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It seems Lytro has a new formidable competitor in the area of light field cameras. Google revealed today that it has created a rotating arc of 16 GoPro cameras... more

I had the great privilege of tagging along with photographer Eric Kim for... more

Photographer Dmitry Markov grew up Pushkino, a hardscrabble industrial town north of Moscow where, for Markov and many of his childhood friends, sniffing glue and spending days outside avoiding... more

Austrian wet plate photographer Markus Hofstaetter is back with another crazy large format photography experiment. This time, he decided to find a way to shoot macro photos on a large format wet plate camera. To do this, he actually had to stack two wet plate cameras front to back, bellows fully extended.

Markus documented the whole experiment on... more

The Hong Kong-based MiNT Camera made photographers drool a few years ago when it unveiled... more

How’s this for a unique class photo? A group of university students in Switzerland recently visited the 8,114ft (2,473m) Pierre Avoi mountain in the Swiss Alps, used ropes to hang off a cliff together, and posed for a mind-bending sideways class portrait.

The 14 students attend the... more

Artist agent Andrea Stern of Stern Rep. is a seasoned and celebrated commercial agent with over 20 years experience representing photographers in the product, automotive, and lifestyle industries among others.

... more

The Fujifilm X-H1 is the company's range-topping APS-C camera and its most video-capable camera to date. It's based around the same 24MP sensor as the X-T2 but adds in-body image stabilization as well as a more comprehensive set of video options.

The X-H1 looks like a fractionally larger X-T2 but with the sloped viewfinder 'prism' and top-panel LCD that hint at... more