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Accessories are the unsung heroes of photography. They’re the items weown,that aid in our photography, but of which we rarely speak. They help get us out of a bind, or become invaluable to our workflow. Here are some of our favourite accessories that we use on pretty much every shoot. Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod – […]

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Every few months we like to report back to the dPS community which cameras (and other gear) are most popular with our readers. Today were going to take a look at the highest selling DSLRs among our readers over the last 4 months (as ranked by the reports that Amazon gives us*).

As usual youll see it is largely a battle between Canon and Nikon (who dominate this class of camera) and that at the top of the list we see entry level DSLRS most popular (mainly due to their price).... more

Master Yoda said some very wise words before he passed on to join Obi-Wan. I bet you didn’t think he was talking about photography, though, did you? Ok, so he might not have been guiding Luke in the ways of photography during his time on Dagobah, but his lessons are applicable. In this video, Marc […]

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Being in a photography business involves interaction with lots of different people. But putting yourself and your work out there seems more difficult if youre introverted. In this video, photographers Sean Tucker and Simon Baxter discuss this topic, and their thoughts will inspire all you introverts out there. Unlike many other videos or blogs, Sean […]

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We’ve spoken about saturation vs vibrance before, but I think it’s a topic that still confuses a lot of people. While that post looked more at Photoshop’s vibrance adjustment layer, this 3-minute video from Evan 5ps concentrates more on how it works in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) & Lightroom. There are some subtle differences between […]

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What if your house burnt down? Have you still made it? 3 weeks ago I was sitting, much as I do now, winding down on a Saturday evening, finding some time to write a newsletter and blog. I had just released an image shot for Kohler, a company whose advertising I had wanted to be […]

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Sometimes youre so focused on capturing the moment that you forget to pay attention to whats in the background of your photo. When you look at your photos later, you realize that there are all sorts of distractions in the background. One way to overcome these distractions is to use the background to help with storytelling in your photo.

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It all started as a joke. When watchingVikings(History channels hit show onHBO Nordic) together with my wife, I pointed out several times that she seemed to share both the looks and a similar attitude withLagertha-surprisingly similar considering that the other one is a scientist / mom from Finland and the other one a shieldmaiden from […]

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Here comes Thanksgiving, where we thank our significant other for allowing us to spend so much money on Black Friday. Well, we can always justify any purchase by saying that buying on Black Friday is actually not spending money, it’s saving it. This is why we got a list of the best deals on the […]

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No matter what other instant film formats may follow, Polaroid is the original and arguably the best. When Polaroid announced the end of production in 2008, many feared that it would be gone forever. But Polaroid’s last working factory was bought my a small group of enthusiasts, amongst them, retired scientist Stephen Herchen, now CTO […]

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