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Way back in 2015, just a couple months shy of three years ago, we told you about a pretty insane lens that went up for sale on eBay. That lens is a massive 2540mm lens used by the likes of NASA to track the Saturn V rocket launch during Apollo and other programs. Back then, […]

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The Canon 100mm macro lens was on my Want List for such a long time, next to the Canon 10-22mm Ultra Wide-Angle. Oddly, once I did get it, I never used it, and it sat gathering dust in the cupboard for a couple of years. Now it is my go... more

Last month there was the invitation to the secret dealer meeting about some new Canon mirrorless camera. Then we discovered that this might be the EOS M50, capable of shooting 4K UHD video. Now, thanks to Nokishita we’re seeing what are reported to be leaked images of the new camera, and 470 EX AI flash […]

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Samyang has now officially announced their new XP 50mm f/1.2 lens. It’s the third in the “XPert” series designed specifically for full frame Canon EF users. It adds to the XP 24mm f/2.4 and XP 85mm f/1.2 announced last September. Unlike the 24mm f/2.8 EF lens announced last month, this is a manual focus lens, […]

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Focusing on color can help you communicate style and emotion. This approach is often referred to as color grading.

Color grading versus color correction

You may have wondered how this differs from color correction, which is more of a technical adjustment. A tungsten bulb, for example, will produce a color shift in your images thats warmer than what youre accustomed to seeing with your eyes. Often you want to adjust that hue, cooling it off a bit so that it appears more natural. Thats a... more

In the era of social networks and being overwhelmed by content, people get bored easily. So, you need to stand out and create your own style if you want to get noticed. and Rachel and Daniel of Mango Street discuss some mistakes beginners often make when posting their photos on Instagram. They also share the […]

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Many items from IKEA can be useful for photography. But what about their batteries? Martin Cheung has decided to perform a test and check which batteries recycle faster: Panasonic Eneloop Pro or two times cheaper Ikea LADDA. The result is a really pleasant surprise. Martin uses two Godox TT685C speedlights for the test. One uses […]

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Youve probably noticed by now that Google has removed the View Image button from their Image Search. Their decision helped them settle the dispute with Getty, but it has made many users unhappy. So, the community is finding the ways to get the View Image button again, one way or another. Since Google removed the […]

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Shooting wetplateis a bit of a feat all by itself. Sure, it’s getting a little more common than it was a decade or two ago, but it’s still not all that easy, especially if you want to do it well. Photographer Markus Hofsttter is no stranger to large format wet plate photography, but he’s had […]

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We are back from our inaugural Strobist X-Pedition, which was held last month in Havana, Cuba. The attendees are readjusting to life back on the grid, and busy editing photos and trading stories via email.

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