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Whether we like it or not, Instagram is still one of the best places for creators to showcase their work. Whether it’s photography, video, or any other kind of creative work, youll find many creatives on this platform. Im one of them, sharing my articles and recipes, and I used to manage a YouTubers profile. […]

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It’s a question that’s often seen in photography groups. For some reason, people want to know all of the technical specs and exposure settings of every photo posted to those groups. In flash groups, people even want to know what flash power level you were at – as if it was actually a useful question […]

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Smartphone vlogging has gotten quite popular over the last couple of years, but it has one big flaw. Not with all phones, but most of them. And that’s that you can’t use your high-quality rear camera if you want to see your composition. You’re stuck using the selfie camera which isn’t always that great. Well, […]

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The organisers of Photokina at the Koelnmesse have just announced that Photokina, the Biennial photography trade show in Cologne, Germany, has come to an end after 70 years. The show had sent out emails to exhibitors this morning, letting them know what was going on, and then announced the news publicly via press release. They […]

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Text messaging has become a part of our everyday lives a long time ago. Many of us prefer it to other forms of communication such as emails or phone calls. But what about talking to your clients? Photographer Jessica Whitaker suggests that texting your clients can be not only unprofessional but also far less efficient […]

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Way back in January, before Covid-19 was part of our lives, (remember that? It was before we knew that furlough was a real word, before we knew what WFH stood for, and before we put anti-bac on everything), I wrote a little blog about what its actually like to be a photographer. If you havent […]

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Black Friday feels a little different this year. With many parts of the world still in various stages of lockdown, I expect many of the real-world stores won’t have queues a mile long with people rushing in to fight over cheap TVs. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find some good deals. We’ve been looking […]

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Well, this is interesting. With all the talk of cameras getting firmware updates this year in order to give them the capability to be used as a webcam, we’ve forgotten all about the other devices into which you can plug them. Devices like monitor recorders. Blackmagic has released a new firmware update for its Video […]

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