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The label of being a professional at something, whether youre a professional football player or a professional figure skater, typically means youre the best of the best in your respective field. But when it comes to a professional photographer, the same assumption cant be made.

I hear from people on a regular basis that discount their personal photographic abilities because they say they arent a pro, rather just an amateur or a hobbyist. This thought track is what... more

There’s a new reality TV show premiering soon that you may want to keep an eye on if you like photography-related content. It’s called Pupparazzi, and it’s purportedly the first-ever photography reality show.

Pupparazzi follows along with professional dog photographer Kaylee Greer of... more

Ahead of the launch of the CamRanger II the company has announced a mini version of its wireless remote control system that it says has a longer range than the original in a body half the size. The CamRanger Mini does much the same things as the original model did, but now has a reach of 400 feet and will cost 2/3rd of the price.

... more

Lens manufacturer Sigma has announced a trio of fast cinema lenses for full frame camera systems that will also be available in the 'Large Positive Lock' (LPL) mount for Arris large format camera system. The new models share the same T1.5 maximum aperture of the majority of the Sigma FF High Speed Prime cine lens range and will come in 28mm, 40mm and 105mm focal lengths.

This news brings the number of lenses in the companys high speed full frame cinema lens system to 10, all of which... more

New Zealand-based photographer Sarah Simmons has won an international photo competition with a powerful newborn photo showing a baby with his twin brother’s ashes.

... more

Meet my friend Saurabh. Hes an amazing photographer from India and his work has been published in various reputed newspapers and journals worldwide like Nat Geo, The Guardian, Lonely Planet, etc. Astonishingly, hes a self-taught photographer and very passionate about his work.

Recently, I was touring Europe to meet some friends and this was the kind of introduction I got in their social circle. Even in my home country of India, this is a common way friends and family introduce... more

Tripods are one of the few pieces of camera equipment that haven't seen a lot of innovation over the years. LumaPod is hoping to change that though, with its all new tripod that's currently available to back on Kickstarter.

Deemed the 'world's fastest tripod,' the LumaPod is a compact tripod that uses patented tension technology to stabilize your shots without weighing a ton. It comes in two... more

How does a vintage $80 f/1.2 prime lens stack up against a modern $1,500 f/1.2 lens? Photographer Mathieu Stern recently decided to do a shootout to find out, and he shares his... more

Profoto has just announced the new B10, a small flash with big power. Only a little larger than a medium-sized zoom lens, the B10 packs five times the power of... more

Earlier this year I got a phone call from Japan asking whether I would be interested in working on yet another important global introduction campaign for a new Nikon product. As I very much enjoyed creating the Hercules Rising night time-lapse for the introduction of the Nikon D850, I said yes.

My wife Daniella and I plan our photo tours two years ahead and we travel/... more