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You don’t need a fancy studio or lights to do good headshots, but there are a few things you need to get right like the lighting and posing.

Images by dPS author Karthika Gupta.

Here are some tips for both to help with this week’s challenge:

Along with buying camera gear, investing in lighting can cost you a lot of money. If youre just starting out, it can all be a bit too much for your budget to handle. Jay P. Morgan has a couple of DIY solutions that will let you make 3-point lighting setup. He suggests four setups you […]

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It looks like we’re not only seeing the return of Ektachrome from Kodak this year, but they’re also bringing back T-Max P3200 TMZ multi-speed black & white film, too. We don’t know an exact release date yet, but according to a press release, it will become available sometime during March 2018. It will be coming […]

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There seems to be many beginners in photography, who enthusiastically buy a mirrorless or DSLR-camera, use it intensively for two weeks, and then never touch it again. Yet some people manage to truly make photography into a passion from the very start, and they go on to enjoy it for years and years. I believe […]

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Gaffer tape is one of the most useful tools in any photographer or filmmaker’s bag. It comes in handy for so many things, and just to make sure I’ve always got some with me, I keep a roll in each of my bags. And I can’t remember the last time I did a shoot where […]

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Color Range Masking feature is one of the Lightroom improvements Adobe recently introduced. In this video, Benjamin Warde demonstrates this useful feature. Hell show you how it works and how to use it to make precise selections in Lightroom. In the photo Benjamin uses as an example, he wants to apply increase clarity in the […]

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Taking portraits is a challenging genre of photography, but add in posing and it can seem insurmountable if you’re just starting out in photography. Here are three videos I found to help you with some portrait posing tips. Practice with a friend and see tell us how it goes.

How to pose a single portrait

In this video excerpt from a class, you’ll see how the photographer works with a single model. She helps him get comfortable in front of the camera and create poses... more

Cameras becoming smaller and easier to manage has led to monopods becoming more popular as a preferred camera support. As many are coming to the world of video from photography, a lot of folks already own one, so it’s only to be expected. They offer more mobility with a sort-of stabilised handheld feel to them. […]

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Modern and high-end cameras can shoot without significant noise even at very high ISO values. But many of us still dont own such cameras, so the ISO value where the photos are still usable is pretty limited. Koldunov Brothers share a simple Photoshop technique that will let you shoot In the dark even with a […]

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B-roll is the one thing that most of the video people I know say they want to improve at. I know it’s one of my weak points. I either don’t shoot enough of it, I end up not liking what I’ve shot, or we run out of time doing the main shoot before I realise […]

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