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Sending photos through various apps on our smartphones has become one of the most common means of visual communication. Every month, 17 billion photos are sent only through Facebook Messenger. So, Facebook has decided to improve photo sharing for their users. Instead of 2K, you can now send 4K images through Messenger. To be more […]

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Leica has officially launched CL, the latest addition to their APS-C L-mount series. In terms of design, it leans on the traditional models and even shares the name with their camera from 1973. But of course, its a mirrorless digital camera with modern features. It features a 24.2MP CMOS sensor, and its capable of shooting […]

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With Black Friday and Christmas on the way, there’s plenty of things out there begging for our money. Whether we’re buying a gift for somebody else or for ourselves, we want to get the best bang for our buck. So, in this first part of our 2017 Gift Guide series, we’re going to cover cameras. […]

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Tamron has been specializing in super-zoom lenses for the last few years. You may be familiar with their 16-300mm, 18-270mm or 150-600mm lenses. Their newest super-zoom is an even more astonishing focal length, the Tamron 18-... more

According to BRProud, the US Department of the Interior is proposing to double or almost triple the price of admission to 17 America’s most popular national parks. They say that the prices will double or almost triple the current admission fees during peak season. The proposals would see the cost of a 7-day car pass […]

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Bliss is the most viewed image in the world. It was the default desktop wallpaper that came supplied with Windows XP. Shot by photographer Charles “Chuck” O’Rear, it was created on the way to visit his girlfriend. That was 21 years ago. Now, Chuck is at it again creating some more desktop wallpaper. This time […]

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Selfies are so frequentthat its not easy for them to capture our attention any longer. But when a Curiosity rover takes a selfie on Mars well, thats another story. The photo was taken in 2015, but it was recently shared on APOD, where it immediately caught my eye. The low-angle selfie shows the rover above […]

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If you’ve ever tried your hand at real estate or architecture photography, you know that these are two of the most complicated forms of photography out there. The challenge is due mostly to having to balance out shadows created by harsh or uneven lighting. Thus, it’s no wonder that High Dynamic Range (HDR) photography is one of the most-used techniques for capturing real estate and architecture photos.

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With so many timelapse films being created now, it can be difficult to make yours stand out. But those that do go viral often do not do so all by themselves. There’s a lot of time and planning that goes into them before the first frame is even created. Then there’s more effort that goes […]

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Proper color grading is something we often take for granted in movies. Sareesh Sudhakaran from Wolfcrow shares some thoughts about color grading and why colorists are an essential part of the industry. As a matter of fact, this video might make you wonder how come theres no an Oscar category for colorists yet. According to […]

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