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Photographer Charles Brooks made this 30-second video showing how he recently shot a lightsaber light-painting portrait on a beach in Auckland, New Zealand.

“The lightsaber is an acrylic tube with a... more

Most mammals rely on scent rather than sight. Look at a dogs eyes, for example: theyre usually on the sides of its face, not close together and forward-facing like ours. Having eyes on the side is good for creating a broad field of vision, but bad for depth perception and accurately judging distances in front.

Instead of having good vision, dogs, horses, mice, antelope in fact, most mammals generally have long damp snouts that they use to sniff things with. It is we humans,... more

I love the theme of science fiction, so I always have these ideas about flying UFOs and houses in the middle of nowhere that aliens show an interest in as they try to take over a new planet.

In turning my ideas into photos, I always try using new toys and scale models while mixing photography with Photoshop.

I worked on this UFO house abduction photo for about two months. I like the vintage look of things like the car and the house. I had bought a bigger house, but it was... more

At my arrival in Hong Kong, I was firstly impressed by its incredible urban development in terms of verticality and compactness. However, I discovered soon after that the citys density was juxtaposed next to sheer wilderness with large lands of preserved nature which cover 70% of its territory.

I started to develop the habit of exploring this side as well in order to take some breath of fresh air out of the city and the sceneries I have seen never failed to impress me by their... more

Getting the most out of Sony's autofocus technologies

After years of development, Sonys mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras offer among the most advanced autofocus technologies on the market, allowing photographers to create pictures that simply wouldnt be possible with other systems.

Sony was among the first manufacturers to add phase-detection autofocus pixels onto a camera's main imaging sensor, which allows for ultra-precise focus. A wide spread of AF points and intelligent... more

It's that time again! This is your opportunity to make your voice heard by voting for your favorite photography products of the year. Polls are currently open in six categories but don't deliberate too long – they close December 17th.

DPReview Awards 2018

This year was a busy one for DPReview and the camera industry as a whole. 2018 saw the launch of two new full frame mirrorless systems from Canon and Nikon, a brace of excellent lenses, and the development announcement of even more goodies due to be released in early 2019.

With so many great products to choose from, there's never been a better time to be a photo enthusiast, but the amount of gear out there can be overwhelming. Every year in December we get together... more

Zhong Yi Optics has launched the Mitakon Speedmaster 65mm F1.4 for Fujifilm GFX cameras. This announcement makes Zhong Yi Optics the first third-party manufacturer to develop a lens for Fujifilm's G mount and gives them the claim for the time being of having the fastest standard... more

You’re full of excitement, and new adventures and life experiences are just around the corner. You have finally completed those last minute errands and your bag is now bursting at the seams as you try to squeeze in the last few items before zipping that bad boy up and darting out the door for the airport. But you pause for a moment and find yourself staring at your bag. You think to yourself, “Have I forgotten anything?”

It doesn’t matter, whether youre a... more

Shoot a classic film camera but wish it had better ergonomics? BUTTER GRIP is a new line of 3D-printed grip attachments designed specifically for a large number of vintage cameras.

The brand is... more