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Green screen is a popular and useful tool for creating all kinds of visual effects. You can DIY it, you can even paint it, but there are some awesome green screen tricks which dont even require it! In this video, Jordy and Yannick of demonstrate four of these tricks you can pull off without […]

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It was three years ago, in 2015 when Canon released the EOS C300 Mark II. It came with some pretty significant advantages over the original EOS C300 cinema camera. But it’s time to start thinking about another refresh. And that’s exactly what Canon Rumors says is happening in 2019. But that C300 Mark III refresh […]

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One of the most important lessons that astrophotography has taught me is the importance of planning. Im a huge advocate of planning your photos in advance, no matter what your subject may be. With most genres of photography, you can wing it and still come home with some great photos. With astrophotography, youre a lot less likely to get lucky if you dont plan ahead.

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The blend of instant cameras and modern technologies opens up a lot of creative possibilities. Martin Fasani has created FS2, a simple DIY 3D-printed instant camera. But instead of printing your images this camera sends them to the cloud straight away. Martin uses a 3D-printed housing for storing the hardware if his instant camera. […]

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A freelance videographer by the name of Dave Cooper is suing Adobe for the deletion of around 100,000 digital video clips totalling around 500 hours. After upgrading to Premiere Pro 2017 v11.1.0 in April of last year, he claims that a bug caused the deletion of video clips thatcost him around $250,000 to create. He […]

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ON1 Software has today announced ON1 Photo RAW 2019with an “all-new photo editing experience”. They say it features a new streamlined more elegant workflow with new features and software tech. It finally has a non-destructive workflow for layers, focus stacking, and sees some digital asset management updates. Billed as a “replacement to Lightroom and Photoshop […]

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Caz Nowaczyk dPS Managing Editor


Some of our regular readers may have noticed a new byline on our Weekly Challenge posts recently, and the absence of Darlene Hildebrand. We announced a while back that after 5 years Darlene was moving on from dPS to focus on her own business – an exciting move for her.

From Darlene:

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Just like many other adjustments in Photoshop, teeth whitening can look terrible if its overdone. In this video, Unmesh Dinda of PiXimperfect shares the best way to whiten teeth when editing portraits in Photoshop. Its not just easy and quick, but it will also give you the best and the most natural-looking results. Once youve […]

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Its now estimated that of the 12 million households in the UK, 44% have pets. This equates to approximately 51 million pets owned. Of those, 9 million are dogs and 8 million are cats. With dogs and cats recognized as legitimate members of our families, just like our children, its no wonder we want to share them with the world. Pictorially speaking.

Cavachon, Dorset Andrew Sproule

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Weve seen, made and wrote about many cheap DIY projects. This time, Alex of I did a thing has come up with five hilarious, tongue-in-cheek hacks perfect for every cheapskate videographer or photographer. It doesnt get cheaper than this, and all you need to do is raid your fridge. Or your neighbors home. 1. BLT […]

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