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Musicians, magazines, fans, and record labels alike turn to skilled photographers to tell a story of a momentous performance and return unique concert photos.

Concert photographers are often on assignment for a publication that has sent them out to capture meaningful pictures that could very well go down in music history. Otherwise, music photographers are individually hired by the performing artists. Whatever brings you to the photo pit, your goal is to capture something... more

More often than not, it can be difficult to recognize and acknowledge ones personal improvement as a photographer. You may feel like youre stagnating, but you should take a closer look at your work and youll see that youre wrong. In this fantastic video, Mark Denney discusses five reasons that will prove to you that […]

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Embarrassingly a few years ago I was very vocal about how disappointed I was about some of the Nikon lenses. I’ve been using Nikon cameras and lenses for decades and although I was very pleased with the image quality and colour rendition their cameras produced, I strongly considered jumping the Nikon ship in search of […]

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Does your camera resolution matter when you need to choose the side of the print? This is what many people wonder, and basically, its not important. If you can take a photo with your camera, print it at 6 x 4 inches and be happy with it – you can print that same photo in […]

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When we talk about the rules of composition, the Rule of Thirds or the Golden Ratio are probably the first that come to mind to most of us. But there is something about centeredness and symmetry, too. Could The Middle Line be the secret rule of composition in visual arts? In this video from Light […]

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Here are some practical steps to take and 5 photography mistakes you want to avoid in order to help you capture better seascape images.

Capturing seascapes is a very popular past-time and one of the most enjoyable and fascinating types of landscape photography. People love to capture the ocean and for good reason.

Seas around the world are more accessible than ever to the majority of us. People take regular holidays to visit the abundance of natural beaches and the ocean provides... more

Photos of space and from space never cease to amaze us. And more often than not, they remind us just how small we are. In this image of solar coronal mass ejection, we can once again see how impressive the Universe is, and just how small we are in comparison. The image was taken by […]

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Love ’em or hate ’em,tripods are an essential piece of gear for all photographers. It will keep your camera steady during long exposures, support the weight of those big lenses you need for wildlife photography, and hold your camera in what could otherwise be an awkward position for macro photography.

But just like any other tool, a tripod can be used the right way, and the... more

The noise surroundingEktachrome’s return has been quite fascinated. A lot of people are getting very excited, and also very impatient about it coming back. Originally announced at CES 2017 Kodak later said a “limited supply” would become available for testing with general availability in 2018. Things are a bit behind schedule, though. And we’re only […]

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Nobody can really deny Sony’s popularity amongst the enthusiast & hobbyist market. They’ve pretty much taken the world by storm amongst those who want smaller, lighter systems, without sacrificing features or quality to pursue their passion. And the Sony A7III set all kinds of new standards for the term “basic model”. For many working professionals, […]

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