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Some people run away to Cuba for the sunshine. Some people run away to Cuba for the rum. And some just run away with the circus.

The National Circus of Cuba — colloquially referred to as Circuba — sits in a large red and white big-top tent straddling a white sand beach just west of Havana. Every year, performers from around the world come for the chance to perform in its yearly festival, where a large number of circus producers and directors attend to judge the crop... more

If youre a Mac-owning photographer, you probably usedor toyed with, or still stubbornly refuse to give upApples long-abandoned Aperture application for editing photos and managing your image library. The official replacement, Apple Photos, is targeted at a broader audience and lacks many of the Raw-editing features Aperture was built for.

Now, former Aperture development lead Nik Bhatt, via his company Gentlemen... more

Video features have become an important factor to many photographers when choosing a new camera. Read on to find out which cameras we think are best for the videophile.

Here’s a 24-minute tutorial by photographer Ian Norman ofLonely Speckthat looks at how you can stack and stitch panoramas of the night sky. Norman says these are his two... more

Need a laugh? The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has announced its finalists for 2017. The contest injects humor into the world of wildlife photography by searching for the funniest photos of animals... more

Image by Derek Besant via Avenue Calgary

A public art installation in Calgary has been removed after it came to light that the artist behind it, Derek Michael Besant, used copyrighted photos as part of the project without permission.

Besant was commissioned by the city of Calgary a couple years ago to create the $20,000 CAD / $15,500 USD art exhibit as part... more

The popular photo editing software Aurora HDR just reached lofty new heights: Apple has selected Aurora HDR 2018 as the Best Mac App of the Year for 2017.

Aurora HDR was... more

German video accessories manufacturer Edelkrone has introduced a range of new and updated products to its collection of portable camera sliders. It has upgraded its SliderOne with a SliderOne Pro and introduced a new generation of Wing and Wing Pro models, while the App that controls the SliderOne Pro and the new SurfaceOne has been improved with enhanced timelapse features.

The SliderOne Pro is 2 inches (~5cm) longer than the original model... more

When Affinity Photo for iPad first launched, it touted itself as a game changer: "the first full blown, truly professional photo editing tool to make its way onto the Apple tablet." And ever since, people (DPReview included) have been confirming that this app is, indeed, a really impressive iPad image editor.

Well, if you needed just a little more convincing,... more

On Oct 8, 2015, a completely unknown company announced a new camera which promised to change how we think about photography: “The L16 combines breakthrough optics design with never-before-seen imaging technology to bring you the camera of the future.”

The L16 would use 16 camera modules with varying focal lengths with folded... more