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This is one of the deepest dives into film photography and the developing process I’ve seen. Not surprisingly, it’s from Destin at Smarter Every Day. He says that he went looking to find a definitive video that explained it all and he couldn’t find one. So, he made one. Destin begins by talking of the […]

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One declared a “top secret” project during the Second World War siege of Leningrad, a one-of-a-kind (as far as we know) Russian GOI FS-3 FotoSniper prototype has been sold at the Leitz Photographica Auction (LPA). With a starting price of 30,000 and an estimated value of 60-70,000, the hammer ended at an eye-watering 144,000 (a […]

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These days, for sports and wildlife shooters, it seems the smaller sensor cameras are often favoured for the “extra reach” with long lenses. Most wildlife shooters I know, at least up until the days of mirrorless, were shooting fast APS-C DSLRs like the Nikon D500 and Canon 7D Mark II. Some have switched to Fuji […]

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Well, it turns out that Canonis making their own sensor for the Canon EOS R3 after all. After a wording change on various Canon websites last month suggested that it was designed by them but manufactured by somebody else – possibly Sony – Canon has done something they almost never do. They’ve publicly addressed a […]

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The post How to Make a Photo Essay: 5 Tips for Impactful Results appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Christina N Dickson.

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The post The Weekly Photography Challenge Dogs appeared first on Digital Photography School. It was authored by Sime.

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Creating motion blur isn’t as easy or always as possible as we might like when we’re just rushing to get the shot. Sometimes we’re not rushing, but thing aren’t moving in quite the way we’d hope. Or maybe we’re just not very good at shooting panning shots with a moving subject. Whatever the reason, it […]

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One of my favorite things to do is using gear, props, or arts & crafts materials in unconventional ways. It often gives unexpectedly good results and you come up with some great new techniques. This is what Miguel Quiles does in his latest video. He uses a beauty dish in a way most of us […]

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Using telephoto lenses handheld can be quite challenging and it may not be easy to get a sharp photo without a tripod. Theyre also bulky and heavy, so it can be difficult to even hold them for extended periods of time. But there are ways to make your life easier and your photos sharper even […]

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The Canon EOS R5 has been plagued with overheating criticism since its initial release. Canon eventually released a firmware update that resolved some of the issues users were experiencing – although that still wasn’t enough for some people. Next month, it’ll have been a year since the Canon EOS R5 was launched, and it’s received […]

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