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Skylum has today announced a major performance update to its Aurora HDR 2018 software. As well as adding in some new tools and improving performance and stability for both Windows and Mac, it also adds support for the new Loupedeck+ console. With the new version, users will see a boost in performance on MacOS computers […]

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Instagram is notorious for destroying the quality of videos posted to your feed. You spend all this time editing a video in Premiere Pro, Resolve or whatever only to have it destroyed by recompression algorithms. It actually puts many people off posting videos to the platform at all. But all is not lost. Filmmaker and […]

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It kinda looks like a phone from a decade ago, except it runs a modern Android operating system with a bezel-lessdesign. And that design does look quite sleek. But what makes me immediately think of flip phones and slide out keyboards is that it has these strange popup cameras. That phone is the Oppo Find […]

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There is a big distinction to be made when it comes to night sky photography, which is whether or not you plan on photographing the stars in the night sky. If you do not plan on including stars in your shots, things are a lot simpler for you. That is true in a lot of ways, in that you dont need to worry as much about the clouds and weather, the impact of the moon, or light pollution.

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Someone took a perfect group photo of you and your friends. But oh no, you blinked. Well, Facebook is offering a solution to save a photo ruined by someones accidental blinking, so it becomes a social network material after all. Theyve published a research paper about a new method that uses AI to retouch closed […]

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The Trump administrations zero tolerance immigration policy has seen the separation of thousands of parents and children. Getty Images photographer John Moore documented what this policy looks like in a single photo that quickly became viral. CNN reporter Ana Cabrera interviewed Moore about this gut-wrenching photo of a crying toddler. In this video, he shares […]

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Finding that perfect slider or dolly is a challenge. I’ve got a few of them now, and they all annoy me in slightly different ways, and for different reasons. None of them look quite like this, though. The MUWI is an ultra small, folding dolly for smartphones that packs up about as small as the […]

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Quite a few photographers, particularly Pentax shooters, have been getting very excited about the new Cactus RQ250 battery powered strobe. Announced earlier in the year, and shown off in person during The Photography Show, the RQ250 is a pretty nice and compact little unit. The benefit for Pentax users being that they finally have a […]

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If youve ever tried slowing down a video shot at 30 fps, you know that it becomes choppy and unusable. Nvidia has an AI-based solution for that which can turn your standard videos into watchable slow motion. The algorithm predicts what should come between two frames and fills in the space between them. As a […]

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In my first article on ACDSee Ultimate Photo Studio 2018, I covered all the elements of the program that a beginner would need to know about. This article covers editing in more detail, starting with processing your RAW file in Develop Mode and then doing some creative editing using Layers in Edit Mode.

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