset… and the correct settings. In this Pierre T. Lambert‘s latest video, he shows you a few tips to increase […]

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Pricing and release information for Sigma’supcoming 105mm f/1.4 DG HSM Art series lens has finally been announced. We figured it was pretty much a certainty that it would be less expensive than the Nikon 105mm f/1.4E, but I didn’t expect this big of a difference. Coming in at a mere $1,599 ($600 cheaper than the […]

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