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Like many things in life, there’s no right or wrong way to learn photographic lighting… but I do believe there are easy ways and hard ways to not only understand it, but more importantly get better at it. I think every creative discipline evolves, but photography sees more significant jumps in its evolution due to […]

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Photographer Kevin Ebi has recently captured a dramatic wildlife encounter you definitely dont see every day. While he was photographing a baby fox that caught a rabbit, a bald eagle stormed down and tried stealing the foxs dinner. The bird lifted bot the fox and the rabbit off the ground, they fought more than 20 […]

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Without prior notice to either its employees or customers, The Picture People studios abruptly closed its doors last week. With the parent company going out of business, studios all over the USA have closed, leaving their employees jobless. Furthermore, customers who have paid for, but not yet had, their shoots and those with gift cards […]

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“What is the relationship between photography and sound?In todays visually-dominated culture, how can we use sound to respond to what we see around us?” That’s the question Cities and Memory poses on their homepage, and their answer is the Sound Photography project. The website’s newest endeavor allows audio artists get to create soundtracks based on […]

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Surrounding yourself with inspiration is one of the best ways to jump-start your creativity. By viewing the works of others, we connect with our own photographic practice. One of my favorite things to do in a creative lull is to trawl YouTube. I could spend hours looking for interesting photography documentaries to watch and study.

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If the iPhone’s Portrait Lighting already impresses you, then you better check out Apollo. This $1.99 iOS app adds immersive lighting effects that are–dare I say–better than what Apple’s version offers. The Apollo app uses depth map from dual cameras to create the effects so, it only currently works with the iPhone 7 Plus, 8 […]

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Even if you know how to use Lightroom, your workflow may still be a bit chaotic (I know mine is). If you work with a lot of photos at once, Tyler Stalman guides you through his rating system that will help you become faster, better organized and more consistent in culling and editing your images. […]

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Founded in 2012, ParaZerospecialises in the development of parachute systems for both manned and unmanned vehicles. And we’ve shown you some of their drone parachute technology a couple of years ago being tested on a 3DR Solo. Since then, ParaZero has gone on to produce a range of “SafeAir” parachutes for larger drone models, like […]

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Asus just released the newest addition to its ultrabook line: the Zenbook Pro 15. With a factory-calibrated 4K 100% Adobe RGBdisplay, this could be a vagabonding video editor’s new workhorse. They packed so many features on this computer that Asus is even claiming “it is not just better: it’s the best.” The Zenbook may look […]

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Photographing a rocket launch can be very unfriendly to your camera, as we have seen before. But today, a post on my Facebook feed appeared and I saw just how bad it can get. NASA photographer Bill Ingalls was photographing a rocket launch on 22 May 2018 and he shared the photos of his poor […]

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