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Nikon D850 | 500mm F5.6E PF | ISO 320 | 1/1250sec | F7.1

Full disclosure: Roie Galiz is a beta product tester for Nikon Europe.

Wildlife photographers love millimeters the more the merrier. But extra focal length comes with a cost, both literally and in terms of weight.

The new... more

Image: Device Specifications

We recently learned that HMD Global, the current owners of the Nokia smartphone brand, regained the rights to use the iconic Nokia PureView moniker which used to differentiate Nokia phones with outstanding camera capabilities, including the... more

For the past three years, Russian photographer Vadim Sherbakov has been capturing time-blended composite photos in his home city of Moscow.

To create the photos, Sherbakov visits the locations and stays... more

Pixelmator has announced an update to its Pixelmator Pro image editing software. Version 1.1.4 to brings new effects, a new AI-powered Auto Selective Color adjustment tool and more.

The Auto Selective Color feature uses... more

You may have heard the camera brand “Nikon” be pronounced in different ways by different people in different countries. But what’s the official and “correct” way of pronouncing the company’s name?

Mike Johnston over at... more

Iranian photographer Alireza Rostami had a broken vintage Chinese Seagull TLR camera on his hands, and he recently decided to get creative with it by turning the lens into a working wristwatch-style... more

President Donald Trump personally intervened to have a government photographer edit official photos of his inauguration to make the crowd look bigger. That’s according to... more

Hot on the heels of Canons EOS R announcement, Fujifilm has just announced their new camera, the X-T3. It’s the first APS-C sensor size mirrorless camera that records in 10-bit internally. We were lucky... more

We are going to use 100 Lume Cube LED lights to teach you how continuous light can be used on a set. Using continuous light on set for still photography is a great way to learn photographic concepts and getting you... more

Check out this monster of a camera. It was the world’s largest camera back in 1900, built for the specific purpose of shooting the largest photo in the world of the “handsomest train in the world.”

In 1899, a new train called “The Alton Limited” was built in Pullman, Illinois. What was special about the train was its perfectly uniform and symmetrical design. Here’ a description... more