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This post is about a photo print purchase that sounded like just like a scam, and I blame “Nigerian Prince” 419 scammers for almost having missed a real sale. But my photos now hang... more

At the 2018 High Water Music Festival in North Charleston, South Carolina, back in April, photographer... more

The horrific conflicts and wars of the past have shaped the world we know today. Each era has been documented by generations of photographers, with specific color tones or grain patterns evoking these periods in our minds. The culture surrounding military life has always been highly visual and has been captured in photojournalism, fine art, as well as propaganda.

Emulating the photography from the WWII and Korean War eras was my challenge on a recent photo shoot for American... more

Tripod manufacturer Really Right Stuff has released updates to its entire product line. The company, which recently moved its operations from California to Utah, has revamped all 17 of its tripods, with... more

One of the biggest memes of 2017 was the ubiquitous “distracted boyfriend” photo that took over the Internet. The photo may have peaked in late 2017, but it appears that English actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin actually shot the very first “distracted boyfriend” nearly 100 years ago.

Over the weekend, movie writer Peter Goldberg shared the Chaplin version of the meme.

I'm very sorry for this, but…... more

The Instant Magny 35 is a new back that turns 35mm SLR and rangefinder cameras into instant cameras. Instead of buying a new camera to shoot Fujifilm’s Instax Square film, you can use the one you already have without any modifications.

The product is the creation of... more

Dire Studio today launched Technical Camera, an iPhone app aimed at mobile still photographers who prefer manual control over auto modes, along with a range of interesting features.

The app offers a highly customizable interface, with manual exposure and focus, compensation and locks, focus peaking, and fully configurable auto ISO. The Smart Function Keys feature lets you customize the function of... more

IntroductionThe SeaLife DC2000 in all its 1"-type sensor glory, and near its natural habitat.

I have an addiction to small cameras with big sensors. I've owned a Ricoh GR, original Fujifilm X100 and still have a Nikon Coolpix A knocking around. The EOS M100 and 22mm F2 combo also fits the bill.

But... more

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Leica has released details of the twelve finalists for this years Leica Oskar Barnack Award, one of who will take the 35,000 (approx. $41,000) top prize. Organizers say that 2500 photographers submitted work to the competition this year, and that 110 countries are represented in the contest that looked... more