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Last Saturday, a right-wing rally in Portland, Oregon, drew out left-wing counterprotesters as well as riot police. Photojournalist Doug Brown was in the thick of it all with a GoPro camera mounted to the top... more

Samsung today announced the new Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. Among its new features is Samsung’s “most intelligent camera yet” and a new Flaw Detection feature that will... more

Nikon has released the third teaser for its upcoming full-frame mirrorless camera. Following up on Travel of Light and Mount, the third teaser is called 'Body: The Evolution of Nikon Quality.'

The video opens up with a few shots of cameras from Nikon's past as a narrator says 'all the... more

At a high-profile launch event in New York, Samsung took the wraps off its much-leaked, next-generation Note device. The Galaxy Note 9 borrows the S9+'s 12MP dual-aperture dual-cam, with OIS in both rear cameras and an emphasis on AI-enhanced shooting modes. It's roughly the same size as its predecessor, though its 6.4" Super AMOLED "Infinity Display" is a touch larger than the Note 8's.

Both rear cameras offer 12MP resolution a wide-angle camera with F1.5/2.4 variable aperture, and... more

Pompeii was the famous ancient Roman city that was buried under volcanic ash during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in the year 79, trapping many of the inhabitants before they could flee. Here’s a new 53-second drone video that flies through and over the city as it stands today after centuries of excavations, offering a beautiful perspective of the area.

The video was shot and... more

You know those food commercials you see on TV with foods and drinks (and sometimes fire and ice) flying around in slow motion? You don’t need extremely expensive camera equipment and rigs to achieve impressive results — all you need is some creativity.

Here’s a 3-minute video that shows how one Chinese studio managed to create all kinds of eye-popping shots using low-fi practical effects — things like spinning a wet ear of corn on a power drill and... more

Nikon has just released the third of six planned teasers for the full frame mirrorless camera that will be announced on August 23rd. After “Travel of Light” and “Mount,” this latest... more

Flying squirrels are fairly common, although seldom seen members of the rodent family. The southern flying squirrel is found throughout the eastern half of the United States. The northern version is only found in the northernmost tier of states and in Canada.

One of the biggest challenges of this project was attracting and training the squirrels to do what I needed them to do so I could photograph them. I started off by simply mounting a tray to the side of a large oak... more