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Non-pro, non-wedding photographer here. Last year I took a few pictures at my sister’s wedding. My cousin, having his own wedding coming up, saw some of my shots on Facebook and asked if I would photograph their wedding. I agreed. I had 8 full months to prep. My experience and comfort zone consists mainly of […]

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This week for the photography challenge let’s keep it simple and look for shapes. One in particular – the square.

Weekly Photography Challenge – Square

Look for square subjects. You can even crop your image into a square and make a composition that is suitable for that format. Shooting for a square is a bit different than using the regular camera format – try it and see... more

The FAA has relaxed his drone regulations a little in the USA. People no longer have to register them, and guidelines for hobbyists and professionals are quite clear. When Newton Massachusetts attempted take things further with local regulation, though, one resident fought back. Dr Michael Singer, a professor at Harvard, claimed the proposed ordinance was […]

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Rembrandt had a wonderful way of simulating light in his paintings. So much so, that there’s a whole photography lighting technique named after him. Not surprisingly, Rembrandt lighting. It’s characterised by a small triangle of light under the subject’s eye on the shadow side of the face. It’s typical of how Rembrandt painted his subjects. […]

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One of the powers of photography is to teach us about the world and the places we may never see ourselves. Photographer Michele Zousmer traveled to Omo Valley in the southwest of Ethiopia. She brought back some striking photos, capturing daily lives of four tribes living in this area: Arbore, Konso, Hamer and Banna. Michele […]

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In this short video tutorial, photographer Mike Brown takes you on a photo walk looking for images. Watch as he scans the scene and finds the best camera angle, waits for the right light, and frames the shot for the best composition.

Go on a photo walk and see how Mike goes about working a scene, before quickly snapping a photo and moving on. Take your time, look around. If you see something interesting explore the scene a little. Have patience as well.

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5-in-1 reflector is a super-handy tool for both bounding and diffusing the light. Arron Nace from Phlearn shows you seven different setups you can create using a single light, with the addition of a reflector or even simple foamcore. Both the reflector and the foamcore are pretty cheap, yet they are versatile and can help […]

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The new Tom Raider movie with Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft is coming next year. The trailer is out, and so is the official poster. However, Vikanders neck looks so long in the poster that it seems to provoke more comments than the actual movie. And on Twitter, its slowly turning into a meme. The […]

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Affinity Photo for iPad has rapidly become the hot favourite for editing images on the go. It’s a fantastic piece of software that’s extremely powerful. It contains the same processing engine as the popular Mac and Windows versions, but it’s optimised for the iPad hardware. Now, Affinity Photo for iPad has been updated for the […]

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We all get distracted and absent-minded sometimes, especially after a long day. But New York-based photographer Kurt Sneddon was really out of luck. He recently photographed a wedding and forgot the photos on an NYC subway train. It wouldnt be too tragic if it wasnt the only copy of the images. As he writes, he […]

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